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Substream - musical aerial shooter free beta preview

A topic by benbradley created Jan 09, 2016 Views: 251 Replies: 1
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A few years ago I decided I want to make a music game that does a bit more than automatically analyzing a beat, so I started work on a game where I interpret the music myself and weave all the moods, themes and melodies of music into the game environment, animations and enemy attacks. It's been a lot of work, mostly in my spare time, but this weekend I was very pleased to be able to share a free beta of Substream on

Substream is a third-person on-rails aerial shooter for Windows PC. Space is looped so that you effectively have infinite aircraft, and each enemy appears ahead of you in multiple positions simultaneously. It's been built in a custom DirectX engine (mainly because I started working on it before engines like Unity and Unreal became cheap and popular). For that reason I'm always keen to hear about compatibility issues and bugs (hence a beta).

Awesome demo, I wish you luck going forward with this title.