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Puzzle A+. Sound A+. Visuals A+. Gameplay A+.  But lets get down to the meat and potatoes of this review. 

When the game starts and we get our first look of the graphics and our first taste of the audio from a ground level panning shot. Now my, and Im sure many others, first impressions were "I bet this is gonna be a turned based rpg!"! Admittadly maybe this thought came from me being incredibly high before I started but I digress. Albeit a short intro I managed to get extremely hyped to play an oldschool PS1/2 era turned based rpg. I stared fantasizing about traveling across the realm defend the citizens from certain doom! Becoming a hero across the lands!

Eventually I will grow old, as we all do. The knees would begin to give way, my armor and weapon becoming mere decorations, the tales of my heroics will be the games of children spending their youth in the sun.

Then the time comes. I have been away from my post for far to long. The legion knows my name, around them I am a strong man with a good heart. My family, My wife, they will be missed indeed. With the last glint of my life I look around and all I have done and I am proud.

Maybe Im still high. Great game though! 

I love this review! Thanks for playing!