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thanks! and i appreciate the you taking time to get that video i will 100 check it out! also i loved your game it was super fun!

Thanks this is the first time i teamed with an audio designer hes really great, took the game to the next level

Thanks you, yeah it takes some getting used to and i wish i could have done more with it but run out of time.

Thank you, it was a risk with this type of game but hopefully it paid off and you enjoyed it. :)

Thank you! theres a little text box underneath your health that gives a little description of what the actions do, but it is vague as pre-heat was a boost to damage on your next turn but it was way to easy with it and if I made the opponents harder the game would revolve around that action which i didnt want.

Great little game, good mechanics and cute art style. Well Done!

Good use of limitation, it worked very well with this game!

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Loved it, really enjoyed playing this! It was fun and engaging, I also love this minimalistic art style. Great Work!

thanks man, it was a risk i didnt know how it would turn out.

Thank You for the kind words!!

Ayee, you followed me few days ago! XD Your game was cool, super cute!!

Thank You!!!

My audio guy was great the blame for that would be on me, as it was my first time used fmod. Thank you for the kind words!

Cute game, music is really good!!

sometimes you just get insta killed, but when that doesnt happen its fun!

fun polished little game, it was quite enjoyable!

a true hero!

Very nice looking, super easy control which led to fun gameplay. Great Game!

the unit info in the settings tab tells you what the units do, i assume you failed to get your economy going with toy makers elves and santas.

Thanks! I also loved your game it felt super polished and well built.

oh shii, i better nerf toy makers then lol

thanks man and the waves start straight away but they got a fair bit of distance to travel, and its a/d or left/right to move camera! Thank you for the kind words!

thanks man i appreciate it, the art was were i spent the majority of my dev time.

thanks man, i was going to add a second level where you counter attack and invade germany and kill hitler but i didnt want to overscope.

Intense and fun, only got 50 points on the first level but turned it around in second level with 25561 points!

holy crab thanks man!

thanks alot! Dont Fudge With Santa


Great concept!!


played this for a surprisingly long time, super relaxing game i really enjoyed it!


Love the art style, wish there was more gameplay.


really cool!

thanks you i wanted to make little tut level but run out of time and i wanted to go to bed, thanks for playing!

Will do!! thanks for playing.

hahaa, thanks man!!

thank you!

yeah the main problem was the controls its something i will learn from in future projects.