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Thanks! :)

Thanks guys! I really appreciate it!

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Dude, put the link to LD page please, I'm rating through listing


Yes, for now it is just a "serious sam" kinda game, so you just kill as many as you can.

There are many plans for this game, multiplayer, a lot more enemies, boss fights, different levels... But it will take a long time, when the game is big enough, I'll release a paid version on Steam.

The maps on the game are procedurally generated by design, and with that, it is really hard to guarantee that every map is going to be balanced, some might be more difficult because there might be more enemy entrances and shorter paths to your base. So unfortunately you'll  probably find maps that are more fun for you than others. I am planning on adding more mechanics to the game so no matter what map you're playing, you might have more stuff to do and that may turn some duller maps into more interesting ones. But thank you for giving me feedback!

This comment made me realize how to open the door :)

This is the best one of the jam for sure