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happy spring!

clean or organize the H":



"Camellia Bush",

"Doe Bush",

"Flame Fruit Bush",




















"Girl Crush",

"Clambake Girl Crush",

"Bare Thigh",

"Red Nail Polish",

"See Through",

"See Through Panty",

"See Through Bra",

"See Through Lingerie",

"See Through Red Panty",

"See Through Red Bra",

"See Through Red Lingerie",

"Red Dress See Through",

"Only Thigh High",

"Only Red Thigh High",


"Nipple Touch",

"Clitty Touch",


"Arch Fetish",

"Leg Fetish",

"Pure Red Lipstick Fetish",

"Stiletto Fetish",

"Red Fetish",

"Panty Fetish",


"Sugar Rush"

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In the most unlikely game: the sims3!

My graveyard has 888 headstones in Loading Issue Valley: most sims are too ugly to live!

You can download Loading Issue if you think you can fix it!

paying is really optional!!

i can remember the game loading in a few hours recently

before Mystic Muse was hit by a meteorite and her death issue was the first to take days to load!

I have a tendency to turn the pretty up to 11!

Pretty needs 255 Red lipstick!

Lacy LoveLacy

Blue strikes well with yellow!

Deanne and Sara Style

Red strikes cyan well!

Sara and Richelle Cabra

Red is Sexy!

It is so full of pretty that it takes a day to load?

Leggy Lucy is me I was pushing

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math dance!

the sexy digits are

0: vagina

2: 2 vagina lesbians

4: a mystery to me?

8: calculator boobs









Is that a easy series or sequence?

You start with 2 double add plays!

22 consecutive on-times also doubles add plays!

I can change the coded double add plays!

double add plays

8, 20, 88, 0x88, 200, 240, 400, 0x400 is 1024,

(19 edits)

Pause with escape!

The [0] button resets your plays to 0!

google chrome has an issue: restart at 8!

I think I miss 88 if I make it to 20 after 6 plays and continue!

20 seems like a great time to use the [0] button!

200 seems like a great time to use the [0] button?

400 seems like a great time to use the [0] button?

20 also seems good if you make it to 0x400!

22 consecutive on-times also doubles add plays!

if you miss 1024?

Unpause with escape!

double add plays

8, 20, 88, 0x88, 200, 240, 400, 0x400 is 1024,

I think I miss both 240 and 400 if I make it to 200 after 16 plays and continue! 17 plays takes about 15 seconds!

2024, 20244, ...!

Todo? Treasure Name Games

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You pause with escape and press the [self] button!

This allows me to take multiple screenshots!

I should find itch's YouTube!

I'd like to replace the cover jpg with gif!

I was trying post the super-spectral primaries  2560x1440 screenshots from my game but I cannot even seem to post one without getting this error!

striking screenshots

I saw well colored URL-able thing! has a striking red cursor!

(4 edits)

My best sexy girly name pairs!

Lace is pretty and sexy!

Lace Lace! Girly pairs who meet wearing lace are pretty and sexy!

Love Lace! Love and Lace are married girls whose pair name is Lovelace!

Leggy Lucy!

Nina Dare!

Hotty Lura! Lura Hotty! Lura is a Hotty?

Jade Bra! Jade's Bra?

Bra Jade! a Jade Bra?

Pretty Selfie! A pretty girl's selfie image?

Selfie Pretty! A pretty girl who plays with her pussy?

Easy Moisture! Easy's pussy is always wet?

Moisture Easy! Her pussy gets wet easily? 

Panty Time! She did strip down to her panties?

Only Stiletto! She is naked except for stilettos?

See Pussy! You can see the pairs pussy?

Bare Vagina! She does wear nothing on her vagina?

Innie Envy! If she has an outie pussy and wants an innie pussy!

Innie Outie! The pair has an outie pussy and an innie pussy!

Flirty Minxy met a woman named Desire?

Minxy Desire! Minxy's pussy was soaked to Desire levels?

Desire Minxy! Desire was extra soaked by Minxy flirts?

The two have extra hot sex.

