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yes! on Android you can swipe left and right to move and up, or tap to jump, on Desktop is the arrow keys and space

plase feel free to post suggestions here!

you need to make an android/ios version of this, it´s addictive


make sure you download the asset from the assetstore, not from package manager, as the assetstore one has some really neat prefabs

it is actually very easy to update the SDK, the OVR sdk is just dragging prefabs on the scenes... it is that easy, and I would love a Quest version! :D

webgl build please, will follow no

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Hello, I´m trying to work on a parser/serializer for p8 files, have you open sourced this or anything that could help me with thits? thanks

EDIT: I found the repository on github, will take a look, but if you don´t mind pointing me the file I should read, it would be helpful! thanks

EDIT2: I´m guessing this one?

exquisitely satisfying

awesome game, just finished it, thank you

Thanks! It´s nice to know you really enjoyed it :)


Just updated, let me know if it works now

They said they´re going to make a button to add all to the library, but no ETA yet

probably on you e-mail

it´s in the url

You will now find instructions inside the gist file on github

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yes, or insert the variables directly into the code and delete the part where it opens the vars.json file... I think the easiest way is to create a json file format with the tokens I discribed... sorry if this is too hard for noncoders

EDIT: I will put comments on the gist with instructions

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I made this *** to help claim all the games and put all of them in my library, hope it helps.

purchase token is in the url they sent you after you buy and sesssion_token is in your cookies, use the inspector on your browser to find it

EDIT: I decided to remove the gist because I read a post of a request for people not to use scripts to do that, more info

I bought the racial justice bundle and I have no idea where to start now, it´s a lot of games to go through, some kind of sorting would go a long way

Thanks! :)

Thanks guys! I really appreciate it!

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Dude, put the link to LD page please, I'm rating through listing


Yes, for now it is just a "serious sam" kinda game, so you just kill as many as you can.

There are many plans for this game, multiplayer, a lot more enemies, boss fights, different levels... But it will take a long time, when the game is big enough, I'll release a paid version on Steam.

The maps on the game are procedurally generated by design, and with that, it is really hard to guarantee that every map is going to be balanced, some might be more difficult because there might be more enemy entrances and shorter paths to your base. So unfortunately you'll  probably find maps that are more fun for you than others. I am planning on adding more mechanics to the game so no matter what map you're playing, you might have more stuff to do and that may turn some duller maps into more interesting ones. But thank you for giving me feedback!

This comment made me realize how to open the door :)

This is the best one of the jam for sure