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I have been staring at my computer for the better part of 20 minutes trying to put my enjoyment of this game into words. I have played so many horror games in my days and I have to say that this ranks up there with some of the greats.I think I finally figured out what to say.

This is the first time in a very long time that I got to PLAY a horror game. Let me clarify. This game felt like you were telling me a story and I got to experience it at my own pace. There was no bullshit that stopped me half way through an intense moment so I could find three pieces of paper, two key cards, and an old shoe before I was allowed to progress. There were no moments where I had to open 45 drawers and check 19 doors to figure out where I was supposed to go or what I was supposed to collect. There was never a time where you gave me 15 novels to read through so I could find 1 clue and a little bit of lore.

The sound effects were on point, a few times they might have been a bit too loud and I think it's something that could be tweaked but over all they were satisfying. The silent moments had the right amount of ambient dark background sounds to keep you on the edge of your seat while not bringing you to the moment of “What the fuck are all these weird ass sounds going on”.

I hate the idea of having to change flashlight batteries or in this case refill lighter fluid but in my whole playthrough the lighter never got below half and it honestly felt realistic with how long it would take for a zippo to run out of fluid so I can respect that. The one thing I really dislike is the idea of taking pills to “Calm yourself” or “Reduce panic” since neither of those things really make any sense. The best example I can give is imagine you are watching a great horror movie, the main character is sneaking around an abandoned house, being stalked by an unknown horror at every turn, death could be right behind the protagonist...and every 30 minutes they stop to put more fluid in their lighter and take a handful of pills. Being forced to open your menu and select pills or fluid really takes you out of the moment and in my opinion is something that should be reconsidered.

You had just the right amount of everything, from the sensitivity, to the movement,  to the lighting, to the sound effects. This game has more potential than a lot of the games I've seen in awhile and I am very excited to see how the final product turns out. A solid 9/10

Thank you for making it! I think you should stick with the cameras though just tweak the placement!

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Ok so level one was pretty good. Cool idea, well made, but where are the rest of the levels?... 

Level 2 where you have to take a piss really fucking bad but you think you might have heard something in the other room

Level 3 You have to let the dog outside but where could that little shit be...

Level 4 Netflix has asked if you "Are still watching" but your remote is dead and you cant find the batteries

Interesting to see a horror story taken in a new and interesting direction, disturbingly dark and twisted but a new direction none the less.

Every aspect of the game was really great and I loved you could switch between ps1,2,3, graphics but the think what really stood out to me was how solid you got the movement down. The part I hated most about old school horror was the woonky movement.

There were a few bugs I ran into with the camera blind spots but I had more trouble with the doors. You can get stuck behind some doors if you close them while you are inside and a couple of the doors can be opened into the wall and if you try to close them you will get stuck and the game will freeze. Also would be nice to have a pause button hitting escape takes you to the menu and I couldnt close it without restarting the game.

All in All solid 8/10!

Never have I seen such dedication from a cleaning service! Through thick and thin, murder and demons, light and dark, this maid will not be stopped when it comes to cleaning their clients house. Got a lock door that you clearly want no one in? Fuck that we will clean it! Got a dimensional gateway leading to demon infested hallways? We will clean the shit out of it!

A pretty straightforward game about cleaning up, what I assume, is a murder scene while trying to find the lights and avoid a demon. I really do believe this game could have been improved with some ambient lighting, maybe a bit of moonlight coming through the windows. But all in all it was a fun short game.

Have you ever wanted to punch a ghost in the dick? Follow them into a dark alley and introduce their shins to an iron pipe? Find out where their ghost wife works? Where their ghost kids go to school? I have...

I have been racking my brain trying to figure out why the jump scares in this game work so fucking well and I think it has something to do with the crack the protagonist smokes before venturing forward into their quest to return their girlfriends purse from a graveyard. You do everything SO.GODDAMN.FAST. You kick in the doors to the nunnery like you've got somewhere to be! And this adds an interesting juxtaposition between the controls and the atmosphere.

The common tropes in horror games are slow moving characters, terribly dark lighting, and some spooky background sounds for a bit of ambiance. This is why most players will take every corner slowly, checking every shadow for a demon waiting to eat their toes. Even though the map isn't the MOST horroresque it does a great job when setting the mood. Now you add in a character that breaks the mold and moves much quicker then most games it almost pulls you out of the horror aspect and makes you feel like you are playing a different genre. It doesn't feel like a horror game so you dont play it at the same pace you would normally play horror. When a jump scare does happen you get violently ripped back into the game and get rudely reminded what kind of game you're playing.