I am highly entertained by ad-less web-sties:

Thoughts can be posted to my email auoroa

Reply to this with your 'my best sexy girly name pairs'!

My bad experience with a lazy uninstaller instills a loathing for the lazy concept!

I had source code in the path of the DMD D compiler!

(35 edits)

My best girly name pairs!

dance gave me pretty:

Only Vagina Matrixy!

Only Vagina Universe!

Kaia Springy

Infinite Tyffany!   5/11/2022

Tinky Girly-Matrixy!

Tinky Girly-Universe!

Cave Precociously!

Fawny Rivery!

Time Pixy! Time-traveling pixy?

Pixy Time! Time for pixies!

Candy Lucky! The girl Candy is Lucky?

Lucky Candy! The girl Candy is Lucky?

Easy Sea!

Mega Breeze!

Lovely Joy! The feeling of joy?

Joy Lovely! Pretty girl Joy?

Love Lace!


Leggy Lucy!

Tiffany Day!

Rose Age!

Nina Dare!

Ally Elle!

Jane Lina!

Also the Pixy family Sky Pixy, Foxy Pixy!

reply to this with your my best clams!

(78 edits)

I added more lady sexy like 008, Ankle, Bare, Bare-booby, Bare Moundy,Bare-pussy, Bare-thigh, Bare-high-stiletto, Bare-ultra-high-stiletto, Bra, Easy To Remove, Easy To Remove Stripper Stiletto, Easy To Remove Bikini, Easy To Remove Dress, Easy To Remove Blouse, Easy To Remove Skirt, Cave, Came, Clitty, Clitty Suckle,Cunnilingusy, Desire, Eatouty, Ecstasy, Era, Erotica, Feety, Fine, Fingery, Flirty, Hole, Hotty, Innie, Lingerie, Lippy, Lusty, Masterbaty, Moisture, Nada, Naughty, Nasty, Nipple, Nude, Only, Only-bikini, Only-bra,Only-bikini-top, Only-bikini-bottom, Only mini, Only-panty, Only-high-stiletto, Only-ultra-high-stiletto, Outie, Panty, Pussy, See Selfie, Slippery, Slutty, Snatch, Stiletto, Taco, Titty Suckle, Wetty, Vagina! 

I also added some tiny lady questionable: like Age, Be, Breeze, Blouse, Circle, Coy, Cube,  Day, Dirty, Dressy, Drunky, Etta, Free, Game, Girly-Matrixy, Girly-Universe,Lazy, Mega, "Meme, More, Pee, Party, Pissy, Sofa, Sugary, Tease, Time, Treasure, Universe, Wiki, Yuri-Matrixy, Yuri-Universe? 

Age adds interesting pair names like:

Rose Age!

Leggy Age!

Breeze adds

Slutty Breeze?

Wetty Breeze?

Lucy Breeze

Naughty Spice?

 Envy Desire?

Can you think of sexy or questionable clams?

how do I put my game on sale for Christmas?

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That may surprise you because the Huntington's disease will make me worse!

I get tons of energy every 15 minutes!

You can do anything with: Mustard or Green Pizza!

I recommend ice cream-powered yoga!

00: eating grapes or strawberries,  Soda, Flaming Straws, Ice Cream,  

15: 1/4 Uncooked Frozen Waffle, or 1/2 Uncooked Frozen French Toast Stick, Soda!

30: Flaming Straws, with a spoon of ice cream!

45: part of a tender dipped in Popeye's Mardi Gras Mustard, Soda! My mustard from

In dance, I recommend getting 22 runs: it says runs ran! 

I suggest you think about using the [0] button <a href="<a href=" https:="""" t="" 2319881="" a-good-time-to-use-the-0-button#post-6514498"=""></a>" ]<0]="" button<="" a=""> if you make the 6th play: 3 seconds!!

I can carefully exceed 8888888800000000 by getting runs!

I can also thoughtfully develop dance and play Ark, Astroneer, and Slime Rancher!

I have trouble falling asleep unless I switch to water!

00: eating 2-4 grapes, Peanut Butter snack, a Flaming Straws, water?

15 1/2 Waffle, or a French Toast Stick, water?

