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It's quite hectic at first but I fell into a bit of a pattern and then it was just a matter of repeating it over and over again. If you keep working on it after the jam I think events that force you to change up what your doing could keep it going full throttle the whole way through. I really enjoyed it though!

Thanks for the feedback! You're right it definitely could use some balancing, I'll work on that once the jam ends

Really fun game, spent way too much time trying to get three stars on all the level

I really enjoyed this, your art style is really fun


This was really fun, the balance of the enemies could be tweaked a bit, they would only destroy one of my projectiles but in that time i would make several more and the enemy would be shooting at me. I found it easier to just not lay any eggs and dodge my own projectiles so maybe if the enemies were bigger and could tank a couple hits. Still really fun game 

It was super fun knocking bob around the stage but the gravity seemed a bit weird. He kept double jumping himself through the top of the first stage and dying. Still very fun though

Thanks! I'll check out your game now

A really nice little story, it would be nice to be able to see the puzzle pieces your moving from the levers but that's just nitpicking. Excellent job

I love this art here and it's a really interesting mechanic. I managed to throw player 1 out of the world boundary at one point but its still a fun game. I'm exited to see if you keep working on this

This was difficult but really fun, great puzzle design

This was really fun,  I found it easiest to just make a couple jumps and then stand still while my control recharged though

I think your idea is really cool but the ship starts spiraling super quickly. Also I managed to spin fast enough that even though i was out of health the ship kept going. Current score is at 6000 and it doesn't look like its gonna stop any time soon

I really like the idea, the controls were pretty difficult to get the hang of though

I liked the art, fun game

this is a great game, love the art and its surprisingly polished


Thanks for the feedback! After the jam ends I'll add a timer

I like the game but the walls and background are almost identical and I kept getting stuck on the platforms. good work though!


this was fun, having different buttons to pickup and put down the furniture was a little annoying but I got used to it fairly quick.

This was really fun. I imagine it was part of the idea but I was never able to actually work on the game after the first thing came up. 

This was fun, i was able to solve some of the levels by just bouncing around randomly in the red space but i really like the idea.

I really like the art, a bit more time to play around with the dialogue options would have been nice but i really enjoyed it.

very well executed

I'm not entirely sure how the movement is supposed to work. I ended up just randomly drifting about till I was close enough to enemies to touch them with the tentacles.

The art for this game is incredible. Is it possible to lose though? I kind of just ran through everything spam clicking on the huts and shamans till I won.

interesting concept, i liked it

The concept is good, only issue is that when you turn to run into something theres not much you can do. If you shoot it the explosion kills you and if you dont then the thing you would have hit kills you. Still fun though

This was incredibly well executed

Sorry I don't know what to tell you, it seems to work for me

fun game, the text was confusing but it sounds like you've dealt with that.

Controls are a bit clunky but its a fun game and an interesting concept

I like the concept and puzzles but the controls are really clunky. I would definitely liked to have the items tied to a hotbar so i could quickly get what i wanted to place.

I liked it but a couple time I had the buzzsaws spawn on top of me.

Very good game, great puzzles and quite polished for 48 hours.

Brilliant! Your take on the theme is awful and i love it

Nice relaxing game, only thing I can say against it is that i felt pretty in control

Cool idea, I ran out of rolls in a battle though and then nothing happened, just sat there.