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Thanks! 🌺

Sure, that's fine! Neat jam -- good luck with it!

Thanks! I agree about the graphics needing a better integration. I know it's possible with Vorple, the system I used; this was the most basic way of including graphics possible.


I have uploaded a release 2. I added a missing synonym, and also removed the not-properly-functioning "press for any key" code. Hopefully this makes the game playable in Chrome, at least!

Thanks, and sorry about the issues. The 'press a key' problem in particular is very odd. I think it has something to do with the interaction of Vorple and, which means it's way beyond me to solve. I do have a plan though; I'm going to upload a new version without any pausing for key presses!

Sorry about Blue Lettuce not working on your browser -- I've heard reports of this but they are beyond me to fix. Hopefully the download will work for you. The downloadable version lacks graphics but everything else is there.

Hints are a great idea! I am adding a guide to tasting all the plants.

Thanks, Ruber! I though it would be fun to write a peaceful and quiet story, as much as I could, anyway!

This is surprisingly creepy. I really liked it!

Really awesome! Loved the guidebook, and the reference to Everest "landmarks" was chilling.

I'm stuck too -- specifically, when reading the contents of the book, there's too much text to see the link at the bottom of the page and I can't continue. (Love what I've seen so far though! I think making it full screen will fix the problem?)

Ha, yeah, I deliberately made the building an object but then forgot to get around to making ENTER BUILDING work! Thanks for playing!

I really liked this -- my own favorite flavor of ectocomp game.

This is great! I really liked this one.

I didn't come up with anything last year, but this time I'm in! Looking forward to wandering through a few spooky adventures.

Still seeking testers? I'd like to give it a try! Really looking forward to this one in any case.

Thank you! That's really nice to hear.

Try examining things. (Like X FOLIAGE, for example.) If examining a thing mentions something else, you should try examining that too!

Very cool simulation of a situation I hope never to be in. The hope at the heart of the game is nice: a great use of the game jam's growth theme.

Really interesting idea for an IF -- I'd love to see what it's like with the ending fleshed out!

Aw, my first choice didn't accept me! :) You've got a nice range of characters here -- I always find writing a bunch of distinct and interesting people pretty difficult

Neat -- there is more to explore than I first thought. I like how flickgames allow for real improvisation.

Neat idea -- I like the minigame-ish methods of creating the different artforms.

Nice game! I know the red text well in real life. Dealing with it here was very satisfying.

Very cool! -- a whole story condensed into one conversation. I like the styling too.

This is really interesting! It reminds me of certain museum pieces. It would be cool to have it on e-paper, hanging in a picture frame.

Nice story! The structure made the whole thing feel very cohesive and intentional, and I really like the way it ends.

Good story, and nice use of texture! I hadn't played/read any texture things longer than a few pages before.

Really good! I loved the art. Poking around and uncovering the story of what happened was very enjoyable.

I enjoyed this! Haven't experienced something like it before, sort of like a play in videogame form.

Great atmosphere -- I thought the sound added a lot. Nice ending, too, which I find very important in a piece like this!

Neat idea! I've been curious to see how a hypertext-point-and-click interface would work. I wonder how it would feel if it snapped back to "Look at" after each click? I found it tricky to remember to always select "Go to" every time I wanted to move. I think what I really wanted was a default option that was basically go to for doors/routes, and look at for everything else. But I can't think of what command that could be...

(Nice puzzle, too. That level of interaction with the world is fun.)

This was great! Good story, and good interactions to let the player experience it. The ending hit me pretty hard. My only complaint feels a little silly, but here goes: I think you could simplify the grammar needed. "Reminisce" never stopped feeling awkward to type; I would have liked a synonym, so "r thing" would work. Or maybe it could be combined with your "remember" verb somehow? I'm also a fan of having non-physical things be inform objects: if the lessons were things carried by the player (which couldn't be interacted with except by remembering them or examining them), you wouldn't need another command to be reminded of what they are, just "inventory".

Lovely text editor! It is just what I need for the project I'm working on. I love the simplicity and elegance.

I do wonder if there's a way I can make it even simpler -- is it possible to turn off the suggested words feature, so it stops showing autocomplete suggestions and synonyms? I don't mind the autocompletes as much but I'd like to get rid of the synonyms if possible.

Is there a link to play this one online?

This was great! Nice atmosphere and just the right amount of twistiness.

@Norbez No, go ahead!

Neat story -- I'm still trying to think of a good meaning for HCF, though. It does have a sinister sound... wait, how about: Hunter Cell Freak.

Hey, thanks for the comment! To answer your question -- you got it. If you set the location to the "gully", you'll meet a gargylizard, and if you are defeated (which happens if you set the first line to "won", you'll find the tomb.