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Hey,creator of Space Street, I’m working on a submission for your jam next, lol. Thank you! 

Thank you! I’ve had fun with it, let me know what you think if you get to try it out! 

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Free one page ttrpg

Made for One Page RPG Jam 2021

The theme of borders inspire me to create a game that exists in the space between borders, the void space. 

  • The Journey: Play as the crew of spaceship Torchnight, and journey through the Void. 
  • Crew your Ship: Play as the captain, doctor, engineer or scientist.
  • Space, Space, Space: Battle space bugs, fend off space madness, dock at space stations.
  • Cut out: your ship and weapons, and use the cut out to fly through alien bug infested space.

This tabletop role-playing game is about sacrificing all to achieve the goal.

Testing the bonds between the fellowship.

Finding small moments of triumph in the dark.

About this game

  • The Quest. This game is about forming a fellowship of heroes and embarking on an epic quest in a fantasy world. 
  • Easy to Learn. No frills and easy to learn, but with some depth. 
  • InspirationsThis game is inspired by Dungeon World, Apocalypse World, Mork Borg along with the timeless works of Gemmell and Tolkien. 
  • Mechanic. Similar to games that are Powered By the Apocalypse, but with an advantage/disadvantage system that changes the difficulty of an action without changing the result range (and some other stuff).
  • It Ends. Each quest is designed to take 5-7 sessions 2-3 hour sessions. 
  • The Monomyth. Storytelling guidelines for following or subverting the traditional hero's journey template (the monomyth).
  • Fillable character and narrator sheet.
  • 61 pages, everything needed to play included.

Thank you! We appreciate the feedback :)

The Anything Machine

New Tabletop RPG by Attack Cat Games.

The product of 5+ years of work and playtesting. 

Discounted launch price.

Free world generator at:


  • First 4 chapters and all Playsheets provided for free!
  • Fillable Playsheets available with purchase!
  • Let me know what you think!


  • One system, all genres. 
  • Easy to learn system, that rewards teamwork and critical thinking.
  • Quick resolution. This game is fast and smooth, like a dolphin.
  • No ability scores.
  • No classes.
  • Dice pool. You can roll any type of die. 
  • All conflicts/combats are resolved with one roll of the dice by each player. 
  • Story first, with enough crunch for mouth feel.
  • One system that can be used to tell any type of story. 
  • Built around storytelling and creating interesting arcs for the characters.
  • Little to no set up time needed between sessions.
  • Made because we wanted a game that could adapt to any type of story, where combat didn't take forever, but was still fun.
  • Inspired by Dungeon World, Fate, Apocalypse World, Blades in the Dark.
  • Fillable Playsheets are included.
  • 150+ pages of anything!