Comedy horror doesn't come up enough in games and movies so I was glad I got to play this, good shit bud.

A roller coaster of emotion I'm not sure if I've ever experienced in an itchio game.

At first I was incredibly disappointed. I thought to myself "Fuck, is this another game where I just hold down W?" but then, out of no where, I was attacked by a demon beast and thought to myself "Well that was stupid.". Suddenly the veil was lifted and I was greeted by a story that I think may be truly unique to horror games. Excitement filled my cold boozy heart. The long walk down the train car was no longer tedious! It was a magical adventure pleasing to the eyes and ears! The beast was no longer stupid but that absolute pinnacle of horror! But alas it was shattered as quickly as it came. The length of this game is a travesty and sir it must be corrected post haste! I liked it, remove the flash-bang please.

Theres a bad man in everyone no matter who you are. Maybe a nazi, maybe an abusive husband, maybe even a politician. But for me...apparently I abuse children. At first I thought "Rag doll physics baby?! EVERYONES GOING TO BE THROWING IT!" I was wrong. So fucking wrong. Some people even apologized to the baby...

When starting I figured this was going to be horror but instead I was greated with a fuckin baby huckin simulator. Maybe it was not the devs intention but when you can huck you huck, especially without repercussions.  You do basic babysitting things, I think. Feed baby, change baby, Kobe baby from downtown into the crib. Rinse, repeat, with progressive fuckery at the hands of the demon baby. 

It was a cute short game that will bring out the worst in some people.

Well now im going to need a full fledge game diving into the reason why you would be in the stall. Also I need exciting horror game play such as: Being in the handicap stall and seeing a wheel chair roll up under the door, Trying to control the volume of your shits when you hear the door open, Trying to squeeze your but cheecks together while you go into the next stall for toilet paper. I think this could be a 5 series.

The massive disappointment of this game is gnawing at my soul. You were handed a golden ticket to thrust the players into a terror that some may know all too well and yet you choose to discard it..You choose to give us a full roll of toilet paper in a public restroom...Why kind of maniac puts a full roll of toilet paper in a horror game based on the pooper?! HAVE YOU EVER BEEN MID-POOP IN PUBLIC AND REALIZED THERE WAS NO T.P.!!?? 0/10 NO POINTS FOR YOU!
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Puzzle A+. Sound A+. Visuals A+. Gameplay A+.  But lets get down to the meat and potatoes of this review. 

When the game starts and we get our first look of the graphics and our first taste of the audio from a ground level panning shot. Now my, and Im sure many others, first impressions were "I bet this is gonna be a turned based rpg!"! Admittadly maybe this thought came from me being incredibly high before I started but I digress. Albeit a short intro I managed to get extremely hyped to play an oldschool PS1/2 era turned based rpg. I stared fantasizing about traveling across the realm defend the citizens from certain doom! Becoming a hero across the lands!

Eventually I will grow old, as we all do. The knees would begin to give way, my armor and weapon becoming mere decorations, the tales of my heroics will be the games of children spending their youth in the sun.

Then the time comes. I have been away from my post for far to long. The legion knows my name, around them I am a strong man with a good heart. My family, My wife, they will be missed indeed. With the last glint of my life I look around and all I have done and I am proud.

Maybe Im still high. Great game though! 

I am beyond confused with this game. So you walk into the house, grab a key, watch a movie, and then leave? I get that youre supposed to explore around and "Read" or "Listen" to the story but how is that a game? I could understand if this was tagged as a visual novel. Its like going to watch a movie and instead of watching the story play out its just the main character reading to you. Show dont tell.

By oscillating sound do you mean the fountain? That did get a little ear shattering. 

I put a few hours into this game and honestly Im not sure if I was doing something incorrectly or the game was just buggy. I back tracked a few hundred times, dunked my book things in golden water after rearranging plates, stared at a naked statue while walking backwards up the stairs, And for the life of me I cant figure out what to do.

My best guess is I was suppose to bring both books to the statue and use them there but the bridge broke and I could never get back.

So I spent the rest of the game just jumping off of railings and running around out of bounds seeing if I could sneak into a secret room. Its not a bad game but I think it could use some polish. 

Surpsingly good for how short it is. Very simple but better then a lot of game jam games ive seen.

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I should how known it was going to be loud...

Amazing game from start to finish! I normally hate how background music is done in indie horror games but you were spot on but setting a good atmosphere without the music being too much.

