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Really cool ! I enjoy playing at it !!

Really cool and original ! Well done !!

Hi hi I put salt all over the meat !

Very nice even if it's hard to play for me... Well done !

Thanks so much Jupiter Hadley, I really enjoy hearing/seeing you playing our/my games ... you're so funny, nice and so respectfull with our try and little stuff... Thanks to take time for that !

Pico-8 it's really cool ! It's just a perfect way to cope with the one hour challenge : all is under your hand, code, sprite, map, sound and music editor ! You can export it easily in html5 projet... I had just to increase a lot my pixel graphic level ...

Very nice and poetic time ! Well done !!

Funny ! I had to admit that's it is the first time I try to pilot a giraf on a snowy jump ! Well done !

Yeaah I do like your game ! And with the shortcuts is really cool ! I'm not enough quick anyway ... i need some drink before playing, no doubt it may help me to be better ...well done !

Thank's for the trip ;-) May the others fishes could swim as us ?

Very nice game (nice sprite and great idea of using water). Is your platform is randomly generated or do you implement it once ?

Very original way of reinvesting this king of game. Well done !

Hi excellent ! what a nice progress bar :-)

Clap Clap ! Good game and good graphism +1 !!

I really estimate the time you should have take to create the icons. Well done !

Wahouu... really impressed and with only one hour ... ouch ! Well done !

Thank's Koltes for your encouraging post ! And thank's as well to organize this so sparkling mind jam !!

Thank you ! Only one hour it's damned hard to submit something, at least, clean and playable ! Very godd exercice ! Very curious to try this format another time .

Original game and in python (one of my futur scope)... You make me discover codeskulptor ... and allready for that : Thanks !

Merci Iyoy pour ton commentaire bien sympa ! Alors oui mon petit bout de code est un peu le paradis de la liste ... liste pour les inventaires (du perso et du coffre) , les items eux même (enfin dans la version que je suis en train de finaliser : pour la barre de vie de l'objet ... , la combinabilité de l'objet avec un autre ...) ...

Franchement sympa à faire en pico-8 mais bien envie de pouvoir pousser beaucoup plus loin sous monogame pourquoi pas.

Merci Ivoy de ton retour.

J'ose à peine dire que c'était volontaire ... mais j'avoue qu'à force de tester je devenais certainement plus "habile"... J'ai beaucoup d'axe d'amélioration dont la jouabilité ;-)