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Glad you liked it, on discord we have channels where people can find extra crewmen to manage the ship with.

I will never finish the game, I will always work on it. Glad you liked it.

Sure, that would be nice, I wrote to you in discord about it.

There are multiple systems that you have to start up in order to have the ship operational,
Power up the 4 consoles(yellow button on each one),

-from propulsion console power the thrusters, boosters, airlocks and doors.

-from electronics console power up antennas and screens,

-from tactical console power up weapons when you need them,

-you can also power up reactors, turbines, solar panels and generators from energy console but you need to build these blocks first

There is a key bind that starts all the systems for debug purposes or if you can't be bothered with the procedures: press F1 to activate debug mode then F4 to power up all ship systems.

Yes, AAAs nowadays are mostly graphics and story, no innovation.
You can press F1 then F4 to activate the ship completely and F3 (debug menu) to give yourself any block, this way you can enjoy the endgame without having to learn the basics, and F8 to trigger a wave.

Thank you. If you have difficulties you can try the tutorial or  the manual from pda. You can also use the creative menu to explore the full game. I actually am not happy with the content and optimization so I improve them with each update.(next one is coming in 1-2 weeks).

Yes, there is a lot to do and in the last 5 years Adro evolved a lot. The low poly and heavy optimizations allow it to run on 300-400 fps on my laptop and I still have a lot more that I can optimize. If you like the control panels(consoles) now you just wait to see how they will improve in the next update(3 new consoles). Cheers!

I have no plans to expand the game to mobile/consoles, at least for the close future.

From what I can see most modern games run at 1-2 fps on that integrated gpu. Did you try the lowest settings? There are other things you can try in order to improve the fps like to start the game with a different rendering library( start the exe from cmd with parameters-force-d3d11or -force-glcore or -force-glcore32)

Red alert gets toggled when the ship takes damage, yellow alert activates when a hostile ship is detected. Green and blue are for personal use(recommend when landing). No alarm is the default.

If you joined discord you would see the weekly updates.

sure, also next release is in 10-20 days

I am happy to see you like the game. I have a lot of plans for Adrorium.

Thanks, also the current multiplayer framework is fully working(even on same local network) (but it has network errors because of the provider).

I am currently rewriting the multiplayer framework, ditching the buggy photon networking solution in favor of direct ip connection and steam net.

In the Mods folder there should be 3 things: 1 folder with a mod example,  the modding api(details about how to mod) and a archive containing the configuration files for the vanilla.
The mods folder should be in the same folder as the executables.

wut?  there's the ship from among us in the discord

you can look in the config files in the Mods folder to see the identifier of each item and the index.

it is easier to simply click on the item in the creative menu to get it rather than to type in chat '/giveitem crenselfruit 4'

also I see messages faster in discord

To activate creative options: press F1 for debug mode than F2 for godmode and F3 for debug menu. Alternatively you can use chat debug commands.

The creative menu offers: lots of buttons that  do specific actions (like teleport to specific spot or stop all ships),  list with all ships for spawning and it also contains the list of all items for spawning.

I am not sure I understand the question. If you want to create a specific world you can do that via a mod, look in the Mods folder for the example.

You don't need account for discord, just a name.
Yea, they didn't update the trailer and the pictures, that's not great, people might get the wrong idea about Adro from their site, not to mention the malware.
Unfortunately I can't do anything about it except post on the main menu that Steam and itch,io are the only official sites.

just come to discord,, it's easy to talk there
on what site is the installer? a lot of sites like softonic pack ads in installers

Happy to hear you like the game.
I always use vsync on(or half) and that limits the fps to 60 or your display refresh rate (look in settings). But it's easy to limit the fps so I will add that in next updates.
For the english, I wrote the dialogs about 2 years ago when I implemented that feature and I never updated them, when I will add some story to the game I will revise the dialogs. If you want I can include the mod in the next version release.


