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hi! i had already played the demo and absolutely loved everything about it, and now that i decided to play it again, im not disapointed at all! its just as good as i remembered (btw congrats on that), really looking forward to play the complete game once its released. i only have one question though- will the romantic interests only be the girls, or will there be some gay interaction as well? i would just love to see Yuu getting together with one of the boys, but i cant choose his sexuality for him. either way, great game :v

Hey Bea_Pt! Thanks for the comment :) unfortunately we won't be having gay interaction for Into The Hoop, as we didnt set out for Yuu to be interested in guys (more towards brotherhood within the team). 

We are currently scheduling for release in Q2 2019, and will look at releasing another demo before then so that our followers here can experience it a bit more! :)

tysm for answering, looking forward for the release!