30: Flaming Straws!

45: part of a tender dipped in Mardi Gras Mustard, water!

I generally weigh 118 pounds, 122 pounds recently!

Can you think of something to help me gain weight?

I added and doubled ice cream, and tried doubled my intake of Waffles to gain weight!

I have been thinking about finishing my undergraduate degree!

I got a dental inflection that caused me to miss class and get depressed!

I am wondering if the UGA business office has a problem with me?

The Perfect Game! community · Created a new topic Drunk?
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Play around with Easy Dancer!

If you get 44 consecutive on times the game stops to say runs ran!

Then you a not drunk enough, drink?

Test your reflexes with Easy Dancer!

If you get 44 consecutive on times, then you're not drunk!

(1 edit)

Start the game by clicking the [faq!} button and change the names you don't like!

The game pause(escape) should be strong enough for you to enter your name; but is not!

If spot a you spot a great name you can focus on it! The other name will change!

You can swap the names by clicking the [pairs] field anytime!

You should focus on the pair name before starting the NSFW  mode truth or dare mode!

The game is coded to start with Vera and Sara!

It starts with Vera starts game and that changes if to Clam starts game if you changed your name by focusing on a made clam!  Play Easy Dancer

Itch does not provide this option now!

There is a kludge: copy your into and upload both to your project!

Feel free to respond with other games that got this to or ask me for help!

These are downloadable browser games

I upload for the

(2 edits)

browser game Dev wants to add download option?

I started Color Typer as a download and switched to browser by renaming color.html to index.html!

I'd like to just offer

I'd also like do that with!


(5 edits)

Easy Dancer! is  a rhythm clicker game:  laugh, clit, game better: the game! Auoroa's passion project that keeps getting better!

Easy Dancer

Easy is one of the clams you might start as and also the game herself! If you like reading about girls see my fair all girlies collection!


(1 edit)

I still have a tab open to an old version of the game that the images broke on! 57 minutes show in that game!

I am always dismayed that my games have an average session of 'a few seconds'!

It also happened with my other game and so I thought play testing this game to 8888 would help the average!

Can someone explain my games average session?

(3 edits)

Can anyone find my game Easy Dancer! in female-protagonist?

It starts with a random clam pair from the list that ends my games discussion clam talk.

If you like reading about girls see my fair all girlies collection!

Can Itch lose a games tag?

(1 edit)

plays is the number of plays, I also added a count for the average time!

add Plays is number added to plays each time!

For example plays starts at 2 and the next play  is 4 because add plays starts at 2 now instead of 1!

The third play is 6, then 8!

add Plays doubles when you make it to 0x400 aka 1024!

it also doubles at 2004, 4004, 8004!

This makes it easier to get to my play testing goal of 8888! 20000?

(34 edits)

The 840 treasure was the ad-free forum post of correct source code for an array declaration in C/C++/D/JavaScript/Python/Renpy!

itch cannot afford this treasure because it is longer than 3MB!

What do you think is a good girly name?

Girly names end in a vowel!

I missed Lisa until 184 clams!

 Any help towards 820+ would be greatly appreciated!

Report any hard to spot dittos here!

This seems like a place to list my almost 840 vaginas:


"Queen's Hive",







"Sorority Party",










"Girly University",







"Skinny dippy",

"Camera Whore",

"Skirty Breeze",




"High Mule",

"High Pumpy",

















"Lippy", "Fingery",











"Free", "Sugary",

"Abby", "Abriana",  "Ada",  "Africa",   "Age",  "Aira",

"Alabama",  "Alana",    "Alaya",    "Alecia",   "Alexa",    "Alexandra",    "Alexandria",

"Alicia",   "Alice",    "Allura",   "Ally",     "Alma", "Alpha",    "Alta", "Alyssa",

"Amanda",   "Amaze",    "Amelia",   "Amy",  "Anastasia",    "Andra",    "Andrea",   "Andromeda",

"Angela",   "Angelique",    "Angie",    "Anise",    "Anisette", "Ankle",

"Anna", "Annabella",    "Annie",    "Annika",   "Antoinette",   "Aphrodite",    "Are+", "Ashley",

