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Hi! As you guessed I wasn't able to complete the puzzle, but this is some very very nice closure. It still means the world to me that you pretty much held my hand through the entire puzzle, and it also means a lot to me you think I earned the ending haha. Full and total honesty, I loved the game too much to not see the ending, and I actually decompiled the script and poked around with my VERY limited knowledge of code and busted through the door. I thought the ending was beautiful and fitting for the game, and it was worth all the hard work, even if I feel a little disingenuous for how I got there. You totally didn't leave me in the lurch or anything so I totally can't accept any freebies (again, I'd feel disingenuous) but it is extremely kind of you to offer. I can count this one game as probably the only real puzzle game I've ever enjoyed, and I could go on and on about it (and I will now that I have remembered to review the game.) Anyway, thank you again very much!! I'll be watching your career with a lot of interest and definitely be playing your next titles.

I finally get it!! I  should have gotten it waayyyy earlier but I really really appreciate all the helpful hints, this is really the only puzzle game I've stuck with. I BELIEVE I have the water, fire, air, and shadow phrases, and I am only missing light and earth. I certainly know which area you are talking about, I have spent a loooooooong time looking through it's empty streets. Baring that one, spooky mannequin of course. I believe this is one of the last places to look, along with the mansion and the maze underneath the neighborhood. Hopefully I'll be able to complete the puzzle and finally rate the game :)! Thank you for all the serious help! I'll be looking forward to whatever you develop next.

Oh one more note! In the house with the ball going on (with Arshan and Miss Holloway) the radio frequency 1 seems to be completely inaccessible. I had thought that I would simply need a tuner key perhaps (Which is what I assume to be the case for f1 in the sea(?) level with the scattered anomalies, which you CAN see and walk right next to, just not through) there doesn't seem to be any way to access it. I say this because through a series of mostly accidental discoveries, I managed to clip myself under the floor, then even DEEPER into the underlaying floor, and I was still 5 units away. This, the sea level f1, and the locked door in house 120 are just about the only mysteries I have left, ignoring the actual puzzle. 

I'm glad I could be of assistance!! I have found the phrase you are referring to, though It would have taken me ages to parse out that it was air and I was in the wrong place. And one HOPEFULLY final note on the symbols, (The hint that it is 0-6 helped a lot, I pretty much tossed a coin between that and 1-7 when I first tried) if I were to say 391 = 1/4/6/1 would I be wrong? As far as I know those are the correct numbers to correlate to the symbols in the order they appear, but after adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, cross multiplying etc etc. You mentioned that there was no equation, and it may just be my analytical leaning brain but I can't for the life of me see how 391 could translate into those four numerals, either as a large sum of 1461, a broken up multiplication 14*61, or anything of the sort. Am I making this wayyy too much about math? Apologies for the constant badgering for hints, though I really can't express how interesting it is to play the game and how cool it is to even have a dialogue with the developer! 

Alright, after staring it down for roughly an hour now I have ONE last question pertaining to them, just so I am on the right track. I did figure that the "391" could be directly translated to the grid next to it, I just have no idea how. Is it some sort of math equation? I have been looking at the factors of 391 and tallying what the symbols could be based on what order they appear. 1-7, and trying to multiply it all out so it gets to 391 somehow. Am I doing this backwards somehow, or overcomplicating it? (Oh and sorry to keep pestering you for hints, but the Air phrase struck me as EXTREMELY related to the end of the maze, in which you fall in a pit of blue, but after spending a few hours down there, I can't seem to find a phrase of any kind since As Above So Below was knocked out. Is the phrase in the maze or am I all turned around?)

Thank you so much for replying, (I love the game btw! Despite its difficulties) I have a small batch of post its on the wall next to me filled with notes haha. That is a fantastic hint. thank you! I believe I have 3 to 4 phrases now :). My one question would have to be about the circle symbols...I have absolutely no idea how to translate my numerical values into them. Are there any hints in game which would help reveal how to do it, or is the only real hint the blue paper by the unglamorous secrets message?

I have found about 2 of the phrases, converted them to their numerical value, but I have no clue how to even begin converting them to the circle symbols. !!! SPOILERS !!! Firstmost I am having trouble identifying the phrases themselves, as in the large desert(?) area. the words "Spare your heart a passing thought" are inscribed in the back of the chapel, but upon exploring further, I found another phrase which very deeply and obviously related to the Water element hint found on the fridge. As with the maze area underneath the house, the words "As above so below" are found on a screen, and while I assume it is a phrase, I cannot be 100% sure, and finally the words "Pain and contrition" on the plague of the large statue in the underwater level. To TLDR; I don't know what is a phrase and what could just be interesting flavor text, along with the trouble i'm having converting the gematria value to the circles, even WITH the knowledge of what composes the numbers 391/ unglamorous secrets are easy to keep. I have looked far and wide on google, reddit, twitter, and even tumblr on the off chance someone has fully completed the game. Hopefully someone sees this! Thanks for reading!