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We have developed Atlas' Fate, a 3rd person stealth game where you can merge with the shadows and move freely through them. It was developed by 7 students using a custom engine programmed from scratch in only 9 months. We have been close to go to the GDC this year, because we submitted our game to the IGF, but we "only" won an Honorable Mention as best student game, and we are poor to buy a ticket to SF :(

If you want to download the game for free, it's here: And thanks for this initiative, it's really nice for people like us, who can't afford this event (and sometimes feel pretty bad about it, as if everybody in the industry is there and we are not). So thank you very much!

Thank you very much for the gameplay and the feedback!

About the indicator whether you can merge or not, your clothes will bright and there will be shadow particles in your character if you can merge, and will not if you can't, but this is only visible when you are not merged (only when you can see the character). That's an issue that we will have to work more on it if we continue the development of the game), because you are right, it's sometimes confusing.

Again, thanks a lot for playing and taking time to give us feedback :)

Thank you very much! :) 

Hi! This game is complete, as it is the final project of the Master in Creation of Videogames that ended two weeks ago. It lasts about 25-30 min. Now we want to check the viability to make a full professional game with these mechanics, which will not be free because of the cost of making it.

The game is quite demanding in terms of resources, but maybe if you change de resolution it will run better. You can go to the "bin/data" folder and open with a text editor the file "config.json". There, you can set the resolution by editing the "xres" and "yres" values. For example, 1280 and 720. Then save the document and exec the game to see if the performance increases.

What game do you mean? We based on a typical stealth game + Splatoon for the shadow merge movement. 

Thank you very much for your feedback (again haha)! And great video! Glad you like the improvements made, some of them were reaaally necessary. We will keep updated you if there are any news... ;)

Hi again! :)

We have updated the game since the last time you played (now it has checkpoints and many more :P), so maybe you want to try it again and discover our cool ending ;)

Hi guys!

We are so excited to announce that we have just released our game Atlas' Fate: Between Light & Darkness!

Atlas' Fate: Between Light & Darkness is a 3rd person stealth game where you take control of a stealth expert with the ability to merge with the shadows. This power allows him to move without being seen, move through walls, cushion falls or pass through obstacles.

This game is born as a mix between references of many stealth games like Metal Gear SolidSplinter CellStyx or Thief (among many others) and Splatoon for the shadow-merging mechanics.

Atlas' Fate: Between Light & Darkness is created as a "portfolio". It is developped by 7 students and made in a custom engine programmed from scratch. You can download it for free and know more here:!

Here you have the game launch trailer:

Every feedback is highly appreciated, and we hope you like it!