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The devs are good boy!

(Music's a bit repetitive but it's okay!)

Thank you! It is duly noted (:

This is so cool! I don't know if intended, but it could be cool if the senpai stayed the same during the whole gameplay once generated.

Great job!

Superbe game! Everything is marvelous!

Two little details: the game tends to defocus when not in full screen (using the arrow keys) and the bips from the text are a bit anoying.

Overall, thank you for your game!


Well thank you!

Your duck is too cute!


I really like the fact that you can take the time to rearrange your keys. A bit of music could have been neat!

Quick math! I like it!

This is so difficult yet so interesting! Good take on the theme!

We are glad you liked it! :D

Well thank you!

I like that twist on a rythm game!

Thanks a lot!


Thank you!

Cute quick game!

Cool and cute little gun that is actually not that frustrating beside having lost control!

Thank you for your review! I actually played your game already ;p.

That game is way too powerful for what I was expecting. Incredible experience.

Silly and need too much skill for me but I like it!

A bit confusing but nice for an unfinished project.

Great game, catchy music and graphisms, but it is quite difficult to understand what to do with the money. Or I am just a bad planner. Either way, good work!

I like that game sooo much!

(1 edit)

I like the take on the game and the simulator mood! Great little experiment!

Thank you for your detailed review!

The problem with the keyboard representation is that 1) it would have given too many hints for the player and 2) not everyone has the same keyboard layout (AZERTY, DVORAK, ...). We also wanted to let the player discover that multiple keys can be binded. The idea that you should not have to press "Add key" each time is actually pretty cool!

About the reminding key being consumable, it is actually a bug: we wanted the "game over" to take place when the player doesn't have any more action available, namely when they forgot to have a way to rebind. However, it didn't work in the final build.

Then again, thanks for the review- I hope you enjoyed the game~

Indeed, we need to work a bit on the key assignment.

Thanks for the review! :D


We wanted to make every input acceptable, so basically if you plug an extra controller, it would work!

However not everything is supported by now.

Bien joué :D. Content si ça te chauffe à créer !

Merci !

That is one weeeird game.

I like it.

Cool assets (:

You have to bring back the pollen to your Q u e e n ~

Thanks a lot!

Some bugs were not spotted on time, sorry about that )':.

Sorry about that one...

Glad you liked it (;.