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Hi! As you guessed I wasn't able to complete the puzzle, but this is some very very nice closure. It still means the world to me that you pretty much held my hand through the entire puzzle, and it also means a lot to me you think I earned the ending haha. Full and total honesty, I loved the game too much to not see the ending, and I actually decompiled the script and poked around with my VERY limited knowledge of code and busted through the door. I thought the ending was beautiful and fitting for the game, and it was worth all the hard work, even if I feel a little disingenuous for how I got there. You totally didn't leave me in the lurch or anything so I totally can't accept any freebies (again, I'd feel disingenuous) but it is extremely kind of you to offer. I can count this one game as probably the only real puzzle game I've ever enjoyed, and I could go on and on about it (and I will now that I have remembered to review the game.) Anyway, thank you again very much!! I'll be watching your career with a lot of interest and definitely be playing your next titles.

Honestly, your solution to opening the door is perfectly valid. You went above and beyond even :) ! Thank you so much for all your kind words and the wonderful review!