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It's not plain text, the content looks like a executable (checked with text editor), so you said that If you renamed the file to Adrorium and the main folder to the game will run normally(or If I build the game with those folder/file names)? Or just rename that file to "mac"? Many people complained about this and it would be great if I can finally find out the problem. Thanks again.

The unix file is called " Adrorium v0.7.2" and the folder/application "Adrorium", You mean to rename them to "Adrorium" ?, I will try it but why does the game engine(Unity) ask me for a name if it doesn't accept the one I give... I don't know anything about Mac OS.....

Yes, but for that I need to implement the rooms framework which will come in v0.8.0.  With that framework the inside of the ship will be known so the player will be permanently 'sicked' to the ship as long as you are inside it, even if you are floating without touching anything(when you use the ladder).

Try the 32 bit version, if that doesn't work, disable the antivirus. 

Created a wiki page but it takes up to 5 weeks for it to be reviewed and accepted.

I don't have the time.

Hy, thank you for doing a gameplay on the game.
I took notice of all the bugs/ places where new players get stuck and I will try to find solutions for them, including a helping screen.


1. X gets the closest target;  (looking on other ships/asteroids and pressing right click while driveing will lock on to them)

2. locking on is indicated by the additional rhombus over the target and in you can see information about the target in the drive hud ant ship status screen

3. there's  a screen near the toilet in which(press  SCREEN button on stats console to power up) in which you can see all swords of important information about your ship & the target ship

4. enemy ship don't attack you after the hull has dropped under 49% (after the ship got disabled)

5.there is another block, furnace(near workstation), that has few more crafting recipes especially regarding prime materials

6. Q,E rotate(driving or jetpack),    Space,C (up down in drive/jetpack), Ctrl(Small Scale MFM jump), Shift(use rocket engines)

7. weapons, shields and MFMD consume a lot of power, the rest consume a lot less.

8. to move extremely fast build a MFM Drive and press Ctrl ; also you need this drive to jump between sectors (it requires reactor,turbine as well)

9. the ship is supposed to be brought closer to the asteroid. just rotate your ship 180 degrees when you are near and press Shift(for rocket engines), also rocket engines are way more powerfull than thrusters but can only push you forward(shift)

10. if you press Esc, you will see a image with all the keybindings.

11. enemy drones only fire at ships but their AI personal turrets fire only at players.

12. in control panel you can change the alarm and there is a button 'Silence Alarm' that clears out that annoying sound.

13. as for that error that popped out in the middle of the screen, I will look into it

14. you can't get to the next sector just by thrusting towards it, you need the Mass Field Modulator Drive (MFMD) to jump there

Thank you again.

where do you get stuck, does the red text appear on the screen that indicates connection progress? can you please come to discord, its easier to speak there

Well, I only do this as a hobby, and I intentionally leave the models on low quality to keep the fps high so it can run on potatoe pc's.

yes, there are 2 easy ways: H to enable debug mode then press V to enable creative menu, in the right all the items are listed(click on them to get them)

2..look in the Mods folder and in there there's a archive that contains a file 0Items.json, in there you will find a list of all the items  and their properties(open with text editor).

Hmm.... Yea, I hear about that bug a lot, my suggestion: try Wine(it runs Windows apps on mac).

wait, found a option to change the graphics API, aviable for windows are: auto/Direct3D11/Direct3D12/Vulkan/OpenGLCore/OpenGlSE2/OpenGlSE3. Which do you want? also come on discord server for pm.

directX 10/11 is a system requirement for the game engine(unity), can't do anything about it.   from unity site: "Graphics card with DX10" minimum requirement.  I went through all the settings and I didn't find any way to change the DirectX .

