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I had a great time with this game! Straightforward, nothing new, but well done, well-explained, and each color zone had its own personality.  The only problem is I wanted more :P

This one was weird and I wasnt sjure what to even do at first, but then I had quite a lot of fun fending off the little critters with the arrow-rain! was not sure if t here was a winning scenario, but at least it had me interested in selecting the best cloud for the next rain! for a good 10 minutes lol

Wow, so hard but so entertaining!!! It would definitely have been better if the monsters were actually the color they represented, and not just showed it in text. Getting the count exactly right is enough challenge.

Lots of fun, I spent twice the time on this game that I expected to, just because it was so engaging and hard in a fun way.

The only improvement I would make is to clarify or illustrate better when the moment to shoot actually is. I did find it frustrating that I never clearly understood when shooting was actually possible/allowed. Maybe having the animationspeed up/slow down or blink or change color or something that would clarify and allow me to plan ahead clearly when my jumps and shots could be.

Thanks so much for your feedback! Just to be fair, the color combinations ARE accurate, it's just that they represent additive color combinations (when you mix light, not paint), which are way less intuitive and well-known as the sustractive combinations. thought it would then serve as a bit of an educational piece. :)

Wow, the dark souls of small game jam submissions! Or maybe I'm just crap at hand-eye coordination lol. Loved the character creation, and although too hard for me, it never felt like the controls were the problem. Good job!

I had a very good time playing this, it was very easy to figure out. The music was soothing and the controls felt very efficient and easy. 

The only problem is that there was no challenge or mystery. These games are moslty about the story, so maybe making some missions dependant on some other mission being solved first would help, and giving the characters more relationships between each other, so one could feel the character or personality of the town. Also, maybe make some changes in the town itself as you add colors, like maybe the town starts black and white, and whatever color  you discover is added, for example you complete a mission and get green, and so the grass and treetops appear green! 

That's one idea.

Interesting puzzle idea!  Reasonably clear from the setup, but it was a little tiring to always have to see the same slow setup. It's a memory game, but feels not very fun since there is only one possibility anyway.

One idea: You could make it more trial-and-error, being able to use parts of ALL the different colors in every level (of course, this means many of the colors would present useless paths!) and animate the ball falling before you are asked to reset, and without the initial slow presentation of the path-parts. This way, instead of seeing path-parts and memorizing, you would Experiment, trying to come up with the right ones on your own! 

Just an idea.

Ok, I'll be honest, I gave up very quickly because I generally suck at Rubicks cubes, but what a cool idea! Its one type of simulator I wouldn't have predicted.

Have you thought of making an Enriched version, that does things that a physical one could not do? I don't know, maybe introduce color swapping in a given square, or have hidden colors (like a fog of war concept) or special "powers" that allow you to make extra swaps, or "wildcard" colors, that can be changed to whatever you need, or more dimensions, timers, etc.

I dunno, jjust to take advantage that it's digital. congrats!

Feel free to make any observations and suggestions. Did you find it too easy or too hard? Did you like the art style? Do you like where the story is going? Would love to hear from you guys and gals?

Good day everyone, this is just to announce that the first chapter of our first major game, Final Memories, is ready for download! Please consider suporting the development of the complete game!

We are working on the last details for Final Memories, and espect to finish sometime in February. We should have the first chapter finished by the first days of March 2020. 

Cross your fingers!

Thank you so much! I'm glad, usually I think I have an original concept, and then find out it's got a whole genre lol

(1 edit)

Thank you so much for your review, it was great! I am pleasantly surprised that you think there is more potential to this idea. I might dedicate some time to it!

Yes, the fact that it was game jam game (and I have a normal job, so very limited time) did cause many of the problems, particularly the lack of variety: I had planned also Jumping over gaps (like roof tops) and jumping forward off of  hedges and walls, as well as more possible outcomes from Obstacle-Speed combinations. But I made a horrible Software Architecture decision in the beggining (I tried using the physics2d engine, which is pointless if the player does NOT control the run) and that wasted at least 50%  of my time.

I loved the trampoline idea! That would be great! or maybe including things to soften a fall, like matresses, etc. 