Only 2 complaints. When you are reloading your gun if you right click to zoom in too soon you will go into the perspective of the gun and it can really disorientate you. The prompt for activating the console in the security room is kind of in an odd place being almost under the console instead of on top of it and makes it easy to miss. 


Not too bad for a short game following the resident evil vibe. Had a couple bugs, one of which stopped me from playing but for the most part with a little more polish could be a great game.

If you're going to steal the premise of your game from one of the greatest horror movies of all time you should at least put a little effort in it. This game has no substance aside from just walking forward for an hour and honestly I cant understand why you would choose THIS hallway for 98% of your game.  

If you look at the most iconic scenes of the movie, The gold room bar, The bear costume, The Maze, The blood elevator, even the damn heres Johnny scene, none of them take place in this hallway. Even though a lot of the clips are somewhat in the game the only scene that does take place in this hallway isnt.  

I know its free so I shouldnt complain too much about it but its such a waste of time that being free doesnt even save it.

This is a prime example of horror done right and what's been lacking in the genre from indie devs lately, focusing more on story and gameplay over cheap scares and horrible lighting. Not only that but it stays very true to the ps1 style lost game format. Its a blessing to my boozy ol heart to play this game.

We open with our character awakening in a library which is pretty unrealistic in 2020. I'm not sure how many people know how to read anymore let alone go to libraries. But I digress. The library is in shambles with rotten plants, broken computers, and garbage strewn throughout the rooms. These few rooms are what makes up for the majority of the game portrayed in different ways as the game progresses and gets more and more haunting. Each rendition of the room leads to another puzzle and every puzzles leads to another room as you spiral more and more towards the whims of the evil librarian. Which just sounds ♥♥♥♥ing awesome to say. As you begin to read through books found around the library you start to uncover a bit of the mystery behind the uroboros library, a symbol of infinity or everlasting life, and the reasons why others have came before you. I personally have my own theories to what is going on in this library but I think the devs allow for bit of interpretation which I really appreciate.

You move slowly throughout each room uncovering new stories and horrors as you progress and become deeper involved with the story. Each puzzle offers just the right amount of difficulty that need some critical thinking but are still logical and don't require you to do anything that is too ridiculous. Best part for me is the this isn't the type of game where you have to wander around in circles finding items at point A and returning them to point B but instead every puzzle is part of the story and overarching plot to the game. I don't want to spoil too much here and since it is a free game you really have no reason not to give it a try!

As for bugs,glitches,controls, and things of that nature I didn't notice anything at all out of the ordinary really aside from a few typos and a couple times where you might get stuck on an object but that was mainly from me ♥♥♥♥ing about trying to climb over or on top of places I shouldn't be. So if you intentionally try to break something you probably will.

Awakening on the floor from what could only have been a night of epic partying fueled with booze and sick ass nes games. (Probably beating contra without even needing to use the 30 lives cheat code.) You wander into the kitchen looking to splash a bit of water on your face in attempts to wash the hangover away. (Disclaimer: This doesn't work in real life. Trust me.) Its at this moment you hear a banging on the nearby door. After retrieving the key from the china cabinet you proceed cautiously into the next room. This is where you find the flashlight whose battery is somehow connect to your fucking soul.

This is a demo, I get it, but I can not fathom why someone would put a flashlight that you need to crank every 15 seconds or else you perish. Not an exaggeration. Every 15 seconds if you stop cranking the flashlight the battery that is somehow connected to your pace maker will cease to be. The real salt in the wound is the fact the game has beautiful lighting. Much better than a large majority of horror games that ive played. Please if this game is ever fully released fix the flashlight. I will love you forever

Also quick time and button mashing events suck. I dont think anyone likes them.

Words escape me trying to describe this game. Its hard to really just describe this as a game. I dont want to speak too harsh since it was a free game but very little of this game actually worked.

The cursor was constantly on the screen and would go outside of the borders of the game no matter what I tried to do to fix it, most of the objects in the game could be clipped through and many of the "Mini games" didnt work and mostly involved you just waiting until the scene ended. The worst problem with the game is you can just left click anywhere to start the next puzzle. Im assuming you were suppose to walk around and find the screens to start the puzzles but none of the triggers were set up correctly. 

Clones of silent hill are becoming more and more common lately and fuck you they are awesome! I love these games! Constant jump scares, annoyingly stupid puzzles, cryptic stories that are fucking boring is the norm in new horror games so its nice to see something the goes back to the roots of horror.

