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Thanks for playing!

Haha, thank you 🌲🍎

Hey, we're glad you enjoyed our last game! We enjoyed the playthrough. If you're interested, we've made a prequel with a lot more content: The Tree, The Apple, The Shepherd, And The Fallen

Would love to know what you think!

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Thank you!

If you want to experience more of this world, check out the prequel: The Tree, The Apple, The Shepherd, And The Fallen by BEBADBOI

you bet!

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Thank you so much!

That means a lot! Thanks

Thanks for playing!! The team enjoyed this a lot

In the process of getting a Linux machine set up. I do want to keep Linux in better support for future projects. Again, really appreciate you testing. If you have time, it seems that FMOD depends on the ALSA library. I'm unsure if Kubuntu comes with that included.

There should be a player.log in the folder with the executable. If you could send that to, would help me nailing down this issue.



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Interesting! I have a mac here to test. Will look into it and see if we can fix this soon!


Appreciate you checking it out and glad you like it. I'll look into the sound issue and see if its something we can fix for a post-jam build.


thank you for playing! 

Hand drawn by me!


My mistake! This looks like a lower level Unity bug. I'll get a fix for this ASAP.


Good catch. Sorry about that! Will be fixed asap.


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Hey! I did some research and this could boil down to a rouge anti-virus, or running an unsupported version (XP, Vista) of Windows. We're only supporting 7 and 10.


Our next project is called Mimo. We've been showing some stuff on our twitter @BEBADBOI.

This is great! Thank you so much for playing!

You know it! ;)

thank you!

lol thank you!

Sorry about the performance, we're gonna look into providing more graphic options soon.

Thank you so much for the feedback and the video! I think we're definitely gonna experiment with more exploration next time around

AHH! thank you for playing :]!

@Riv We are so glad Friend Helper+ could assist you Riv Hester. Friend Helper+ will guide your spirit to an afterlife worth visiting.