Your idea of speeding up the game I did not try because it would mean less decision time for the player... but now that I think of it, maybe making the player faster but then, as he approaches each obstacle or waits on a wall, making time slower, reflecting that in the music/ sound effects, or some animations in the background, would be a great touch! 

And yes, you are right, I am obviously not good at art, and the sky decision was simply because I was already very late for submission and didn't want to try to draw clouds. Thinking about it, yes, a pure blue background would have been much more consistent with the minimalism of the stick man.

 Anyway, thanks again and good luck and congrats on your game!

This game has great atmosphere, graphics and fun music! The idea of a gecko, although silly, someho felt right for the mechanics. Great potential for so many puzzles, I was actually really sad to finish it so quickly. 

Plus, as a programmer, I really loved using code as a tutorial. 

What a great idea! Loved the concept, although I found it very difficult to master. Then again, I suck at ability-centric games, but it didn't feel like the controls' fault. 

This might be a seed for a successful complete game, I think. Maybe if the character floated a little (didn't fall so quickly) or something that made the player feel a tiny bit more in control, would allow for even more complex puzzles, that demanded more. 

Congrats for a polished little game!

What a cool game! I had a lot of fun playing this. It was almost immediately obvious what I had to do, and once that was done, I was having a blast doing all the intricate jumps from side to side.  Also the ambience, sound design was fun.

My only criticism, really, is that it was a bit too easy. I didn't die once. And a couple of times I feel the dangerous objects were a bit too close to me, and I should have suffered damage. 

Maybe if the ninja was a bit slower, and the colliders a bit wider (just a little in both cases), this would be more of a challenge. Congrats!

Ok, I couldn't finish the game, although it looked quite interesting. My main problem was a graphical glitch... in my screen, because of all the horizontal lines, I think, the entire floor kept blinking very brightly, which made me dizzy. maybe it's some form of problem with the game engine and the way it draws? I dunno. 
Anyway, pretty cool worldbuilding and immersive music. Congrats!

Lol very nice idea! I was not sure what the goal was, though, I guess to start a pregnancy, but was it just to touch the egg, or to touch it in the right spot? I'm not sure if I ever won or not.

Woah, so polished! The controls were very precise, I enjoyed discovering what each color of platform could do, and I liked how recovering after each death was so immediate. 

I feel I would have done much better (I am very bad at this type of game) with a normal console controller, because my hands hurt with the keyboard keys. I bet this very game, using that kind of controller, would be even more enjoyable. 

Great job! 

¡Very nice! I actually played all the way through.  Felt pretty inmersed, too.

The "climbing" effect produced by the stickyness of the walls (typical effect of colliders) was very strange considering the animation, which was pretty much just the guy standing. I thought the game would have been 200% more enjoyable as an experience if you had just added a "climbing" animation for these occasions. It would also have been a pretty unusual mechanic for a platformer. 

Aside from that, the game just needed more animations for the main character: looking to the left, jumping, attacking both sides, etc. That is really all that was missing for this to feel truly complete. Oh, and the settings or exit didn't seem to work for me.

Ok, I got the idea, battle with cars, sounds great. But maybe if you had added some visual cues to what it meant to damage the different parts of the cars, and how that impacted the general status of your own car or the enemy's, that would have helped. 

Also, I didn't understand if there was some strategy to be followed, if starting with the front wheels, or the back wheels, was prefereable, or not.  Maybe you could add some consecuence to following the wrong order, or implementing some mechanic that would force the player to make a different decision in different circumstances, etc.  

love me some cool pixel music! pretty demanding, although it was hard to actually use the boxes in some levels, easier to just dash berserk style. Abit more forceful level design at the beggining. But I gave it quite a few minutes of my life, gladly. :)

pretty cool! I was actually hooked and invested in the world for a few minutes, but is there a victory state, or does it just keep track of how long you go? 
Oh, and I couldn't get the footprints mechanic to be significant in my playthroughs. But goodjob!

liked the fact that this had an actual little story and message, and the effort to have the varied reactions change accordingly. My only problem is the world is a bit too big, and sometimes getting to places was a bit slow.

Thsnk you for the comment! Glad you liked the concept. Hope it wasn't too hard near the end. Also, never noticed the getting stuck problem. I'll try your idea, always good to keep learning. :)