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Ah ah good idea ! Maybe a theme to come in a future jam 🤣

I know I am a worm slaughter as I can't really finish correctly the tuning of the game... poor worms.. Sorry to make U participate to this murder party ! 

wahouuu... in just 3H ... so impressed ! I will return later to play it again !
Very cool atmosphere ! Great game !

Can you explain us how to play. I wait before "staring" your game. You spend some hours on it, it could be great that we can give you some feedback. 

Good game, it made me mad ! 

I had to modify the tuning of the game (Wich frequency appear Plants & Roots ... ). Thanks to give a try to my game !

You're right I had to correct the tuning of the game ! Thanks for your feedback ! 

Thank you very much ! 

Very quiet game, I like this kind of zen game. Adding a zen music and some "condition to win" will be a plus.  Good entry by the way

Thanks for your feeback. You're right, I know that the  tunning of my game still need some work but I had to respect the most I can the timing.. 

Argh not so easy but still fun ! Well done ! 

I like the idea of sharing the behavior of the "bar" with the ennemies

Excellent ! very addictive ! Congrats ! 

Clever game with the procedural generation 👍

excellent !  I like the minimalist work art, the differents difficulties (manage the drill... ) .... Very addictive ! 

My fav so far ! So pleasant to play ! using all our senses to compose the "family"... 

What a difficult, clever and addictive game ! Well done ! 

Really cool and original Dig mechanic ! Love it ! 

Excellent !! Thanks for your nice comment ! 

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Thanks to give a try to my game ! When the worms is protected, it can't interactive with his environnement : it is protect from plants/roots but can't pick up gems in the same time... it is the behavior I coded but I think I had to think about it again 'cause you are note the only one to express the same strange feeling ... I will change this behavior ! 

Thanks to give a try to my game. Sometimes you can't collect gems 'cause you are protected from villains plants/roots ... and in the same time forme other interactions as with the gems... Maybe I will have to change this behavior... 

THank you sooOoOoo much to give a try to my game and to give me such a nice feeback ! 

Thank you for your precise feedback ... I "confess", that at the end, I was running after minutes and had to let some strange behaviors behind me... I was struggled with the param of the plants/roots pop in ... in fact, you're right it seems to be easier à the end than at beginning... I had to fix that ... 
For the both behaviors of the switching worm ( i never have the "boomerang one", it could be intresting to code the both and find a system to active one or the other... it could disturb the player... 

Yes you're right !  I couln't fix it before spending too much time but anyway you're right ! I will improved the repartition of the stuff to avoid and I will create a life system. At first one of the bonus (the heart one) was to give you an extra-life but no enought time so... 

I like this kind of game ! very cool implemntation ! 

Original universe to practice fishing ! I like the behavior of the red hook and somes fishes were very tricky

It's so a quiet and patience game ! Love it ! your artwork is clean to create a minimalist and zen univers

I really like the organic look of your art work ! 

Fun to play even if  I'm not enough performant to kill the worm...

Excellent !! great idea !! 

Thanks so much to give a try to my game ! I try to keep things simple, the 3Hformat help a lot to improve it ! 

Thanks for your feeback ! 

Thanks to give a try to my game ! 

So clever to associate the moove and the big shoot ! very fun to play !! 

I really like the choices you offer to the player to improve the skills of his turrels. Very clever ! 

Ok,  so my way to play was good ! 

Thank you for your cool comment ;-) ! 

Thank you to give a try to my game and for your encouraging comment ! 

Very cool game ! Typing + attention + focus  + math + "english" for me : How to learn  multicompetency in one game ! clever !

excellent theme and very cool game ! 

Really really cool ! I realliy like this kind of game !