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thank you for playing it!

hi, I'm back here. a friend bought me Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood and I started playing it and the moment I saw the Florist sitting in his chair with the flowers I lost my mind. <3

That’s good to hear. The demo has a lot of themes that seem like domestic abuse. If that’s not intended, I’d suggest you be more cognizant that if you’re writing a story about a male game developer and his wife is prominently shown and they are fighting, it could seem like domestic abuse, even if there are happy moments shown.

I understand relationships have many aspects and as someone who writes games with horror/nuanced interpersonal stories, I know it’s a hard line to walk. But it would be a shame to have such a cool concept ruined by “the sadness in this story is domestic abuse” when you could tell so, so many relationship stories that don’t have that kind of violence and that can still be horror themed. 

Thank you for listening to my feedback! 

I'm very interested in this game, but I don't know if I have it in me to play another 90s tech style analogue horror game where the husband is abusing his wife, or there's some kind of domestic abuse. I think it's just the lowest hanging fruit, and there's so many other more interesting stories to tell. I can only hope that this isn't the plot that you're aiming for, but if it is, I may just have to skip this even if it's a very interesting mechanic. 

I think the visuals in this demo were so phenomenal, and you all have a really cool idea on your hands otherwise. Great work.

All three endings are in the game! You’re correct that it requires perfect responses to get the other two endings. The “correct”/“wrong” choices require either completely rejecting the pattern or sticking with it and really that’s all. 

Thanks for playing and appreciate your feedback. 

thanks for playing!! appreciate the feedback!

Thank you for the feedback and for playing! We found the door didn't have collision right before we shipped, that's how game james go xD

A lot of new skills were learned during this jam, and we ended up scoping out as much as we could during this time. I agree there could be more added and appreciate the ideas. 

Thanks for the feedback - we were all working on new skills for this jam, and hopefully when the scene changed you were able to keep going in the narrative. appreciate you checking it out!

This was super fun! The aesthetic was on point, and your use of Ren'Py was enjoyable. As someone who programs in Ren'Py a lot, I will say you did a great job customizing the engine. I saw a few endings but didn't play everything because once I knew the answers, the game wasn't prepared for me to do things, so it was a little out of order. But for a game jam game it was fun and unique. 

I’m so excited to hear this!

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Thanks for playing!!

Pet, my other VN, is much longer! It's also free on itch if you want to check it out. 

Interesting, I didn't have anything when I came home with items, but I possibly couldn't figure out what to do with them. What I played was fun though!

This was an interesting demo. My biggest issue is that I was having a hard time drawing the door knob bc of the thickness of the pen. (I also accidentally dropped the green orb inside of a piece of geometry and lost it so I had to reset. That's my fault though.) I'd like to see where this goes if you go further with it.

I am stuck and can't progress once I've picked up many items. Are there any tips or tricks you can give me? I think I have to decorate but I have no idea how to do so. Thanks!

I tried to play this but it wasn't my kind of game. I'm not going to rate it because I couldn't play it for too long, but I wanted to say I really did not like that both the splash screen had a loud jumpscare noise and quitting made such a loud noise with a jumpscare. I would suggest not doing that, or at least making the volume WAY lower on any kind of noise that's outside of the game (and thus the player cannot control the volume of it).

Really fun! The music was probably my favorite part, got a good vibe to it. I liked the different gameplay elements, the roguelite vibes, and the art was simple and fun. Responsive gameplay. Great job.

Great game, liked the visuals and would love to see it expounded. For some feedback: It would be nice to know as a player when I should be trying to click on things and when dialogue is happening so I could distinguish between when I can take action and when I am reading. Also love to see people working in Godot.

I really loved the art and music in this. Reminded me of World of Horror in a way. The characters were cool. It was hard to understand where to go and who would be good where, but I did muddle through 50 turns and make it out. No idea how you got such good VN style text in AGS (something I was struggling with previously so I moved away from using it for a game I currently have in development). Great work.

yeah, I did, still couldn't get it to work. No worries - might just be me!

thank you for the feedback! 

thank you for playing it!

No, but by custom I meant made for the jam and I’m not sure any of it was. I don’t want to have an argument here - it’s just an inauthentic entry. 

I apologize if that was too harsh. It looks like this was cobbled together assets and a single fight. If there was more than that, or something custom made, please let me know and I can go through and try to understand better.

I forgot to mention I love the name nods! James, Murphy, Ethan

Oh.... I read it as something else rotflmao

Very cool gameplay ideas. This is the only game so far in this jam that I've played and been kinda mad I didn't think of it. Great idea.

I like the idea. The audio is good and scary. The rooms are interesting. I also had issues with the frame rate lagging quite a bit when I moved from room to room. I couldn't figure out how to bring up the inventory when I was playing. The biggest issue is that the ghosts would spawn on top of me, instantly hurting me. I think that's the biggest complaint but this could be better upon iteration. Cool job.

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I killed Dracula and I'm not sure if most of these assets really go together. I don't think anything much happened here. Not sure how much effort was actually put in here. 

Edited to add: I looked because I was really curious about the size of the game, and it looks like all this music is OC Remix files. Not sure how much of what's in here was taken from other sources.

This was extremely good. simple, good audio. Scared me quite a bit. Fun story and the questions really heightened the tension.

Please make Mr. Trashcantoiletpaperman be the star of your next time. TY

Thanks for playing it! Appreciate you trying it out

This surprised me. I liked the atmosphere but again it was very short. I could see more coming from it. 

The controls were really difficult. I was struggling to rotate the camera, so I couldn't really see where to go. It made it hard to keep playing because I couldn't tell even what I was doing. The visuals were fine, the music was scary, but I didn't make it far because of that. 

I couldn't get anything to get me past the language select. I tried WSAD and the arrow keys, nothing worked. Unfortunately that means I couldn't play it.

I managed to break this quite a few times at the beginning because I didn't realize anything had happened in the "tanning bed" so I kept closing the lid and then the body was stuck in there. The 2nd day, I picked up an arm, saw a scary shadow, and then couldn't proceed no matter what I tried to do because I couldn't use the arm the same way I had used the leg on day 1. The head bob also made me motion sick so I'd suggest at least giving an option to turn it off if you're making a FPS.

This game was extremely hard for me as a non platformer player. I also get motionsick easily so unfortunately I wasn't able to play too long. The music was good. The textures are good. I got got at the end of that long hallway. Wish I could have played it longer.

This was fun. I love the tile sets. I'm not sure why but none of the enemies could hit me. I died to poison or something after ascending a few times. The descriptions of things were my favorite part. Great job, I would like to go back and try to beat it.

This could be really interesting but the issue for me is there's no audio or anything exciting to keep me clicking. I think some iterations could make it more interesting. I'm also not sure why clicking on the bones gives more health, maybe if the plot is that you're breaking the bones or something it might be more fun.

This looks cute, I love the font, it's definitely too hard. I don't think I needed to press Z either? I think just touching the item cleaned it up. Cute art tho!

I enjoyed this quite a bit though I'm bad at platforming and didn't get every item. my only complaint is that the camera not moving up and down made it really hard to see where to go next. otherwise it was fun!