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Ben Babicka

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Thank you. Not the final version yet but pretty close to it.

Fantastic idea. Every unique and different and works really well. Great work!!! Keep it up.

Thank you so much!!

Thank you so much for the feedback. I'll give yours a go!!!

Thank you!!!

Thank you!!!

Thank you so much for the feedback.

Very cool little game. Simple but effective. The controls where are little difficult but I got the hang of it. I figured out that the was gravity on the planets when I got sucked into them. But really nice work keep it up.

Cool game, I didn't enjoy your own bullets doing damage especially when they didn't destroy after some time but loved the concept and it works really well. 

Keep up the great work.

Loved the drifting. Felt great and was just a good game. Keep the great work up,

Was a cool game. Keep up the work.

Fantastic game. It's one of the best I've seen. Beautiful art, fantastic idea with the platforms. Great work. It reminds me of the dream time with the worm-like creature. Keep up the great work.

Great game. Reminds me of asteroids and geometry wars. Love the graphics simple but really effective. Overall great work keep it up.

Thank you!!!

Thank you!!!

Thank you!!!

Very cute game. Love the grapple mechanic and the just works really well together. Great job keep it up.

Very interesting. The boss battle with the enemy with the red health was broken. The allies of the boss wouldn't die they got to -600 and yeah. But cool idea just needs some polish and it would be solid.

Confusing at the start but I got the idea. Love the changing into different areas feels chaotic. Well done keep it up.

Loved it. Really fun, a great idea, loved the choice selected at the end and I loved how the enemies got the bonuses as well making the player not feel overpowered. Well done and keep it up.

Nice work. Controls felt unresponsive but really good work.

Very interesting would like to see a full game like this would be cool.

Really fun game, lovely artwork, and sound design. Feels complete and really good.

Thank you, for the feedback. It's much appreciated.

Thank you

Nice game, simple but effective.

Really cool game. Loved the artwork and the abliltys.

Didn't know what to do until reading a comment. Cool concept just needs to be fleshed out.

Very nice game. Works really well with the theme and Is really fun to replay. I hated the switching of the keys it hurts my brain.

Thank you.

Very nice game. Love the music.

I played way to much of this got 1024 windows closed and now I have flashbacks to XP days. Very cool game.

Very chaotic.

Really cool concept. Loved the animated characters, and the good old Minecraft noises are always a plus. Really nice work. Good luck with year 11.

Really cool concept. Loved the animated characters, and the good old Minecraft noises are always a plus. Really nice work. Good luck with year 11.

Thank you, I stretched on the them

I wish I did that game jam. But sadly no.

Thank you. Yeah, I really stretched on the theme.

Cheers for the reply. Good work on creating a game during school times. Good luck with 3/4 software, not to difficult but really depends on the teacher.