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Only one 5 means it's a very short tower!

The non-glib answer is that the generator fails a bit for some combinations of numbers. Rolling multiple fives means you have a tower, rolling just one makes it just another room and some of the specific rules don't make a ton of sense anymore.

Thank you! Definitely went through several iterations of layout and text to get everything to fit nicely on the page.

If you make either of those please let me know! I'd love to see what other people can do with this idea!

Yeah, you'd stack all the 5's into a single tower three dice high.

The way I determine the room is to add up the entire tower (in the example on the card it's 10+neighbors = 19). Then for things that neighbor the tower, I only count the specific dice that are physically in contact (so for the 3 die it only gets +5 from the tower).

However! It totally works either way you do it, it just shifts the results on the Room table up or down. So if you want more low results only count the top down view, if you want more high results count the entire merged rooms.

Absolutely! Please shoot me an email so we can talk about it.

Absolutely, please feel free email me about it.

That would be really cool! If you want to email me at we can talk more about it.

I agree it's unclear, unfortunately space constraints meant I couldn't figure out a good way to explain it better. Here's how it's supposed to work:

Pick the room you want to add details to.

If it's a 1, 2, or 3 look at it's highest neighbor. Check the table under [1][2][3] and use the detail that matches the highest neighboring die.

If it's a 4, 5, or 6 look at it's lowest neighbor. Check the table under [4][5][6] and use the detail that matches the lowest neighboring die.

So as an example, if you use the die layout that's on the card, the Throne Room (two 6s) has a 3 as it's lowest neighbor, so it's "Pristine".

Or the Jail die (the 1 near the rear) as a highest neighbor of 3, so it's "Trapped".