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The idea is good, but i would have liked to at least see where my lever was when adjusting.
It made it harder to do any planning, and resulted in a lot of hoping you got it right first try...

It is a very good idea, it looks good and it feels clean.
for the most part...

My main problem is the jumpiness of the You're fired bar.
I feel there might be some trouble with the input and the sensitivity of the bar.

Other than that, a great submission.

After failing to boot up the game twice... well third times the charm.
It is pretty fun, and the controls, felt pretty out of it.
Overall it has a kind of whacky aesthetic.

I like the idea, but it feels less like a rhythm and more like a guessing game.
It would be great if the elements indicated what rhythm they are following.
As it stands now, it's just a platformer with "randomness" thrown in.

If not for that, i would've gladly played more!

I like it. This feels like a game that i could lose quite a few hours to.
There's not much to dislike... but...
In the first few levels, you could solve the pussle by staying on the bottom row,
which makes the first puzzle you have to solve from the left a bit harder than it should.
Maybe a little indicator that we can step around the corner.
Other than that, i enjoyed this submission.

I got very frustrated after always dying to asteroids that i wasn't able to see...
Know that that is my only qualm with this game.
I enjoyed everything else.

The idea is fairly good, and i'd say well executed.
Some Controls didn't work for me, for example spacebar didn't bark, and clicking the Menu Button didn't do anything. The idea could certainly be expanded upon, but it's a pretty solid base.

I liked the art, the colors seemed well coordinated.

Overall: Solid, but nothing extra ordinary

I like the idea and i see great effort put into this entry, but it doesn't control very well...
Moving the platforms feels very floaty, and because there are many platforms at once on screen it is hard to decide which to focus on. If the platforms moved in stepped intervals, or if the character were to move a little slower, one could actually decide on a platform to catch the character with.

Overall: Good idea, not so good execution

Pretty fun. 

It would be nice to have some more chickens running around, maybe spawn more with the longer one plays? Also, i didn't find a way to exit except for alt + f4, as Esc only brought me back to the menu...

I liked the art, and the particles the chickens gave of were a nice touch :D