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Hi folks, I'm happy to present Substream, which is currently only available on This is an on-rails aerial shooter animated to music. Every level is inspired by a different piece of music by a different artist (jazz, tribal, chiptune, funk...) and the environment, sky and the enemies follow the beats, melodies and moods of the music. In addition, space is looped. Look to the sides and you'll see copies of your aircraft like a squadron stretching off to infinity. You can attack the same enemy in multiple directions and they can do the same to you, but destroy one and you destroy the chain.

Atmospheric. I was hopelessly lost I'll admit, but yeah, creepy. I found three parts but then I got caught. Nice game.

Nice work. This reminds me of Homemake (, was that an inspiration?

This is ace. The movement controls are great, given a game that maybe wouldn't look as nice updating every frame.

@frodewin: When you see a hand on it press E

This is a nice procjam entry. Are the islands procedurally generated or are they premade and procedurally placed? I'm not sure if I found two islands the same or just found myself back at one I'd already been to. The giant hexagons in the sky look a little out of place. Are they clouds? Cos the skybox has clouds on too. Didn't really understand that bit. But a nice game, reminded me of Windwaker.

Cool tech that would be genuinely useful for an RPG.

This is cool. Liked the transparent glowing style, and the sound effects are great. I was kinda hoping to find a gun, pick it up and the robots would all turn aggressive. I guess you just have to pretend to be friends sometimes.

An accomplished and playable game. Fairly obvious that it's a 3D grid, but it feels like an explorable place. I like the prefabs for climbing the walls and the fact there are caves and different styled regions. Couldn't find the troll though! But nice #procjam entry!

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A few years ago I decided I want to make a music game that does a bit more than automatically analyzing a beat, so I started work on a game where I interpret the music myself and weave all the moods, themes and melodies of music into the game environment, animations and enemy attacks. It's been a lot of work, mostly in my spare time, but this weekend I was very pleased to be able to share a free beta of Substream on

Substream is a third-person on-rails aerial shooter for Windows PC. Space is looped so that you effectively have infinite aircraft, and each enemy appears ahead of you in multiple positions simultaneously. It's been built in a custom DirectX engine (mainly because I started working on it before engines like Unity and Unreal became cheap and popular). For that reason I'm always keen to hear about compatibility issues and bugs (hence a beta).