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Thanks for the heads up! 

Thank you! I tried to make the resolutions as high as I could while still having a relatively low render time (most of these took at least an hour).

I got Bryce 7 from Daz (before they went full NFT), they still sell it there but I totally understand not wanting to give them money. There's a Bryce 4 ISO on but it doesn't seem to have a serial.

That render is gorgeous, I'd love to have a render of mine used for something like that!

I would love to have Knight's Try as part of the bundle!

Sorry, there is no way to save! It's meant to be played through in one sitting.

Thank you! But the title is actually Japanese!

You have to download and run the next part yourself, they're all separate files

Those are all just Easter eggs and references to my other games. There are also a couple more you didn't mention! There isn't a way to get to the top of the castle though unfortunately 😅

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for playing!

Oh that's good to hear, had a small panic that I erased everyone's saves with the update somehow 😅

I can't seem to find why the save would have been lost between versions, but if you remember what you had unlocked I can make you a new save file with that data.

Nothing should have changed with the saves, so I'll need to look into that.

As for the wall bumping, that's something I've noticed and just couldn't seem to track down. I'll continue to try and find the issue though 

That's something I've been looking into, but it seems pretty ingrained in the character controller unfortunately. I would definitely like to eliminate that issue eventually though.

No plans yet! That egg is a reference to one of my other games 😁

Thanks for playing!!

You can, and it's highly recommended!

I started learning to speed run SM64 in the middle of developing this game. Hope you practiced your backwards long jumps!

Its a track I made called Snowfall, you can listen to it on my Bandcamp!

Unfortunately it seems to be a somewhat common bug that I thought I had fixed. I'm going to look into it more though!

This is so cool! I love out of bounds stuff like this and I think this is the first time someone has done it to one of my games! I didn't even know you could reach these places.

I had some plans for alternate endings that I scrapped for time, and one did involve the pool pit. The indent on the wall was always just for decoration. There was a waterfall in there originally, but I liked it better without.

I would like to expand on it some day, but I currently don't have any plans for it. Thanks for playing and I really enjoyed these OOB screenshots!

I wasn’t! I honestly don’t remember what my inspirations were for this at the time. 

Thank you so much! Not planning on stopping any time soon!

Thanks for playing, and great video! Einhander was definitely an inspiration, along with Thunder Force V, R-Type Delta, and G Darius.

Thank you!

I always have some internal lore that I build the game around, but I rarely ever share it all! You can just chalk this whole thing up to people messing around with forces they didn’t understand 😁

Yep! There’s just a small bonus scene as a reward for clearing it without dying. 

Thanks for playing and glad to hear the Mac build works!

The hit box is a little smaller than the ship’s model. About the size of the cockpit area, not including the wings.

Thanks for playing!

Sorry about the unclear requirements, you do need to clear it in one life!

However there’s not a big reward for doing it, it’s just a little bonus scene that happens. No gated content or anything important!

Yep that’s it for part 1, check out the next parts!

Keep in mind that each part was made in one day, so there pretty short and simple.

Spoilers below!

The solution is much simpler than you’re imagining! You simply need to type it out on that screen and it should trigger 😁  You are correct that this is the ending, and typing out “repent” will reset your progress allowing you to go back and replay the Respite portion.

Thank you for playing!!!

Keep an eye out for anything that looks glitchy or out of place, you should get a hint from there! But be careful using commands you might not understand...

I use Unity!

Thank you so much! That voice was made by modulating the pitch of a groan I recorded, making it warble. There’s also a bit of delay applied in engine as well!

I honestly didn’t even think about it! The soundtrack is just a couple looping drones that get pitch bent randomly. I might be able to just record a bit of it and upload that.

Ok, "������_04 (Black Screen Fix)" should work for you. Let me know if you have any more issues!

Ah that's an issue I was afraid of. There's a shader that can cause issues on certain hardware. I'll make a version without it, but it will look a bit different.

The looks speed is intentionally slow and weighty!

Thank you so much! That really means a lot!

Glad I could help!

Thank you so much! I don’t have any plans of expanding this game, but I do think about it every once in a while. Maybe I’ll get back to it after I cross a few other projects off my list 😅

What seems to be the problem? I know newer versions of OSX prevent you from opening unregistered applications. You can usually get around that by launching the game through the Itch launcher.