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I mean, come on. this has never been done before. from when I turned off the lights and walked through that wall to when i climbed the spinal cord tower, to falling through the floor and then taking a break, my butt cheeks were fused together the whole time.


I came back to this game after a month and it was crazy. I mean first was a wall blocking my way, I glitched out and saw it stretched out forever. then I experienced a room split into a million pieces, then it kept getting weirder. maybe there should be an option to go back to the old way of generating layout. I love your game and these trippy bugs are probably bad but i'm having fun with them.

it seems the only trick you used was the pillars, id suggest having one way around take some where different than the other. maybe experiment with more shapes and types of portals. its a cool project and because its not proceduraly generated like tea for god so it can also have interesting set pieces. keep it up i want to see where it will go

its crazy seeing as you were one of the first people to make a game with impossible geometry, great job! I also wonder how open world tea for god would work. maybe multiple ends to a level or a level with infinitely splitting pathways that never ends?

please keep the death sound effect though. It's pretty satisfying.

What about robot death animations? Every thing that dies just turns to smoke and disappears.

Any update and bug fix is great even if its small. Also if there's a new zone I wouldn't call it a small update.

but turrets and my guns are fine

new bug, the red robots lasers just stay still in mid air

that is alot of really cool ideas that i cant wait to see. I would not have any problem with any gravity zones you wish to throw at me as i can take almost any confusing or nauseating experiences just fine, but for others you might need to add an option to disable these zones.

I just played your new update and its amazing. I started with the option to only play with new zones and well, starting off with a lift HELL HOLE and massive turrets that i have to hide from but cant kill and the lack of any source of power end then the level ends. I go again and slowly the reactor ticks down and my health depletes until i die. i'm not saying it's a bad zone it's great. but by itself repeating over and over is a nightmare. I also had the pleasure of noticing that if i was 7 seconds late to the exit door i would have been a goner. I would like to suggest a new zone. A space zone but its not just for the looks but a new gameplay element. in space there could be lifts that could rotate you sideways or upside down. i think this would be even better paired with the massive turrets.

yea ive always had a little too much, maybe a new super challenge mode would be cool.

this is one of the best ideas ive seen in any game

I think this game needs more variation in guns. right now your right wrist gun is a pistol, your left wrist gun a shotgun and the rest are pretty much smgs with different fire rates and damage. I think maybe a rail gun that you have to press a button on it to reload would be cool. Maybe even a ricochet gun.

love the new update. those purple orbs always confused me and your explanation cleared it up. When i would see them i would get flashbacks to other runs ended by them so i would try for minutes to find a way around those devastating spheres. An item to deal with them would be much appreciated, like a jar you could contain them in and off load it into a power station.

I think the more customizable the better, personally being able change the ceiling level could make the game feel bigger or more claustrophobic. Changing enemy sizes would be cool to experiment with too. Plus I didn't know the arms had actuators until now.

would it be possible to calibrate your arm length?

sorry, took a while for me to respond. i use a vive and i think i already fixed it. i reinstalled the game so my config file is gone 

when i changed my graphics settings my forearm  displays where blurry unless something was happening to them. changing settings back did nothing

weird question. i heard some horn song thing in endless mode, and it sounded really close too. I died fighting a tank robot that was blocking the way before i could reach it. anyone heard this too?

I could see why that could be a tough thing to code in, especially culling out half of your arm and duplicating it at the other side

what if there where small portable portal windows that you could hold or stick on walls. like hold one end and stick the other around a corner to poke you gun out. i could see that in some PVP game mode

do you have a kickstarter?

I also have a recommendation. Don't add a tutorial, having the player figure every thing out is way better. like the feeling of figuring out that the big electric tank robot has a panel on its back you can open and shoot. That was cool.

find the experience mode is less an experience than challenge mode. In experience mode you cant die and there is no risk, but in challenge every thing can kill you in an instant. I remember pressing the button on one of those electric dog things so it was on my side only to have it walk on a bomb and set me back at square one. Btw. love the art and set pieces. I could go on and on about all the cool thing you packed into this pre alpha demo. good job on the game and id love to buy it when it comes out. ps, don't put it on the epic games store.