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Into The Hoop Demo

A basketball themed visual novel and dating sim with stat management! · By intothehoop

Welcome! Please come on in! Sticky

A topic by intothehoop created Dec 14, 2017 Views: 516 Replies: 17
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Thank you for visiting! We would love to hear about any questions or feedbacks that you might have for Into The Hoop! 

Feel free to post here or create topics about comments/feedbacks/questions that you would like to talk about.

Just started playing! With so many "girl"-centric stat-based visual novels out there it's fun to play one that has a sports theme!


Thank you very much for the feedback! We're glad you enjoyed it :) Hope you managed to find all the scenes? :D

Just finished the demo. The game looks really promising. Eager to see more !


Thanks Fujix! Anything in particular that stood out to you? :)

I just finished playing the demo. The characters are really interesting so far! I did notice some typos/errors during some parts. The readability of some sentences could be improved as well. This is a fantastic demo! I look forward to seeing where the story goes next! (:


Thank you for your feedback Khelsea! Whose your favorite character? :D

We'll keep improving as we get more feedback such as this, thanks for bringing them up!

Anything in particular that you liked about the demo? :)

Hi there!

I really like Yui's character so far. I am curious to know more about the girl in the library though. I decided to study one day and ended up meeting her.

I think it's cool how my choices increase/decrease a skill for Yuu's character. Usually, when playing visual novels, your choices just have simple consequences that mostly boil down to differences in dialogue options. With this VN, I feel like I am shaping who Yuu turns out to be in the story.


Thanks for the feedback :) if you go to the library 3 times, you'll be able to see more about the library girl ;)

Ah, good to know! I'll have to play through the demo again to see.


I'm enjoying the demo!

One thing I'm wondering though is why Yuu only has one line voice acted in the beginning, while everyone else speaks at least a few times throughout the game. I just find it odd since he's the main character and he has the least amount of voice acted lines.


Hi Zinka17!

Thanks for the feedback. We are working on the next development where all characters will have more lines, and the Alpha Demo is more about putting everything together and see how it works :)

Anything in particular that you liked/disliked about the demo?

If you want, you can follow us and you'll be notified when we release the next demo/devlog, which will have more voice and art :)


Hello! I'm enjoying the game so far, it has interesting characters!

My only problem is the text are kind of small so it's kind of hard for me to read... Maybe try to make the text box/font a bit bigger for the story?


Hello Brokei!

Thanks for the feedback :) 

We'll certainly take your feedback into consideration as we build the demo further, and test if bigger fonts will further improve readability!

In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy what the Alpha Demo offers you :)


ITH Team

hope to see the full game of it so curious

hi! i had already played the demo and absolutely loved everything about it, and now that i decided to play it again, im not disapointed at all! its just as good as i remembered (btw congrats on that), really looking forward to play the complete game once its released. i only have one question though- will the romantic interests only be the girls, or will there be some gay interaction as well? i would just love to see Yuu getting together with one of the boys, but i cant choose his sexuality for him. either way, great game :v


Hey Bea_Pt! Thanks for the comment :) unfortunately we won't be having gay interaction for Into The Hoop, as we didnt set out for Yuu to be interested in guys (more towards brotherhood within the team). 

We are currently scheduling for release in Q2 2019, and will look at releasing another demo before then so that our followers here can experience it a bit more! :)

tysm for answering, looking forward for the release!