There isn't a whole lot in the sense of story. Wife missing, go find that bitch. There isn't a whole lot in the sense of game play. Get a key, unlock that door. But as for the ambiance...MUWAH...amazing. Sure the game is a walking simulator for the most part and is horribly dark but there is something about it that gets you to an 8 and keeps you there for the whole game. No enemies. No jump scares. Just fear...and you can drive a snowplow.

It feels good to finally play a great horror game even if it is only a demo. Not only a great horror game but a great game in general with original game play and story with puzzles that weren't hard but fun which makes up for the lack of challenge.

Camera, movement, actions, just about everything felt very quick and fluid except for the crouching. That was a little bit janky. It seemed like you went from standing to crouching a little too quickly and crouch allowed you to walk through a few barriers that I dont think you were intended to do.

The needle made the most satisfying swish swash swoosh sound I think I may have ever heard, if you dont know what im talking about pay the freehundred dollars and check it out just for the sound alone. I was a little upset that you didnt have the option to do different kind of sewing techniques like a running, basting, or even a back dev you need to get your shit together or no one will want to play this. Also the precision needed to hit a few of the object was either very specific or I suck at aiming.

I really enjoyed the sound. Background sounds and enemies were amazing and the only complaint I have is the clip clopping of you walking was a little out a little heavy but all in all it was amazing...just like the game...just like you are.

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So the story is silent hill but thats whatever, I have no problem with games that take a story and switch it up a bit which this game does..but not in the right way. I dont want to go in depth into everything because the game follows a basic format. Enter zone, do puzzle, leave zone.

The puzzles are veryyy hit or miss. Two of the puzzles were pretty interesting involving things like riddles and sound ques to know when you are moving to a new area, a bit of critical thinking, and a bit of clue deciphering. Other puzzles are things like: find a key on the fucking ground, find a piece of paper, find a couple of pictures while an enemy follows you (The slow moving 1 shot enemy cliche is getting soooo old) . Its just really odd how there's such a big difference between the puzzles.

My two biggest complaints and by big I mean HUGE complaints are the flashlight and the perspective. The flashlight moves and sways without you moving. So basically throughout the game your flashlight is always doing a figure 8 motion and you have to move your mouse to try to compensate for the position of the light. The perspective in this game is amazingly odd. A bit of info for those who dont know, an average door is 6 foot 8 inches. Throughout the game you will either be half the height of the door or taller than things like ferris wheel gondolas which vary but on average have an 7 foot opening, so that means your character is either in a parallel dimension or they switch between 3 feet and 9 feet tall. And dont tell me its a dream, fuck that.

At the end of the day its not a terrible game and I know it was made within 48 (24?) hours which I have no problem with but given how short it is it really doesnt deserve the 5$ price tag.

Aside from the graphics there isn't very much depth to this game and for 20$ thats pretty disappointing. The game play is basically just backtracking over a dark map to find/use items. If you die you have to start over and grab all the items, back track, and avoid monsters as you go.

This premise is being done by so many indie horror devs because its easy and doesnt require making interesting stories, complex enemies, or fun game play Im not sure where the puzzles are, from what I can tell you just have to find an item and use it at the obvious place. Hand for the hand scanner. Key for the doors. All the containers you need to find are labeled and match the keys you find so im not sure how any of those are puzzles.

The flash light is incredibly weird. It doesn't follow your cross-hair but instead kinda flies all over the place and your batteries run out every few minutes. The gas mask runs out very quickly and you get frozen in place while you are trying to change the filter. Movement is terrible. If you run you can only sprint for a few seconds before you are out of breath and running drains your gas mask quicker. Walking is painfully slow so most of the time you'll run for a bit, change your filter, run, change filter, run, change filter.

I cant understand the point of even having batteries or filters since you find them laying everywhere so you are never at risk of running out. Just something to slow down the game play and give false urgency.

Not sure if other people were having issues but for me the audio would always boost back to full every time I died or loaded into a new area., kind of annoying but nothing game breaking. The lean keys were a bit janky and seemed to only be useful in a few situations but still nothing horrible.

The game was a great throw back to a lot of 80s/90s horror slasher flicks, it follows the trope of "Find items avoid killer" but is done a bit better since the enemies attacks are pretty forgiving and you can take quite a beating before you actually die and other than the first house you have quite a bit of room to maneuver around the slasher. 

Check out my youtube if you want to watch gameplay.