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idk if you remember me, but I played the game when only the first part was out and I loved it, and now that the second part is out,im more in love with it!the graphics,the style,the character design, I love everything about this game!once I started playing part 2 I felt like I had to finish it instantly(and I did finish it within an afternoon, since I had lost my progress and had to play it all over again,but in my opinion  it was good because i honestly didnt remember the story) I already did the Phoenix ending and the protagonist ending and I loved both(especially the scene on Phoenix's ending where they are drinking some wine,that scene was so good and well made!) I look foward to play more games like this, and continue the good work <3

Thank you so much for all the kind words! We're really happy that you enjoyed part 2 as well and that you liked the endings! Especially because so much time has passed since part 1 was released, we really wanted the endings to be satisfying. So we're always happy to hear when that's the case!

Thanks for playing (and commenting again) <3