"Asia", "Athena",   "Atlanta",  "Aubra",    "Aubrey",   "Audra",    "Aura", "Aurora",   "Ava",  "Azure",


"Baby", "Bailey",   "Bambi",    "Barbie",   "Bare", "Bare booby",   "Bare pussy",   "Bare thigh",

"Bare high stiletto",   "Bare ultra high stiletto", "Be",   "Bea",  "Becky",    "Bede", "Belinda",

"Berry",    "Bessy",    "Beta", "Bethany",  "Bianca",   "Bindi",    "Blanca",   "Blaze",    "Blondie",

"Blouse", "Blue",  "Bo",   "Bobbie",   "Bolero",   "Booby",    "Bra",  "Brandy",   "Brandi",   "Brave" ,

"Breeze",   "Breezy",   "Brianna",  "Brie", "Brita",    "Brittany",

"Bubble",   "Buffy",    "Bunny",    "Burgundie",    "Butterfly",

"Cabra",    "Callie",   "Cameo",    "Came", "Camille",

"Candi",    "Candice",  "Candee",   "Candy",    "Cara", "Carmela",

"Carrie",   "Cashmere", "Catty",    "Cave", "Cecilia",  "Champagne",    "Chance",

"Chantal",  "Chantilly",    "Chantiqua",    "Chantelle",    "Charity",  "Charlie",

"Charlotte",    "Chastity", "Cherie",   "Cherry",   "Chesty",   "Cheyenne", "China",

"Chloe",    "Chocolate",    "Chrissy",  "Christi",  "Christy",  "Christine",    "Cindery",

"Chynna",   "Cindy",    "Clambake", "Cleo", "Cleopatra",    "Clitty",   "Clitty Suckle",

"Clue", "Coco", "Cody", "Constance",    "Contessa", "Cookie",   "Cora", "Coy",  "Crystal",

"Cube", "Cuddle",   "Cunnilingusy", "Cute", "Cutie",    "Cynara",   "Cyndi",

"Dagny",    "Dahlia",   "Daisy",    "Dakota",   "Damiana", "Dana",  "Danielle",

"Danni",    "Daphne",   "Dare", "Darla",    "Dawny",    "Day",  "Decadence",    "Dee",

"Deidre",   "Deja", "Delta",    "Deluxe",   "Desire",   "Desiree",  "Destiny",  "Devi",

"Dia",  "Diablo",   "Diana",    "Diana",    "Dido", "Dido", "Dirty",    "Diva",

"Divine",   "Divinity", "Dixie",    "Dixy",

"Doe",  "Dolly",    "Dominique",    "Dora", "Dye",  "Dressy",

"Easy", "Ebony",    "Echo", "Ecstasy",  "Eda",  "Edna",     "Electra",

"Eli",  "Eliza",    "Ella", "Elle", "Ellie",    "Elva", "Elvira",   "Elyse",

"Emergency",    "Emily",    "Emma", "Empressly",

"Enore",    "Envy", "Epiphany", "Era",  "Erona",    "Erotica",  "Esme", "Etta", "Eula",

"Eva",  "Eve",  "Evie", "Fable",    "Fame", "Fantasia", "Fantasy",  "Fate",

"Fawny",    "Fawna",    "Fawnia",   "Felicia",  "Felicity", "Felony",

"Ferny",    "Ferrari",  "Fetishy",  "Fine", "Fire", "Fiona",    "Flame",    "Flexible", "Flirty",

"Foxy", "Foxxxy",   "Francesca",    "Frosty",

"Ga",   "Gabrielle",    "Gabriella",    "Gaby", "Gaia", "Game", "Gamma",

"Gemini",   "Gemmy",    "Gemma",    "Genie",    "Gentle",   "Georgia",

"Gaia", "Gia",  "Gigi", "Gina", "Girly",    "Girly Matrixy",    "Girly Universe", "Giselle",

"Glamoury", "Glittery", "Glory",    "Godiva",   "Grace",    "Gypsy",

"Hanna",    "Harmony",  "Heathery", "Heavenly", "Helena",   "Hella",    "Hillary",

