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This was quite fun and definitely unexpected, I love how the food becomes the foe!

In my experience the swinging was a bit glitchy, clipping me out of bounds several times, but the regular platforming was solid and I liked the effects when you obtain a checkpoint. Nice work!

The isometric aesthetics are great and I really the repairing concept, it felt like I was working towards something!

The diagonal movement is kind of tricky to control and I got confused for a bit here in the last level:

These looked like steps instead of jumps

Other than that I really enjoyed it, good job! (also there's a segfault at the end XD)

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I'm a sucker for tycoon games and build-to-survive games, and this was unexpectedly both!

At first, I thought the slightly eerie music at the start was a bit out of place, but then – unexpectedly – zombies! I love how the game suddenly gets turned on its head, and the ability to upgrade the gun is a nice touch. Really great job!

This game has a ton of potential!

I took me a while to be able to judge the distance of one star to another in relation to the picture, but once I got the hang of it completing  the constellation was really satisfying!

Obviously some audio would be nice and maybe tying some additional reward to connecting stars, like a slight speed boost. Overall, wonderful job though!

Nice choice of music and unique starfield background, great work! My high score is 171.

I like the challenge of no 8-directional movement, but one thing that might help in terms of gameplay would be being able to dash without holding down a direction, so you always dash in the last direction you were holding.

Also, for simplicity of control I would make WASD+Space also control the menus.

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Thank you!

The snowmen don't have amazing AI and weren't tested very much, so getting to wave is damn good! We sunk more time into visuals than gameplay, but we do have plans for revised version. Also, thanks for the bug report, we'll figure out what's causing the camera issue.

Thank you so much, Doom x Christmas is exactly what we were going for! 

Development-wise we (clearly) spent more time on visuals than gameplay, so the difficulty is quite unbalanced, it's not you!

I'm really happy you like the music, I was really struggling to make it at first, but then suddenly I just fell into the 'Angry Christmas' swing.

As for the browser slowdown issue, try disabling any ad/content blockers and let me know if it makes a difference (I use Brave browser and Brave shields interferes with WebGL games).

Yeah, it seems to be in Chromium-based browsers.

This game is fantastic! It has the same fun creative energy as classic flash games from back in the day.  There is an amazing amount of content here for a game made in a week, and every second playing through it is a pleasure! Intuitive controls, polished visuals and audio, great level design. Brilliant entry!

This was excellent! The levels are really creative and I loved that each twist was intuitive to figure out (no text/tutorial required).  Great job!

Pretty fun endless game, great work! I really like the back and forth nature of being on level ground to suddenly flying down a slope!  I would recommend adding a timer so players know how long they lasted. 

Also, to fix the arrow keys scrolling the webpage, I would add this block of code just after the function saveFileFromMEMFSToDisk() in your minshell.html:

Thank you, we came up with the title last minute at around 2 in the morning, when the best ideas emerge!

Thanks, the gameplay isn't quite where we planned, but we're happy to have finished something before the deadline!

Super creative and challenging and brilliant art direction! 

Really cool and really difficult, I just barely made it! Solid art and music and good controls for zero-gravity. It took me a minute to figure out the rotation mechanic, but once it clicked why I was flying out into space this was a ton of fun, great job!


Glad you enjoyed, thanks for the reminder about the controls!

Thanks, those are definitely my strong suit. 

Thanks a ton!

Thank you, I'm happy with how it turned out given that I conceptualized it and made it in a span of ~17 hours!

Nice score, thanks for playing!

The cows were definitely a strange pairing with a lit candle (something I could only come up with at 2 am).  In retrospect I can definitely see the concern about hurting them lol, and I love the halloween suggestion.

Great, thanks for letting me know Krystian!

After getting some helpful feedback, particularly from Aktane's stream, I would like to submit a patch update for my Shmup. Should I wait until after Krystman's video is out, or am I allowed to submit now?

Thanks so much! I'm really pleased you enjoyed the tilted shots, I knew people would either love it or hate it. 

Your one sentence review makes a great tagline!

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Really fun and fast-paced! The story is classic and the characters are colorful! 

The criticisms I had you've already addressed, so not much to say other than great work!

Thanks so much! I've had mixed reviews for the directional shots. I thought it was a fun mechanic, glad to know someone else does too!

Yep, stage 8 is definitely the toughest, and the double helix enemies have high risk - not much reward. Thanks for the feedback!

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Thank you, I did have more than a month to work on it though. Did you make it to the boss?

The quirky Nintendo game vibes definitely come through in this soundtrack! Great sample choices and mixing too, really nicely done.

Great, thanks for letting me know!

Thanks, I appreciate it!

Thank you very much!

I made a soundtrack for an imaginary game for another jam, and I was wondering if I could make said imaginary game for this jam and use the music/art assets from the other jam.

Solid demo! Regarding the player, fall speed is maybe just barely a bit too fast, and it would be nice to be able to move while aiming. Other than that, feels excellent to control.

The keys feel like something to collect and use in the level, rather than the exit. A warp vortex might be more inviting to jump into without fear of consequence, but obviously, this undermines the hub area. Perhaps you could bring the key to the goal warp and then use the ones you've collected to unlock special levels?

The last two puzzles were really satisfying to solve, Two 'aha!' moments, so to speak. The turnstile gates are a really fun mechanic and mesh nicely with the magnet. Great work!

Hey, thanks so much for playing, commentary like this really helps us improve the game!

The artillery cannon briefly disables the lane you fire it in, but we failed convey that at all. We chose to limit the amount of chaos it gave you for this reason, and the result is that it feels pretty weak and unsatisfying.

At ~5:32 in the video I was clutching that you would land on the semi, because you can do that to gain a bunch of chaos, but understandably you avoided it, because the game already taught you that semis should generally be avoided. 

I've got some ideas for how to improve these things based on your gameplay, and a new item ending in '-atling gun' may appear in the next release! Thanks again!