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plays is the number of plays, I also added a count for the average time!

add Plays is number added to plays each time!

For example plays starts at 2 and the next play  is 4 because add plays starts at 2 now instead of 1!

The third play is 6, then 8!

add Plays doubles when you make it to 0x400 aka 1024!

it also doubles at 2004, 4004, 8004!

This makes it easier to get to my play testing goal of 8888! 20000?

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this seems like a place to put a list of my clams

'Abby', 'Ada',    'Aira',    'Ally', 'Alma', 'Alta', 'Anna',  'Amy',  'Ava',

'Baby',    'Bea',    'Bede',    'Blue', 'Bo',    'Brie', 'Bufi+', 'Buni+',

'Cara', 'Cati+',    'Coco', 'Cleo', 'Cloe+', 'Cora',

'Dana',  'Dee',    'Devi', 'Dido', 'Dora', 'Dixy',    'Deja', 'Diva',  'Dye',

'Ease', 'Echo', 'Eda',    'Edna', 'Ella', 'Elle', 'Elva', 'Emma', 'Envy',    'Esae+',     'Etta', 'Erone', 'Enore', 'Eula',  'Eva',  'Eve',

'Fire', 'Foxy',     'Ice', 'Jane', 'Jade', 'Jeni+', 'Joy', 'June', 'July', 'Gaia', 'Gemi+', 'Holi+', 'Hope',

 'Ida',    'Ila',  'Ima',  'Ina',  'Iva',  'Ivy',

'Katy', 'Koko', 'Kora', 'Kiki',    'Gaby', 'Gina',  'Ga',    'Gigi',

'Lace', 'Lacy', 'Lady',    'Lana',    'Legi+', 'Lesi+', 'Lela', 'Leia', 'Lena',

'Lida',    'Lila', 'Lily', 'Lina', 'Lita', 'Liza', 'Lola', 'Lora',    'Love', 'Lucy', 'Lula', 'Lulu', 'Lura', 'Luna',

'May', 'Macy', 'Mary', 'Mina', 'Mira', 'Mona', 'Muse',    'Myra',

'Naya', 'Nica', 'Niko', 'Nina', 'Nixy+', 'Nora', 'Nola',

'Peny+', 'Peta', 'Pixy', 'Pupy+','Ola', 'Olga', 'Ora',

'Sage',    'Sara',    'Shay', 'Shea',    'Sky',    'Sasy+',    'Sea', 'See', 'Sexy',

'Rena', 'Rosa', 'Rose', 'Rosy', 'Ruby',

'Tara', 'Tane', 'Thia',  'Tia', 'Tina',    'Time', 'Thai',  'Tori', 'Teri', 'Tesa+',

'Veda',    'Vera',    'Xena',    'Zena',     'Zoe', 'Zoey', 'Zora',

'0xada', '0xbea', '0xb00b',    '0xeda',

Easy Dancer community · Created a new topic Clam talk!
(6 edits)

I added some clams! Including Ada, Bufi+, Bea, Ease, Eda, Holi+, Jeni+!

You can also click on the pair name to swap them!

I also have some great pairs like Love Lace LoveLace, Jane Lina JaneLina, Lily Rose LilyRose!

Also Sky Pixy, Foxy Pixy!

There was 1 green/on time square. There are now 2 green squares!

If you make it to 240 in Easy Dancer you will read: 240!\n color slut 3>!!\n 2*2*2*2*3*5! You can open Striking Color Typer  and play with the color picker by pressing the square after picker!

If you make it to 360 in Easy Dancer you will read: 360\n    circle slut.\n 2*2*2*3*3*5! You will not make it to either Pi or Tau in Easy Dancer!

Playing the game I noticed the game did not mark special numbers:  2222, 4444, 8888!

The game resets at 0x400 (1024).

The speed doubles at each reset: from 1 to 2, or 2 to  4!

I usually get to 2222 pretty in about 20 minutes!

I made it my goal to personally play till 8888!

PLAY-TESTED to 8888! I may see 20000!

Added the foreground color text!

Removing the mystery of what the background color is!

(1 edit)

I created Color Typer. I will keep checking this page for years....

(2 edits) is a HTML5 mostly text game:  with an easy goal: type first two letters of striking background colors!

In theory it should work on everything:  in practice I have  nice keyboard and no phones. 

My dad cannot get the keyboard in a Samsung Galaxy Firefox ?

I kind of suspect the editable help textarea may be causing his issue... but next I wanted try another browser. If this is the problem this might work by tapping on randomColoring and typing a question or f1?

can you get a smartphone keyboard to work in Color Typer?


See and at look at my color typer game! 

What i uploaded is this 630 pixels wide image that shows the red:

Am I right that my cover has a misleading crop?

How do I fix it?

Thanks for reading! I

View page with screenshots type first two letters of background colors!

Striking Color Typer community · Created a new topic devlog

I just fixed the ordering so under fogging  happens before under/over lits! 

That also happens to be the order of HSL: Hue, Saturation, Lumination.

Things can only be fogged or under fogged which makes it simple to spot!

OMG, I love this hot fair game! Thanks super-persom for dreaming and making this!

I do not usually care about nobles but I love Empress Edlegard and her wife Byleth!! Thank everyone for making Fodlan! I was happy to learn what Fodlan flowers mean! 

I also loved game and want to buy it!

I got bored and quit the game stuck in the time that she really does not need to go to...

I keep playing because it is kind of satisfying to lightning bolt the villain!

It would be simple if you could save your game, because she has 3 hearts and you have 4 moves and critical hits do a whole heart of damage; meaning killing her is numerically easy: 3 criticals kills her, 2 criticals and 2 hits kills her!

it would be nice if she responded to critical hits with OW!