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Great game! Loved the various items and enemies. It would be nice if the combat was more quick overall. Adding additional items and characters would also add replayability.

Very fun! The powerups add a fun twist. Getting to use each powerup per hole made me think about golf in a hole new way. 

I love the concept and the execution was excellent. The sounds and animations were very responsive and made the game that much more fun to play. My only quarrel would be to add some more simple rooms at the beginning for my simple person to understand what each tile does. 

I love the artwork, music and all the small details. You nailed the idea of a space themed roguelike! The aesthetics were awesome but at times were distracting, mostly during combat. Quite incredible for a weeklong jam. 

I liked your game! The character sprite and combat were a lot of fun!

Some sound effects would go a long way and music for each dungeon would add a lot, but overall good work!

Thank you! I'll make sure to add some character background and a tutorial next time 

Thanks! I'll add additional key bindings for AZERTY keyboards

This game is fantastic 

I used Unity but kept the movement really simple. That's why it might feel like there isn't an engine. I'll add in some more enemies next to make the combat more fun

Awesome! That's a really high score! I'll definitely work on the combat some more and some diverse enemies!

I really liked your game! The simulation was great and it was really cool seeing the end game history of all the events that occurred. It was awesome seeing the different ways cards interacted with one another. I'll place the puppies further away from the black hole next time.

Very fun puzzle game! The mine track mechanics gives the player a lot of freedom when approaching the different levels!

Thank you for the feedback! I'll definitely work more on the controls and accessibility. The player animations will also be updated for the future in hopefully a Hyper Light Drifter style.

I really liked your game! The concept was easy to understand and the difficulty ramped up well with the speed of the multicolored columns. The "every 5 blocks your color changes" mechanic was transparent and dictated how I would play the game.

For example, if I had one point, was red, and heading towards a column with two red squares adjacent to each other, I could press "wsws" quickly to get 4 points before changing to a different color. I'm not sure if it was intended, but it's a fun mechanic as if you have 4 points moving towards a column, you can't abuse this mechanic as you'd change colors right away.

Small decisions like the one above made the game engaging and I wonder what other additions to the game could make the player think more. Perhaps individual blocks also travel left, where you'd dodge opposite colored ones but move out of your way to grab them.

Or you could add an 'L' shaped column, where the bottom of the L is two blocks of the same color. You could go for this row if you had 1 point but wouldn't be able to go for it if you had 4.

All in all, a fun game where small additions can allow the player to really think, which I really like!

I really enjoyed playing your game! The physics were fantastic and the grapple is such a cool mechanic! I feel like Levi Ackerman! 

This is a great concept. I want to see how this game develops into the future!

wow that was really cool