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Ha ha glad I was able to help :D You honestly just made my day replying!

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much

Hmmm, should not be if the solution shown below does not work then I'm very sorry.

When you upload your webgl you can select a checkbox if its optimized for mobile. I checked that as performance wise it is.
But as @Nick Winters noticed it is then very dependent on your phone and your phones screen size.

Thank you!


Brilliant game Idea!

Love the art! ;)

Liked your game, cool idea!

Yeeesss! Thank you, definetly going to make a more polished version with more and harder levels.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!

Cool "create your own story" idea! A bit few endings, but well it was a jam after all :D

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Thank you very much for playing! And yes while in the menu the screen oddly does not want to rotate, but I was able to get him to do it as soon as I entered a level. Sorry that it did not work for you.

Cool interpretation of the theme!

Thank you very much, especially for giving it a try on mobile! Your game is awesome too btw!

Ah darn it, colission box was probably to low...
Played your game and is quite cool aswell.

Liked it.

Yep should of done that... 

Love the visuals and overal soild game!

Cool game!

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Level 3. and 4. I'm probably just bad.

Wow thank you so much for this extensive feedback. yeah the spawning is a little tricky as I only spawn new stuff whenever you are dragging the view.

Cool idea, but sometimes the levels are quite harsch.

Yeah its just gorgeous!

These are big words! But thank you very much :D

Cool idea, somtimes it seems a bit random. Other than that its ok :D

You are a mad man! I don't have enough good words. Yes, the graphics are not the best, but that's where the negative ends! I played this game for way longer than I would admit and actually enjoyed it. You made a very good and ploshed game. Whenever I was just about to click of you introduced something new and most of these new things were great! One thing I would change is to just inform the player that he can now do polices, that's it. And then, only when he opens the window for the first time, explain all the stuff. But yeah, really enjoyed playing this game, it's a shame it's not more popular.

Good idea. But as its very easy to fail I would deffenetly decrease that wait time whenever you restart (the text that zooms by and makes you wait until you can try again) But still cool idea.

I have to say this game is really fun wel lexecuted!


Wow thats really impressive work!

Runns surprisingly well on mobile!

Wow very good game for the time we had! Very polished-

I just love your artstyle man really well done of its by you!

I just loved that cute submarine! Besides the clunky movement it was really awesome.

Love the artstyle!

Lovely boats! In case you moddeld them your self I have to say tey are really lovely!