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you can see the introduction text to the right when playing in widescreen

thanks! those were the parts we had the most fun making

how does the game work? i dont see controls or anything listed anywhere

the game is really confusing, in a good way!

would be better with more levels, but it was fun nonetheless 

this game gave me an existential crisis 11/10

really hard game but i enjoyed it a lot

cool game and good idea

very cool how each level is actually two levels at the same time

great presentation and neat idea.

nice graphics and easy to understand.

almost feels like a rythm game, i had a lot of fun with it.

Pretty nice game overall but i think there should have been a more clear distinction between alive and dead zombies, and i also think the shotguns might be bugged because they didn't work for me.

We will try to make a lighthearted game next time, thank you for playing our game.

Honestly, we probably should have changed the cat thing.

Mistakes were made.

I like how it looks and it was fun, but it could have been a bit longer.

a very relaxing experience, but there is not really much to.