"High", "High Stiletto",    "Hole", "Holi+",    "Holiday",  "Holly",    "Honey",    "Hope", "Hotty",

"Ianna",    "Ice",  "Ida",  "Iesha",    "Ila",  "Ima",  "Imagine",  "Ina",  "India",    "Indigo",

"Infinite", "Innie",    "Iota", "Irene",    "Isabella", "Iva",  "Ivory",    "Ivy",

"Jade", "Jamie",    "Jane", "Janelle",  "Jasmine",  "Jeanette",     "Jeanie",   "Jenna",    "Jenny",

"Jessica",  "Jessie",   "Jewely",   "Jezebelle",    "Jilly",    "Joelle",   "Joetta",   "Jolene",

"Journey",  "Joy",  "Juicy",    "Julia",    "Julie",    "Juliety",  "July", "June", "Juno",

"Kaia", "Kailli",   "Kara", "Karla",    "Karma",    "Katy", "Kayla",

"Kelli",    "Kenya",    "Kiki", "Kira", "Kitteny",  "Kitty",    "Koko", "Kora",

"Krista",   "Kristi",   "Krystaly", "Kylie",    "Kyra",

"Lace", "Lacy", "Lady", "Lanie",   "Lakota",   "Lana", "Laura",    "Layla",    "Lazy",

"Leaha",    "Leathery", "Leggy",    "Leia", "Leigha",   "Lela", "Lena", "Lessy",    "Lexie",

"Licorice", "Lida", "Lila", "Lilithy",  "Lily", "Lina", "Lindsey",  "Lingerie",

"Lisa", "Lita", "Liza", "Lola", "Lolita",   "Loni", "Lora", "Lori",

"Love", "Lovelace", "Lovely",   "Love", "Lucinda",  "Lucky",    "Lucretia", "Lucy", "Lula", "Lulu",

"Lumina",   "Luna", "Lura", "Luxury",   "Luxxie",

"Macy", "Madeline", "Mae",  "Magdalene",    "Magenta",  "Maggie",   "Magica",   "Magnolia",

"Malia",    "Malibu",   "Mandy",    "Manhattany",

"Mara",     "Mar-gotta",    "Maria",    "Mariah",   "Mariana",  "Marilyne", "Marina",   "Marla",

"Marlena",  "Marti",    "Mary",     "Maryanne", "Macy", "Matrixy",  "May",

"McKenzie", "Medusa",   "Mega", "Megany",   "Melano",   "Melanie",  "Melinda",  "Melody",   "Melonie",

"Mercury",  "Mercy",    "Merlynna",

"Michelle", "Mikhaila", "Mikki",    "Mina", "Mindee",   "Mindy",    "Minky",    "Minxy",

"Mira", "Miracle",  "Missy",    "Misty",    "Mocha",    "Moisture", "Molly",    "Mona",

"Monaco",   "Monica",   "Monique",  "Montana",  "More", "Muse", "Myra", "Mystery",  "Mystique",

"Nada", "Nadia",    "Nanette",  "Nastasia", "Nasty",    "Nata", "Natalia",  "Natalie",  "Natasha",

"Naughty",  "Naya", "Nessa",    "Nica", "Nice", "Nicole",

"Nikita",   "Nikki",    "Niko", "Nina", "Nipple",   "Nixey",    "Nixie",

"Nola", "Nora", "Norah",    "Nude",

"Octavia",  "Ola",  "Olga", "Olive",    "Olivia",   "Olympia",  "Omega",

"Only", "Only bikini",  "Only bra", "Only bikini top",  "Only bikini bottom",   "Only high_mule",

"Only mini", "Only panty",  "Only high pumpy",  "Only high stiletto",   "Only ultra high stiletto",

"Only vagina  universe",    "Only vagina University",

"Ophelia",  "Ora",  "Outtie",

"Paige",    "Pamela",   "Pandora",  "Pansy",    "Panty",    "Paradise", "Party",    "Passionate",   "Paula",

"Pearla",   "Pebble",   "Pee",  "Penelope",     "Penny",    "Persephone",   "Peta", "Petal",