Is there a Error folder in the game folder? if so can you send it to me to check if there were any errors.

If it worked before redownloading should fix the issue.

windows 32b or 64b?

integrated or dedicated graphics?

The issue aren't the textures but the world precision.

Textures display correctly, the models have incorrect dimensions, this happens when you move far away from the center of the universe but the game should compensate and reset the position of the player to avoid this type of issues, not sure why this is not happening in your case.

- I see posts faster on Discord.

- First, what OS do you have and is it 32b/64b?

- Did the textures work before?

- If you think there is a issue with a mod you can delete that mod to see if it fixes the problem. You can't corrupt the vanilla files just by activating a mod.

- What do you mean by bugged textures? Incorrect textures, deformed textures or pink/missing textures?

- Did you try re-downloading the game? perhaps the archive got corrupted while it was downloading.

In 0.8.4 there is a option in menu that sets the count of drones per wave. Also I added a weapon that disables drones in case you don't want to fight one.

0.8.4 is coming today/tomorrow.

What specs do you have? even on my cheap potato laptop I was getting 60 fps in combat, I think the issue is not with the game but with the graphics library, do you have directX10 or 11 or OpenGL latest version? also what OS do you have?

For actual commands you have to use the chat but better use creative menu f3

#for console

Options=> show panel log or something like that (button under title)

-in game it's F7 (or F8/F9/F6 )
-look in the key bindings at debug

# for debug info F1

The most important differences between gametypes are the starting ship and the starting mission. Building anything without consuming the block comes from creative mode which is on top of the gametype (in next version creative mode is replaced with debug mode).

If you toggle creative mod you can access the creative menu without pressing F1 (debug mode), and you don't consume the block after you build it. If you experience errors you can report them on discord so I can fix them.

If you think now's good then you will definitely be surprised by what's coming in 0.8.4/0.9.0 .

Yes sir!

Thank you, drone waves actually end after the specific number of drones has been spawned. To disable them you need a mod, there is already one made in the discord or you can make one yourself.

Thank you, also version 0.8.3 is coming next week.

There are many many things I want to change. I plan to redo most of the block models, the UI will change a bit, the textures not sure, design of the ships definitely change, planet definitely change, ship combat change, items not sure, gameplay change a lot but mostly improvements, procedures/buttons change, vehicles will remain the same but made to work properly.

You have to move the Mod folder from Adrorium_Data one folder up I think to be near the executable. As for mods there were 2-3 mods made few months ago but not sure if they still work. there are some modding channels on the discord.  just don't expect anything fancy because this game is pretty unknown and has  a very small community. there are examples, documentation and already made config files in he mods folder to help you out in case you want to make a mod.

Thanks, if you want to follow the development, there is a discord channel where I post weekly updates.

Hy, I read your review and I have few questions, when you encountered the errors were you in multiplayer and did you have access to internet? Did you restart the game after the error occured?
Also a new version will come this/next week with many features including ability to hide errors and use singleplayer mode.

There is a file called error.log in error folder, it would help if you can send me that file to figure out what could have caused the errors.

In singleplayer I didn't encounter any error in my playtestings,
As for difficulty I really  like the buttons, they are here to stay. 

I'm sorry you had an unpleasant experience, hope that will change with future versions.

it needs main power, for main power you need a reactor, a turbine and the main power console

It is not up to me, I just select the platform for creating the executables and click build. It is the game engine or Mac OS that are the cause of the problem, I don't have control over any of those 2. My opinion is that Apple simply blocks my game because Apple. Many other players have the same issue and the easiest/only solution (that I know of) is to download the windows version and to use Wine to run it in Mac OS. Perhaps next year I will upgrade to a newer version for the game engine that I use and this might fix the problem but for now I can't because I use APIs that are deprecated in newer versions.

Sliders are not implemented (YET) and I already fixed the bug that spawns errors when you look at the handle but the fix will come in 0.8.1  (few weeks away).
Thanks for the feedback.