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I don't know why I couldn't open it on my mac :-(

I really enjoyed the idea of the game. Had a little trouble figuring out that the character grows after eating during the first level haha

would love to try it. Please make a Mac build :-)

Great! I'll be waiting for the notification :-

Thank you so much @GDWC!

I appreciate you took the time to try this game jam prototype.
We've been having such positive feedback that we have decided to continue building this game :-)

Do you consider this game concept (when developed) could be a good contender for the GDWC? 

Thank you again

Loved the concept. Beautiful "time waster" 

Love the way it was made. I don't know if it was fun but it was totally interesting.
Only thing I feel is that most of the consequences feel negative.

Loved the characters. I dig into the system tho it was a little hard to know when you get hit.
PD: I love all your games. 

I love Picross. Thanks for giving me a chance to play this for free. Was fun :-

Thank you @PatrickHerman. Great feedback. 
We will fix that right problem away.

We have a few small things we couldn't handle because of the time constraints but every detail you can think of... share it we will be reading.

Can't wait to see your music on a game soon! 🎶


Hello Everybody.
I'm Bruno Leni / AKA @Kombi
I'm an over all 2D/3D generalist who always dreamt with doing video games. Even tho I've worked on few featured games like (Dragon Quest Heroes II or Disney kinect Xbox360 games) I want to start making my own creations. 

Feel free to check my content at:


At the moment I'm looking for some experienced programmer who would like to make a fast paced / Nintendo like / arcade game.
I'm always playing your games at they are awesome