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It depends on the post processing. If the resultant pixels that the user sees on the screen are not one of two colors, it will likely suffer in the "bitness" rating. If the post-processing is to filter everything down to exactly two colors, then that might be the type of processing you'd want to use. 

Good luck! We also have a "looking for jam team" channel in our Discord (link in the jam Overview!)

No, please wait until the start time indicated in the overview. 


You can make a game for whichever platforms you'd like, but browser games will likely get the most attention since they have the lowest barrier to entry.

Yes, the game can be in 3D. The 1-bit color output is the only hard limitation. 

There should be only 2 colors on the screen at any given time, and those colors should be maintained throughout the duration of gameplay. Some developers have chosen to have different palette color combinations at startup; sometimes as unlockables! Best of luck!

The music does not need to be in 1-bit. We've found that making strictly 1-bit music is often outside of the reach of new developers, and the tools to do so are typically pretty confusing to use. Any developer that does make 1 bit sound will certainly be met with a better score, though. Consider it an extra personal challenge :D

Welcome Greyson! We also have a #looking-for-jam-team channel on our Discord. Feel free to join and drop a message in there too! 

Hello! There should only be two colors. An in-between color, or greyscale, breaks the rules of 1-bit graphics. 

Hello! It does not need to be in GameMaker Studio. Doing so is an optional challenge for yourself and will not be a graded/voted metric. :D

sorry for the delay -- only two colors, that's right!

They show up when you first load the game. You can also press escape to get there, but it's kind of buggy if you go that way.

If it causes more than 2 colors to display then I would say its a risk to add it. Things like vignettes that create a gradient would likely not be acceptable.


Just make sure you note that you did not create the asset during the jam for any assets not created during the jam. 

You're allowed to palette swap, including between levels. 

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Check out this great video explaining it!

We're adding a category for Theme due to popular demand.

Due to popular demand (see the Discord) we ARE going to enforce a theme. You can pick from any of the three below or use all three (or two, or whatever you want to do). There WILL be a grading category for whether or not you utilized at least one theme below:

  • Radioactivity
  • Reflections
  • Dragons

You need to create your project during the jam submission time, correct. It's in the rules. 

This jam runs June 18th 2020 at 10:00 PM  PT to June 21st 2020 at 9:59 PM PT, and you can submit at any time during the jam.  Please create all content (music, sound fx, art) during the jam. 

correct. normally you'd fake lighting in a 1bit game using dithering. 

  1. Bitness (is the game 1-bit?)
  2. Sound
  3. Graphics
  4. Creativity
  5. Fun

I've unbanned you. You should be able to use the normal link to join.

I banned you for having a racist, offensive status. If you want to be unbanned,  apologize and promise you won't do anything offensive again, including in your submission.

No restrictions on the type of music, but one of the optional challenges is to make a chiptune soundtrack

Respectfully, we will not be having a category for optional challenges -- otherwise they would not be optional. They are just there for fun, inspiration, and/or personal growth. Apologies if you disagree with this decision -- maybe we will change our minds for next time, if we run this jam again. 

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The theme is optional and just for inspiration if you can't think of your own concept!

We changed our minds. We are grading on theme. 

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1. Since we're already placing a pretty serious limitation on the jam (1bit) we didn't want to force a theme also. Instead, we provided three optional themes as inspiration, which you can ignore or use as you like. There will be no scoring category for theme.

We changed our minds. We will be grading on theme.

2. lol, me too!

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  1. Sure. Here's a link to a discord server I set up. I'll also put this in the description of the jam.
  2. Aspect Manufacture is funding this. We are a games company from America, and we have day jobs, so we're able to put up the money ourselves.
  3. I believe Amazon Gift Cards are region locked to the country you buy the code in, but I'm not sure. In the description of the jam we state that we can likely only provide these to US residents for this reason, but we can try to work something out if you win. 
  4. It is three days. It starts Thursday night and runs until Sunday night. That is three full days.  If this doesn't end up being enough time for people, then we might be able to allow late submissions. But this is a weekend jam, hence the duration. It is meant to be a challenge.

I think there might be a slight risk when being judged if you elect to do this, but I would personally not take points off, as long as it's clear there are only two colors being used at any given time. 

Palette swapping is allowed -- it's actually one of the optional challenges! We're not enforcing 1 bit hardware limitation.

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as long as you stick to 1-bit and it's interactive, I think you're in the clear -- curious to see what you come up with!


we did it in Aspect Arcade (some of the particles fade out). imo it's really more of a grading risk than anything, as you're being graded on Bitness -- in other words how 1bit your game is -- so in a sense it's up to your fellow competitors if they accept alpha values as allowed.  Bitness is ultimately just 1 of the scoring categories.

but, to more directly answer your question, alpha manipulation would break the "1 bit" rule. 

Submissions are open from June 18th 2020 at 10:00 PM to June 21st 2020 at 9:59 PM (datetimes in PT), which coincides with the jam time. I'll update the description to make that more clear in a bit.

Can't fault you there!

ah, I didn't encounter that in my testing, but you're totally right that it's possible for this to happen. I choose whether a townsperson is a wizard or normal person at random with a 1/10 chance of being a wizard, but I don't cap the number of wizards, which would have helped prevent that type of experience.  I wish I'd had a bit more time to balance the game -- thanks for your feedback!

right click is fun!