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Thanks for playing it! You are correct that we had to use the default assets, as it is a default asset challenge. Maybe someday I'll expand on this idea into something more serious and longer.

Played this through some today. A few thoughts.


-Has a Persona like vibe to it, and I liked those games.

-Character interaction is well done.

-Nice magic system.

Cons/Suggestions for Improvement:

-Need to fix the grammar and spelling. I was able to get the general idea of what is going on from the game, but there were many errors. For starters, your title for Chapter 1 is not spelled right. Maybe run all dialogues through Microsoft word? That would catch about 99% of the spelling errors.

-At the power plant, why did nothing happen if I tried to go off the main path? Maybe at least put a dialogue there or something to say why I can't wander off.

-Why does the Ogre give the same EXP as 2 bats? This makes EXP rewards feel very disproportionate to the difficulty of the fight. I'd consider letting the Ogre give you 35 - 50 EXP for that first fight. Sure, it would put you close to level 2 (or over), but the rest can be balanced around that.

Score: 2/5. Meh. What there was, was too short to get a feel for the game or if I'd like it further, and with the errors I'm not 100% sure what the story was. Fix that up and/or add about another 15 minutes of content so I can get a better feel for the story and that could easily improve to a 3/5 or higher.

Sounds like you got a good plan to improve it! About the skills, I think you could put an item the player can use to read what the skills do. The only problem would be that would cost a turn, but maybe that can be balanced (maybe it also guards? Just an idea that came to mind as typing)? Or maybe an optional 'challenge' the player can enter that is just a room to read up on all of this. Would require the player to remember what they do, but it would be a start.

I think a separate group of short, quick, hard hitting bosses might be fun! I say go for it! That can be say a track B or something, and keep what you have on track A? Though I still think a couple leading up to that boss could be a good idea, as usually making players redo the first real battle on average is a great way to make them quit and not come back these days (or so I've learned). Hence why I suggested a couple easier ones first.

Best of luck as you continue to work on this!

I played this game today, and here are my thoughts.


-Unique idea for a game.


-Short. Only one conquest + tutorial.

Suggestions for improvement:

-I think the one main conquest is too hard for the first one. Put a few more beginner ones for the player to work up their skills on, then put that one it. It felt like it might have been right for say #5 or so.

-I'm not a fan of Cheer and skill learning taking up the same pool of mana. You can easily get into a cycle of always healing and no way to improve the characters.

-Tone down the monster summoning rate by the bosses please. I was ready to throw my computer out the window if that boss summoned one more round of monsters.

-Skill descriptions should tell you what you are about to learn in more detail. Making the player learn and find out what the skill is does not go over well with players these days.


Decent. Room for improvement, but that's normal with only a month to make it. 3/5 (Average).