"Piperly",  "Pixie",    "Pixy",

"Poison-Ivy",   "Precociously", "Prue", "Pretty",   "Princessilly", "Puppy",    "Pussy",

"Queenly",  "Quinne",

"Rachelle", "Rainey",   "Ramona",   "Ravenly",  "Reba", "Rebecca",  "Rena", "Renee",

"Rhia", "Ria",  "Rio",  "Rita", "Rivery",   "Robyne",   "Rocki",    "Roma",

"Rosa", "Rose", "Rosemary", "Rosie",    "Rosy", "Roxanna",  "Roxanne",  "Roxy", "Ruby",

"Sable",    "Sabrina",  "Sache",    "Sage", "Salome",   "Samantha", "Sandi",    "Sapphire",

"Sara", "Sarasota", "Saraya",   "Sasha",    "Sashay",   "Sassy",    "Sarsaparilla", "Sassy",

"Satinna",  "Savannah", "Scarletta",    "Sea",  "See",  "Selena",   "Selfie",

"Septiva",  "Serena",   "Serenity", "Sexy", "Shana",    "Shane",    "Shawna",   "Shay",

"Shea", "Shelby",   "Shelly",   "Sheree",   "Sherri",   "Sherry",   "Shine",

"Sienna",    "Sierra",   "Silky",   "Silky",    "Simone",   "Sinny",    "Sirensy",  "Sissy",

"Skinny",   "Sky",  "Skye", "Sloane",   "Slippery", "Slutty",   "Smoky",    "Snatch",

"Sofa", "Soleila",  "Songly",   "Sonia",    "Sophia",

"Spice",    "Springy",  "Staci",    "Stacia",   "Starry",   "Stormy",

"Strawberry",   "Suavecita",    "Sublime",  "Sugary",   "Suki", "Summery",

"Sundae",   "Sun-dance",    "Sunday",   "Sunni",    "Sunny",    "Sunshine", "Sunsety",

"Susanna",  "Suzanne",  "Sweetly",

"Tabitha",  "Taco", "Taffy",    "Talia",    "Tallulah", "Tamara",   "Tammi",

"Tane", "Tanya",    "Tara", "Tasha",    "Tatiana",  "Tawny",    "Taylo",

"Tease",    "Tempesta", "Teri", "Terra",    "Tesa+",    "Tessa",    "Texxxa",   "Thai", "Thia",

"Thyme",    "Tia",  "Tickle",   "Tiffany",  "Tigra",    "Tika", "Time", "Titty", "Titty Suckle",

"Tina", "Tinky",    "Tiny", "Tisha",    "Toffee",   "Toni", "Tori", "Traci",    "Tracy",

"Treasure", "Tricia",   "Trinity",  "Trippy",   "Tristana", "Trixie",

"Trouble",  "Tuesday",  "Two",  "Tyffany",  "Tyra",

"Ultra High Stiletto",  "Unique",   "Utopia",

"Vagina",   "Vagi", "Valentina",    "Valentine",    "Vanessa",  "Vanity",   "Veda", "Velvety",

"Venusy",   "Vera", "Veronica", "Victoria", "Victory",  "Viola",    "Virginia", "Virgo",

"Vivienne", "Vixenly",  "Vonda",

"Wanda",    "Wednesday",    "Wendy",    "Wetty",    "Whimsy",   "Whisky",   "Whispery",

"Wendy",    "Woohoo",   "Wiki", "Willowy",  "Windy",    "Winterly", "Wishy",

"Xena", "Xena", "Xiola",    "Xtase",

"Yasmine",  "Yolanda",  "Yuri", "Yuri Matrixy", "Yuri Universe",  "Yvette",   "Yvonne",


"Zelda",    "Zena", "Zero", "Zeta", "Zinnia",   "Zoe",  "Zoey", "Zora",

    "008",  "0xada", "0xbea", "0xb00",  "0xeda",    "2048",

(67 edits)

I added 840+ lady model costume names: clams! Including: Treasure,  Dance  Lady, Girly , Buffy, Bea, Ease, Eda, Girly, Holly, Leggy! Tiny! Sexy!

