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Yeah, I was trying to debug it but  turns out the way I was using the raycasts made it not register far away objects.

That was pretty fun,

Beautiful level and cool concept!

Its very clever!

This was so charming! If I had 1 critique, I would say to mess around with the World Environment/Skybox to look more cartoony.

My original post was incorrect (I was looking at the wrong material). I have updated it with correct information now. Thanks!

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I just wanted to post this in case anyone has the same problem in the future. Adding a GTLF/GLB Sprytile model to Godot 3.2 makes the textures all blurry. To fix this: 1) create a new spatial material; 2) Add the texture image (reimport as 2D Pixel) used in blender to Godot, and add it to `Texture` under the `Albedo` tab in the inspector; 3) Make sure the `emission` tab in is `DISABLED` (this should make it not blurry); 4) Turn 'Metallic` under `Metallic` to 0 (This should make the colors look correct).

Yeah, I wanted to add more movement patterns for the platforms and some items, but I ran out of time. Thanks for playing!

This was an interesting game! 

This was an interesting game! 

This was a cool idea

Really great game! It's clever and feels fun.

Really great game! 

Pretty cool idea, but I had a hard time playing because the ships rotation speed was too fast. Maybe I was doing something wrong