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Quite satisfying to get the double weapon! A bit more gameplay elements and this could be become really cool.

I found it a bit confusing that rocks only explodes after being hit by the beam. But very nice concept and good game overall!

The concept looks good but I had issues with the window size. It didn’t fit my screen and I wasn’t able to adjust it. Therefore I couldn’t see parts of the game :/ Keep at it!

Pretty cool! :) I found the line of sight mechanic quite hard but good job!

Interesting concept but I couldn’t figure out what to do with the butterfly. I really liked the design!

I’m not a fan of the beeping sound that speeds up but otherwise, very nice concept! Good job!

Thank you very much! :D I didn’t manage to make a tutorial within the 48 hours but it’s definitely something I would consider in a post jam version.

Thank you for playing! :D I didn’t have time to design the levels very well. A more careful placement of the platforms could probably give a better learning experience.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback! I should make the character on the hidden side more visible.

Very nice! I was able to finish the game, which it always cool for a game jam entry. :) A few fixes where the main robot explodes for no apparent reason and the game will be great!

Thank you very much for playing and for the valuable feedback! I really appreciate. :)

Thank you! I tried your game as well :)

A bit overwhelming but the design is really nice!

Nice! I liked the fans that propel you!

A bit glitched but could become really cool with some more time!

I love the neon style! I think it would be cool if we could connect the wires in both directions. Also I had some minor issues with the resolution on my machine. Keep at it! :)

Very hard, very fun! :)

Very nicely done!

Thanks! :)

Thank you for playing! :D I really appreciate it!

I couldn’t see any enemies coming, is that normal? Lots of mechanics for a game made in 48 hours! :)

It needs a few bug fixes but keep at it! :)

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Super cool design! A bit hard maybe ^^

Really cool idea! The stairs in level 1 are a bit too short in my opinion, making it super hard to get in a good position for the first jump. Also, the camera could use some smoothing. It feels a bit jittery at the moment. But nice concept!

Too bad nothing happens when we get “Game Over”. Also I got so slow when I picked up a raft extension that I could’t move anymore. But cool idea!

Looks fun but I couldn’t figure out what to do. :/ Do I need a gamepad in order to be able to play?

Pretty hard to understand what to do. But fun concept!

Unfortunately I was not able to move past the main menu :(

Combats are a bit too long in my opinion but nicely done! Got a Pokemon feel ;)

Cool idea! I think it would be good to constrain the two ends of the laser inside the screen so that we don’t lose them.

Unfortunately the fish are flickering when they move and the exit button doesn’t do anything. But the design is nice!

I wasn’t really able to play but the design it super cool!!

Cool idea! Maybe it would be good to give a little more control over the moment at which the level “restarts”.

The idea is here but it’s definitely missing something. Keep at it!

I kept on getting killed by the sword, until I stopped trying to pick it up… Very funny explanation for the first jump! ^^

Cool idea but the turning got me a bit dizy ^^

Well done! A few more levels and it will be real fun!

Nicely done! I was able to finish the game :)

A little overwhelming but it sets the mood right away! A bit more guidance would be nice. ;)

Fun idea! I like the effect with the audio speed! Quite a hard game overall ^^