So, the relevant minimum requirements for windows are: Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities and CPU: SSE2 instruction set support. It might be the DirectX, try to download DX 11(latest), If your laptop does not support directX 10  there is nothing I can do about it, that is a requirement of the game engine. OpenGl is the 3D rendere for Linux and Mac, not for windows; DirectX is for windows. I saw a option to use OpenGl for windows but I don't have the time to investigate/compile such a custom build. I should have enough time after I release this version(0.7.0) but please write to me again after I finish this version to remind me to compile it with that special modification.

Ok, I checked the game on resolution 1024x768 and it works perfectly fine, all canvas components fit the screen, all objects are in the normal visual ark, the only problem is the cockpit but I don't know what I can do about that because the drive display is a fixed object.... Other than that both fullscreen and windowed work fine.

No 3D ? I don't understand the problem, no actual 3D models? I don't see how that can happen... The game is tested on windows7 and nobody reported that there are no 3D  models before. I think the game engine supports win7,8,10 only. It also supports Linux and mac, there are downloadable version for those but they are untested. As for the resolution, it's not a static resolution, it has 2 adaptive mods:fullscreen and 90% of current resolution, both should work on any resolution. Please specify the OS, version, if you downloaded it once or more and what exactly can you see on the screen but even then I don't know if I can help, it might be from your pc.

added to my todo list

Free as the air you breath. I do not accept any monetary support  at the moment but once the game will have enough playable features I will. On the other hand you can join the discord chat and follow the development if you want.

I never tested the game on linux and I have no idea how to run it, but some fast googling reveals that you should rightclick and set the file as a executable then double click. Another possibility is to open the terminal in that folder and run the file as any other application from terminal "./Adrorium v0.6.1.x86_64". I found more answers but you can find them as well on google.

The ship is fine but some systems were knocked offline, you just have to restart them from the consoles.

Main power is not a energy source, but a grid, you have to power it up with a strong energy source(turbines(they require plasma)). for starting up the ship use the batteries to power the aux. grid first, but don't discharge them!(last battery button);

I don't test MAC builds because I don't have a a MAC,  you can try restarting ur computer, redownloading or googling this. However, I don't remember anyone having this problem.

Thank you, also these are the latest things i worked on in the last week:

I plan to completely rework the building system in the future with a room based construction in a spacedoock and with individual components built by first creating a frame and adding items to it in order to assemble functional blocks. I do not plan to make Adrorium a game in which you can casually hold enough resources in your pocket to build a death star...  I just finished yesterday making a creative menu from which you can easily select what blocks you want to build I will be posting a clip today with it on discord, check it out if you are interested. The creative menu will be in the next update(2-4 weeks from now). What you are saying is not hard to do but i don't want to develop something that i will completely replace in the future.

I will make the tutorial more intuitive in the future.   Yes i noticed the jumping problem and i will increase the magboots stickiness.

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first connect console to aux grid, then connect it to the  system then connect the main power to: aux grid and to plasma grid then proceed to start the reactor

watch this from 00:20

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Well, thank you, but keep in mind that Adrorium is just a prototipe in pre-Alpha, I just started working on it several months ago so considering the complexity the game doesn't have very much to offer yet because i didn't have time to implement a lot of features but they will come, don't worry. Actually i have a To do list with 105 things that i have to implement and the list is only related to the few aspects i am working right now, otherwise i got thousands of ideas. So if you see a cheap jerry-rigged mechanism in the game it's not because i choose to make it look bad but bc it's a placeholder for a better system that i will be implementing in the future. Adrorium is a very complex game and i don't have time to work on every single aspect at the same time, i take it one step at a time.

The tutorial only allows you to progress to the next step when you changed the sliders to max output(and for the plasma-electricity ratio slider i didn't have time to make it a mission, i considered that ok not to be touched atm). Furthermore the actual plasma/ele. output values are displayed on the console  right to the buttons. Also  it says if you are outputting more plasma or electricity and on engines it's written connect to plasma grid so it should be logic that more plasma+lower electricity output would increase the plasma powered engines). Still i have big plans to redesign the whole tutorial and to implement some warnings when the engines aren't used at max potential but that will come a lot later in development because now i'm concentrating on the core game mechanics. Also the plasme-electricity ratio slider is not counter-intuitive because it's sliding direction doesn't represent how much plasma is produced but how much plasma is transformed into electricity.

