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It's time to start those finger burpees!

add me on discord : Cpt. Drucifer#7862

hi mate, redesigning it, this is a very basic thing we did

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Hi, we are a 2 developer members team, developing a game for iOS and Android, we already have a basic animation and set up, but want to improve the design of it.

We need 2 animations for a character(yep, only that :D)

checking it

berruno#7862 discord :D

thank you, and will do, also have some pixel art on my profile, if you want to have a look

oh terribly sorry, i do pixel art, vector art and also draw, here's an example

if you need my help, give me a shout, i want to participate/make part of a project :)

thank you, im doing a whole bunch of them, and then animate

- character

- animals

- items

- scenes

and then probably look out for a dev :D

oh well, the title says all

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im drawing some sketches for characters, wanna do a rogue/bullet hell game in the future

phew lots of work