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Atlas' Fate: Between Light & Darkness - Merge with the shadows

A topic by Baby Robot Games created Nov 18, 2018 Views: 134
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Hi guys!

We are so excited to announce that we have just released our game Atlas' Fate: Between Light & Darkness!

Atlas' Fate: Between Light & Darkness is a 3rd person stealth game where you take control of a stealth expert with the ability to merge with the shadows. This power allows him to move without being seen, move through walls, cushion falls or pass through obstacles.

This game is born as a mix between references of many stealth games like Metal Gear SolidSplinter CellStyx or Thief (among many others) and Splatoon for the shadow-merging mechanics.

Atlas' Fate: Between Light & Darkness is created as a "portfolio". It is developped by 7 students and made in a custom engine programmed from scratch. You can download it for free and know more here:!

Here you have the game launch trailer:

Every feedback is highly appreciated, and we hope you like it!