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Ben McLean

A member registered Feb 20, 2015

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What. Please put the download back up. Just tell people it's a false positive. If they're too stupid to understand that, too bad.

mouse sensivity is so high that the game is unplayable on my system

I love the new name! That'll show 'em! I hope every project that gets a DMCA notice will do something similar.

I am missing a button as well, and also don't see one on Groupees. I don't really remember how I bought this cause I have bought so many bundles.

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Xoppa on the freenode #libgdx IRC said that the solution to this is to first render everything inside a FrameBufferObject and only then write that to the screen. I will be experimenting with that soon

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LibGDX seems to be very bad at this. Look what happens when you try to use ShapeRenderer with a low resolution FitViewport:

I was thinking of looking at trying to force it to use Bresenham's line algorithm to draw lines in this but then I discovered this happening:

What the hell is this!? commit that shows this problem is here

you sure you're rounding your positions to the nearest int and rendering to the spritebatch associated with the fitviewport?

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It had padding, but the padding was white. Apparently each tile needs to have padding of the same color as the pixel next to it. That seems a completely backwards way to deal with this -- isn't this simply a bug in libGDX that shouldn't occur?

Anyway, I wasn't using a TiledMap but I am planning to implement that soon

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I am getting some nasty pixel bleed

Hey thanks! I am going to be trying this in libGDX too