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There are more secrets than the trailer reveals!

That is a good idea and something I'll look into! I don't know if you discovered it, but there is a secret method for traveling a bit quicker...

Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely look into smoothing out the control issues.

Something is definitely wrong here, but I've never run into anything like this. I think there is something about one of the shaders I use that your computer doesn't like. Can you email your specs to I'll see what I can find out in the mean time.

Ok, that's good!

Enjoy your RESPITE.

The aspect ratio is purposefully restricted to 4:3. Were you able to set a 16:9 resolution?

Nope there will not be a demo

I'm not planning on making a demo version at this time.

I don't have any plans to develop it further right now, but I will definitely consider opponents if I work on it more!

I can see how that could be confusing! If I develop it further I could definitely add in a little pop-up message informing the player of when they complete a mission. Thank you for the feedback!

I've actually never played it. This game was mainly inspired by San Francisco Rush 2049!

Thanks for playing! The handling is something I want to address, but unfortunately it's a deeper issue than I expected. I will definitely release an update once I fix it.

You're in luck with the music, it's from Thana Orchard and all their stuff is on bandcamp!

I used songs from a few albums, but mostly the album 2016.

I've never heard of Need for Madness, but I'm going to have to look into it! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! If you're still interested in freeing that vessel, there are a few squishy humans standing near a very important looking switch... You might have flown over them a few times ;)

The steering is definitely an issue that I need to address if I develop the game further. As for the captured vessel, there are a few squishy humans standing near a very important looking switch...

As far as a game Jam game is concerned it's a full version! I don't have any plans to develop it further right now.

These were both really interesting! I'd love to see some more in either style!

Saw what? I have no idea what you're talking about...

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Unfortunately there's only the one ending.

Sorry to hear that! You can email me at with the crash log and I'll look into it!

Alright, should be available now! Let me know if you run into any issues.


Hmmm, there shouldn't be anything disorienting like that. Was it the camera that was out of control? Could you still walk around normally?

Thanks! I originally had more in mind for this game, but I decided to focus on other projects. I might come back to it every once in a while and add some more points of interest!

Ok cool, I'll definitely give it another shot!

Just played it, but I seem to be stuck. After getting the screwdriver I unscrewed one of the screws on the vent, but I couldn't reach the other one. After a bit of jumping I got it, but then I couldn't find anything else to interact with. Was I just being dense, or was it a bug?

I love the atmosphere and I would really like to finish it! Also I can't believe you got "LMB To Shoot" to star in your game, that must have cost a fortune! :D

Really cool experience. I loved the camera effects and the sound design. Those gave it an etheral/dreamlike feel. I also really enjoyed the screenshot feature. Here's my favorite one I took!

Thanks! This wasn't my usual style of game, so it was interesting working with new mechanics. I'm not sure if I'll do anything with it in the future, but there's always the possibility!

Thank you!

Ok, I think I found and fixed the issue. There is a new version available to download now!

Ok, it should be fixed now and an updated version is available for download!

Oof that's an annoying glitch, should be a relatively easy fix though. Thanks for the heads up and I'm glad you liked it!

Hmmm that's interesting, I never ran into that glitch. I'm going to have to try and replicate it. Thanks for the heads up!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it! There are a lot of different events and some of them a have a pretty low chance of occurring. There's most likely still more for you to see. I want to add an LSD-style teleport mechanic so that you can just wander and see where the game takes you, but I think I need to make some more areas first. I do plan on adding more to this game in the future, so keep an eye out!

I was only able to play a few minutes so far, but I loved it! Such a unique and interesting art style and the writing seems great as well. Can't wait to play some more!

That was a very interesting game! I loved the art style and the fisheye camera really gave it an otherworldly feel. I think I found all the tapes, but I couldn't get into that last room!

I loved the design of your areas, they were simple but interesting. I also like how the the world starts getting more and more corrupted as you warp around!


Thanks! I can't remember exactly, but I think it took around a month from start to finish.