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  Your game is cute. I like it. It is really hard. I am sorry to say this but I made it to the level with the three spike pillars you have to go through twice and I quit. Your game is not fun. It hard in place of interesting. I am really sad because your game could have been interesting. With some better level design your game will be great. :) 

I like the improvements. Your game is coming along really well. <3

Your game is by no means bad. It is not exactly exciting either. Most of my time with the game was spent high up waiting for a gap to slip through.

This is great. My sisters and I used to love Neopets. We had the board game and the video games and the card game. I was thinking about getting the new card game, but I am waiting to hear what people have to say about it. 

  I made a TTRPG system (The Thirty Moons System) and you got me thinking it would be awesome to have a Neopets adventure for it. Right now it mostly has My Little Pony adventures. (Thirty moons is a measurement of time in MLP.) Would you like to collaborate on a Neopets adventure? Your knowledge passion and skill would be invaluable.

It does. Thank you. :)

LOL. I don't play that game* anymore, but I will absolutely play this. Your game is so funny and creative.

You could try RPGGeek. It is BGG but for TTRPGS.

I love your art. <3

Hello. I will admit I have not played this game yet. Just reading the rules left me wit too many questions to try playing. But first I love the theme. This is a great idea and I would love to see it expanded.

 If I use Sheepis Charm to lower my opponents ferocity by fie and they have 0 does it drop to -5 or does it stay at zero?

 Wool Wall reduces damage taken by half. Is that rounded up or down? 

  The player who goes second has an advantage. Why don't they decide what they are going to do at the same time with cards or something?

  Charm is the most over powered ability in the game. If I have 10 charm and Cuddle Ambush I can stun you indefinitely and win by only using Cuddle Ambush.  With Cuddle Ambush and 10 attack I could deal 23 of your 25 HP before you get a chance to act. Pretty much the same thing with Cotton Cloud.

 Cuddle Ambush, Cotton Cloud, Shear Shock and Shepard's strike are super powerful. Baa Blast and Fleece Flare are useless in a 1v1 which is fine if the game is intended to be 2v2.

 Why do we roll a D6 to see who goes first? One of the abilities is agility.

  Was this game made to be played 2v2?  It feels like this game was made to be played 2v2 but it does not say so in the rules.

  Did you play test? I have not played the game and I noticed these problems. There are probably more I have not noticed.

I would love to play this game. The theme is so cute. I can't play this game it is broken.

OMG! Your art is amazing! <3 I know the answer is no, but would you want to help make a few CGs for a-

  Sorry let me star over. A few people and I entered the Preggo game jam. I worked really hard making the game as great as I could, but the team was not communicating properly. The game was a bit of a disgrace. I wanted to continue working on the game after the jam ended, but my team did not. I recently found a progamer who is passionate about making games. I have some art I made for the game but it is not... ... good. I am a writer.

  The game is a Crazy Castle homage called The Birth Of AJ (working title). It is a My Little Pony fan game with lots of scenes of tummy rubs and kisses. Would you be interested in drawing 5-10 CGs of a pregnant Buttercup? I know you are going to recive a lot of great offers, but if you don't try you will never succeed.

 We would be greatful if you daned to help us.

Godot. I think your game has a lot of potential. Good luck :)

There is a lot to like about this game. I don't like the theme. This idea has been done to death and I am not convinced you bring anything new to it. It reminds me of prom invaders but with less charm and humor. This could be a fun game with a new theme and a few adventure prompts.

I love the art. Your game feels confused, like it does not know what it wants to be. I would love to see the next version of this game lean into the chaos. I know this was a short jam, so I am excited to see what you could make with more time. You have fun and interesting ideas that could use more polish. The voting system could be the best mechanic in table top gaming. 

Wow. Your art is lovely <3

I am sure the next version will be great. You have some interesting ideas. I don't want to sound mean, but I don't get a choice in what I play. The game decides which cards I get and where the best place to put them is. All I get to do is look for a pattern. Good luck. :)

I think number one is a bit more fun. <3

Your art is beautyful. <3

Good luck. I would offer to help but I am working on my own MLP fan game. If you still need more people in a few weeks let me know. <3

I do not like this game for one reason. The game makes all of the choices and I get to react to them. At no point did I get to make a meaningful choice.

Thank you for sharing you game. I am sorry, but I could not finish the demo. The jump feels weird. My only real option of fighting the bats is to shoot them. the jumping section with the saw blade and the jumping leech thing right after the second check point is frustrating. I liked shooting across the screen by punching. I see what you are going for. I love the game this wants to be. I know it is not easy, but I do want to see a more refined version of this game. You have a gem on your hands. You just need to polish it.

I have played games with ten pages of rules that are not as fun, exciting or strategic as this. The clear simple rules allow for a lot of depth and decision making. This game reminds me of Air, Land and Sea. It is honestly that good.

I like these introspective games. I appreciate that your game is not too long and not too short.

Nice book. It is an interesting read and it is very well formatted. It has a professional quality (you know what I mean). Good luck with your next book (Wolves are my fifth favorite animals). I know it is hard writing for DnD because the rules are both rigid and flexible, but you did a good job creating an intriguing adventure.

Hello. I hope I am not being rude. I noticed the original post was made a year ago, so I am assuming they have moved on. If they have I am looking for an artist to help with a little puzzle game. The original version of the game was made for the preggo game jam. The game is The Birth Of AJ. I would love it if you could help by making prettier versions of the art I made for the jam. If not have a wonderful day and good luck.

  If you are interested please share a picture you made. Your best work.

Thank you. You just made my day :)

That is really good. <3 The blending and shading are fantastic.

All of that sounds awesome. When you make more complex maps I will print them out (at the library). This is a great proof of concept and I am excited to see what you can do with more time. :) 

I love how you used the theme. I love the characters classes and species. Everything about your game feels unique and embraces creativity. I don't have a printer so I have not played your game (although I would like to) my impression of the map was that it is not very open. Limited movement options could result in players just standing near the doors and clubbing everything as soon as it comes through. I hope I am wrong, but the game seems to encourage never moving. In your next map you could have a smoothie machine that teleports around and a player has to touch it every other round to keep it from exploding. The peacewathcers (coward they are) could try to smash it. Give it three HP and everyone loses if it breaks. Everyone will have to move much more and play both aggressively and defensively. I don't know. I love the art and ideas. I want to see this game picked up by a publisher. It is just so unique.

I did not play your game, but it does look interesting. I can see a ton of potential. I love the humor. This is absolutely a game I would play every day for two weeks. I am impressed with how much you were able to get done in three days.

I loved this game as much as I knew I would. <3

I am happy I could help. :)

I really enjoyed your story. <3

When I took art 101 my teacher aske what high art is. I wish I had played this game back then. I would have been able to give an answer. <3

<3 <3 <3

I am happy I could help :)

I finished the demo and I like the changes you made. The first fight was faster and more fun (maybe that has to do with me having a better understanding of the game). The spells add a lot to the game. I liked the puzzles and finding the tickets (I played a lot of Pajama Sam as a kid). I think the tutorial does a good job of teaching the mechanics.

This is a fine system. I don't have any real complaints. It is weird it is not a roll under system which would make snake eyes the best roll. It is meant for new players, but not new GMs. It offers no help creating locations or quests. It is good for what it is. It is just a fine system.

I love the concept art. I have no idea what you want. What kind lf game do you want to make? Which genra? Point and click? VN? FPS? My advice will change depending on your answer.

Yes. I assure you everyone here would love to see your art. Itch is a welcoming and kind community. Welcome. You are going to love it here <3