P.S. a rudimentary targeting system (for locating  drones/planets/stations) is in that 105 to do's list. Right now i'm working on the multiplayer system.  If you have any sugestions or any problems you find with the game i have a discord server where we can talk.

If you follow the steps i told you the ship will rotate much faster, it takes me 5.63 seconds to do a full 360 rotation with the ship. Are you sure you did everything to the letter? As for the movement of the ship, i didn't have time to polish it, i plan to make it realistic and inertia based just like the player in jetpack mode. If you ask me 360 in  ~6 seconds is a bit to fast for a ship. I made a guide on how to make the ship as fast as it can go/rotate:

For the player no but for the ship there was in a earlier version but i deleted it because i had problems aligning the cannon fire with the reticle, still i want to bring 3rd person view to Adrorium soon.

I am still working on the LAn support(if all works well it'll come in 0.5.1). For the internet support it's a different story, that will come  later in game.

Could you be more specific? Where? In menu? While playing? While accessing the inventory? While driving?(for the last one maximize the engine console outputs and change the reactor to full output mode for better ship maneuverability). Otherwise while you are not in first person view the mouse is literally not bound to the game, it's moving as it moves on your desktop. Try redownloading?

Yes, the 'GPS' i plan to implement after i redo the drive seat as well as a targeting system. I know its a pain to find drones at the moment. As for resources, they will come from asteroids, traders and from looting disabled enemy vessels. Buildmode will be split into shipdesign in spacedock(for the hull) and component based for the interior/exterior objects. Thing is: all these are very hard to implement and right now  I want to finish the LAN support and the continue option as well as any easy to do thing that don't require a lot of redesigning the game framework. Still the features you mentioned will come soon.

All commands are written under the chatbox, just press Enter(in any gamemode) and you'll see them. Also Version 0.5.1 will come with: FPS optimizations; -Continue option and  -LAN support(if  everything works to plan). My guess is that 0.5.1 will be ready in less than 2 weeks.

In the current version there are already spacestations with aliens that give you missions.(there's one in each gametype) In the future versions yes i will make space-docks that give you the option to upgrade systems/make ship bigger, but for now there's only one type of spacestation.   if you can't find it, use the chat command to spawn it(press enter, type "/spawnship spacestation"). Also if you can't drive the ship, maximise the engine console scrolls and  change the power output of the reactor to full power, ship mobility&speed is proportional to these. I already made a currency in the game that will be used to buy stuff.

I didn't make the Lan work yet, in future versions i will implement it but the idea is that  the Max player number is only limited by your bandwidth. I guess as many as you want to answer your question.

In creative mod you can't enter in only one of the ships(riroa v5)(i needed it for the tutorial), the rest are accessible,  but if its creative why not delete that airlock door  on that ship and you are free to enter it. Next update will be somewhere between 2-3 weeks from now and i will be spending a lot more time from then on improving the game.

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Hmm, i didn't add a 1 block ship for building purposes, I've been planning to but i didn't have time.  It'll be in future patches. As for the building system, that will be a option in the later  game, but it will be different: it'll be  split it into hull editing(only in spacedocks/room design ) and interior building(component based). I also plan on putting the ships player designs in creative be able to be bought in space-stations in sandbox.


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the rotation speed is dependent on the  reactor output mode, on the engine sets1&2 and on the engine  system output, it also says that in the tutorial,  try maxing all the engine console scrolls and change the main power to full output mode(as the tutorial says). Also on the engine console it says the ship maneuverability factor (120 is max)

in the tutorial you can only click the buttons that the tutorial stage allows you to, if you want to press them free, disable the tutorial- press P