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Hiya! Thanks for your kind words about Meteor!

And yes, it’s been quite a while since I’ve last updated the game. I haven’t intentionally abandoned it, but I was focusing on other things (which have also been progressing extremely slowly) to the detriment of Meteor.

My rough outline for the future is:

  1. Finish and release the first adventure module for Meteor. This is already “written” but needs significant revision after playtesting. Plus layout and art.

  2. Finish and release the first “campaign location”. This is going to be a full star system with a number of detailed locations, intending to be a ‘vertical slice’ with examples of each of the main modes of play.

  3. Finish Meteor, polish, and attempt a physical printing. I have a large list of extra feature, generators, and tools I’d like to add to the game, but I expect that to get whittled down significantly as I get closer to finishing.

No real timeline for any of that unfortunately, and I do plan to focus more on Brighter Worlds for the time being.

As always any feedback or play reports people can send my way are extremely helpful, but just knowing that there are people out there interested in or playing the game is very motivating for me!