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Apologies. A lot of the email to that inbox ends up hiding in spam. I'll respond shortly.


Thank you so much! I'll add this to the next patch.

Please stay safe.

Apologies. The more people that die, the harder the game is going to be to run. It wasn't really optimized for hundred and thousands of graves.

If it gets to the point where none of us can run it anymore, I'll either refactor some things or just take the game down.

Trouble connecting? Please make sure you're using the current available build of the game (v1.0).

Okay, so the changes that were made have been reverted. I've put v1.0 back up for download.

Space bar!


Very nice work! <3

Weird! The game just stops dead?

What OS are you running?

its a nice thought, but this isn't the case.

Just drag your boat across the screen and the game will continue.

it's not! Apologies.

Which OS are you on?

I try to avoid justifying myself, but this is a great take - and far more eloquent than I could ever put it.

I'm not precious over the nomenclature. If this doesn't tick all the boxes to qualify it as a "game", then so be it.

It is however, something. It exists.

Thank you so much!

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That actually sounds like a bug. I haven't really seen anyone else mention it, but I've experienced it myself yesterday. Definitely going to be looking into this.

EDIT: This is potentially fixed now. Download the newest build from the downloads page and give me a shout if you're still having issues.


The Things We Lost In The Flood is a relaxed, experimental game where you float around and read/write  messages from/to other players! 

Press: Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

  • Explore the downpour by sailing through a flooded world and building your little boat as you go.
  • Write a message in a bottle to other players about anything. Tell a story, share a secret, try to help a player or even harm them.
  • Read other player's messages and choose whether to throw it back into the ocean or destroy it forever.
  • End the world.

If it isn't too touchy a subject, I'd be interested in hearing you elaborate on that a little bit. Happy to go to DMs.

Crud. I'll have to do some digging.

This is my favourite bug!

It sounds like you're playing a build from a couple of days ago, but I'm *pretty* sure I patched this in the last update (yesterday).

If you're still getting this bug in the most recent build, give me a shout and I'll take another swing at it.

Hey man. Thank you for playing for 40+ minutes!

The game is meant to be tough - but there's no excuse for the bugs you've ran into.

I couldn't watch the whole thing (I struggle with watching people play my games), but I skipped through and caught a couple of issues you ran into. Working on a patch as we speak.

I don't suppose you ran into any others - aside from the ones you've mentioned?


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A little something I've been working on for the last couple of weeks. It originally started life off as a simple aesthetic test, but turned into a side project.

BURD is a game where you have to pick between feeding a God that promises you paradise, or three hungry chicks.

(The game never explicitly tells you this, but that's what it's about.)

There are 4 endings based on the choices you make, however they are fairly black and white if you think about your actions.

Check it out for free now.

Ah. I know what's causing this. It's basically where I hid all the game's physical dialogue gameobjects.

Added it to the bug list.

Anyone getting crashes?

what happened?

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Oooooh, this is a good one. I'll take a look.

EDIT: Managed to replicate it. Should be fixed on the next patch.

I can hook that up. Gimme a day or so.

Probably not any time soon.

There's probably content enough for a demo, but it's not put together in any user friendly way.


If it's any consolation, I've put most of what I learned during development (and some re-done art) into a new project: Exposure!