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I'm glad I could be of assistance!! I have found the phrase you are referring to, though It would have taken me ages to parse out that it was air and I was in the wrong place. And one HOPEFULLY final note on the symbols, (The hint that it is 0-6 helped a lot, I pretty much tossed a coin between that and 1-7 when I first tried) if I were to say 391 = 1/4/6/1 would I be wrong? As far as I know those are the correct numbers to correlate to the symbols in the order they appear, but after adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, cross multiplying etc etc. You mentioned that there was no equation, and it may just be my analytical leaning brain but I can't for the life of me see how 391 could translate into those four numerals, either as a large sum of 1461, a broken up multiplication 14*61, or anything of the sort. Am I making this wayyy too much about math? Apologies for the constant badgering for hints, though I really can't express how interesting it is to play the game and how cool it is to even have a dialogue with the developer!