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tysm for answering, looking forward for the release!

hi! i had already played the demo and absolutely loved everything about it, and now that i decided to play it again, im not disapointed at all! its just as good as i remembered (btw congrats on that), really looking forward to play the complete game once its released. i only have one question though- will the romantic interests only be the girls, or will there be some gay interaction as well? i would just love to see Yuu getting together with one of the boys, but i cant choose his sexuality for him. either way, great game :v

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idk if you remember me, but I played the game when only the first part was out and I loved it, and now that the second part is out,im more in love with it!the graphics,the style,the character design, I love everything about this game!once I started playing part 2 I felt like I had to finish it instantly(and I did finish it within an afternoon, since I had lost my progress and had to play it all over again,but in my opinion  it was good because i honestly didnt remember the story) I already did the Phoenix ending and the protagonist ending and I loved both(especially the scene on Phoenix's ending where they are drinking some wine,that scene was so good and well made!) I look foward to play more games like this, and continue the good work <3

I love this game! It's so catching!!

What are the special scenes?I'm too lazy to play the game again trying to find them😅

Amazing game! I can see from the demo that this will be an awesome game!Is there a release date? And will it be paid?

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Will the full game be paid? Because if it will, I can't play it 😭 

When the full game come out, will it be paid?

I really love this game! I love the characters and the music. When the demo ended, I was about to cry. I wanted so much to continue the game! Is there a release date? and will the full game will be paid?

I like the music, the art is very good and the game itself is very funny. I'm very forward to playing the full version in the future. When will it be finished? And will the full version be paid?

I love the art of this game! I know who I'm going with when the full game comes out 😏 😏 

Hi! I just wanted to say that I love this demo! I'm looking forward to playing the full game when it comes out! I love the music and the art style, and I just love the idea of the phone, it's diferent and creative.When will the full game come out? I just know it's this year. 

I love yui and I think yui and yuu look so beatiful together!

I really like this game even if it gave me the wrong answer twice. It gave me Libra and Pisces and I'm an Aries, but I love the characters and the art!

Hi! I just want to say that this game is awesome! I love the graphics and the sound!Unfortunately, it will be paid and I wont have a chance to play it, but i'm happy with the demo! Are you continuing this? And if yes, when will it be out? Love this ^^

I love this game! If I love so much the demo, I will love the full game!By the way, when will the full game come out?I can't wait!!

Is there more than an ending? I just wanna know before I play it again! By the way, I love the game, its very creative and beautiful!!

When will the second part come out? I really want to play it! By the way, great game!!