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This is a prime example of horror done right and what's been lacking in the genre from indie devs lately, focusing more on story and gameplay over cheap scares and horrible lighting. Not only that but it stays very true to the ps1 style lost game format. Its a blessing to my boozy ol heart to play this game.

We open with our character awakening in a library which is pretty unrealistic in 2020. I'm not sure how many people know how to read anymore let alone go to libraries. But I digress. The library is in shambles with rotten plants, broken computers, and garbage strewn throughout the rooms. These few rooms are what makes up for the majority of the game portrayed in different ways as the game progresses and gets more and more haunting. Each rendition of the room leads to another puzzle and every puzzles leads to another room as you spiral more and more towards the whims of the evil librarian. Which just sounds ♥♥♥♥ing awesome to say. As you begin to read through books found around the library you start to uncover a bit of the mystery behind the uroboros library, a symbol of infinity or everlasting life, and the reasons why others have came before you. I personally have my own theories to what is going on in this library but I think the devs allow for bit of interpretation which I really appreciate.

You move slowly throughout each room uncovering new stories and horrors as you progress and become deeper involved with the story. Each puzzle offers just the right amount of difficulty that need some critical thinking but are still logical and don't require you to do anything that is too ridiculous. Best part for me is the this isn't the type of game where you have to wander around in circles finding items at point A and returning them to point B but instead every puzzle is part of the story and overarching plot to the game. I don't want to spoil too much here and since it is a free game you really have no reason not to give it a try!

As for bugs,glitches,controls, and things of that nature I didn't notice anything at all out of the ordinary really aside from a few typos and a couple times where you might get stuck on an object but that was mainly from me ♥♥♥♥ing about trying to climb over or on top of places I shouldn't be. So if you intentionally try to break something you probably will.