Dance Treasure couples them up! She allows you to click a name you like!

You can also click on the couple's name to swap them!

I also have some great couple names like Love Lace,! Jane Lina! Lily Rose!  Nina Dare! Leggy Lucy! Easy Sea!

Also Sky Pixy, Foxy Pixy!

There are more than 640,000 couple names 800*800!

I have 840+ treasures, itch cannot afford more treasure because it is longer than 3MB!

More can be found finding a ditto or correcting spelling!

Some seem like Spice Girly Money Treasure for those aspiring to more


yahoo is mostly vowel!

Easy to remove blouse!

Only Vagina Universe!

Only Vagina Matrixy!

Infinite Tiffany!   5/11/2022

the sun contains infinite resources and diamonds seem likely contaminate for rocket fuel?

spicy Lingerie sells red summer skirts 10" mini maybe with free sexy panty!

spicy lingerie dark diva is floaty!

shopstyle is a treasure!

Sally Beauty is a treasure!

sally beauty china glaze flame strikes pure red treasure!

sally beauty kokie nail polish fearless strikes pure red treasure!

sally beauty lipstick palladio just red strikes pure red treasure!

" Sissy",

 Be Sexy locked me out of my account and lost my shopping cart!

Be Sexy clears are Easy to remove treasure!

I have a hunch that the M means improved; the plastic seems super soft! M Vanity Ellie

Not all vaginas are treasure: like the ugly part of the funny Ugly Betty!

Not all vaginas have lady names like amazon, heart,  soul: does not end with [a,e,i,o,u.h ]!

There was 1 green/on time square. There are now 2 green squares!

If you make it to 240 in Easy Dancer you will read: 240!\n color slut 3>!!\n 2*2*2*2*3*5! You can open Striking Color Typer  and play with the color picker by pressing the square after picker!

If you make it to 360 in Easy Dancer you will read: 360\n    circle slut.\n 2*2*2*3*3*5! You will not make it to either Pi or Tau in Easy Dancer!

Playing the game I noticed the game did not mark special numbers:  2222, 4444, 8888!

The game resets at 0x400 (1024).

The speed doubles at each reset: from 1 to 2, or 2 to  4!

I usually get to 2222 pretty in about 20 minutes!

I made it my goal to personally play till 8888!

PLAY-TESTED to 8888! I may see 20000!

Added the foreground color text!

Removing the mystery of what the background color is!

(1 edit)

I created Color Typer. I will keep checking this page for years....

(2 edits) is a HTML5 mostly text game:  with an easy goal: type first two letters of striking background colors!

In theory it should work on everything:  in practice I have  nice keyboard and no phones. 

My dad cannot get the keyboard in a Samsung Galaxy Firefox ?

I kind of suspect the editable help textarea may be causing his issue... but next I wanted try another browser. If this is the problem this might work by tapping on randomColoring and typing a question or f1?

can you get a smartphone keyboard to work in Color Typer?


See and at look at my color typer game! 

What i uploaded is this 630 pixels wide image that shows the red:

Am I right that my cover has a misleading crop?

How do I fix it?

Thanks for reading! I

View page with screenshots type first two letters of background colors!

Striking Color community · Created a new topic devlog

I just fixed the ordering so under fogging  happens before under/over lits! 

That also happens to be the order of HSL: Hue, Saturation, Lumination.

Things can only be fogged or under fogged which makes it simple to spot!

OMG, I love this hot fair game! Thanks super-persom for dreaming and making this!

I do not usually care about nobles but I love Empress Edlegard and her wife Byleth!! Thank everyone for making Fodlan! I was happy to learn what Fodlan flowers mean! 

I also loved game and want to buy it!

I got bored and quit the game stuck in the time that she really does not need to go to...

I keep playing because it is kind of satisfying to lightning bolt the villain!

It would be simple if you could save your game, because she has 3 hearts and you have 4 moves and critical hits do a whole heart of damage; meaning killing her is numerically easy: 3 criticals kills her, 2 criticals and 2 hits kills her!

it would be nice if she responded to critical hits with OW!