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Hello, thanks for playing! Unfortunately, I got stuck on a bug and didn't have the time to finish the gameplay before the deadline, I did finish the atmospheric experience of what I was going for at least so I uploaded that.

The artwork is original using Aseprite, I used GameMaker to make the game which includes the water effect built-in, and the music I used is a licensed track I purchased the rights to.

So cute! Love your art

Hey man, I've been where you are, killed my wrist with excessive programming and writing in my case, please PLEASE let it rest, don't keep drawing! I kept going just mitigating the pain and now the damage to my hand is permanent, I can't even play fighting or action games anymore without it cramping up and the pain flaring. 

What immediately eased the pain was learning to lift my wrist from the table, not press down on it, and frequent hand and wrist stretching, also a wrist pad helps.

Get well soon, your health comes first!

To clarify, the only ones in proper sprite sheets are character sprites and environment sprites, for the character sprites in krita set image splitting to 19 horizontal. It will cut a couple pixels from trolley 🛒 and bed posts but it's most accurate setting I found

Sounds like you're trying to split the sorter images, I don't think limezu made those for splitting they're just as directory to find where is what. The actual images are all individual already in their respective folders, however the generic ones don't have a folder of their own so they're scattered about the other folders, which is a nightmare to find something specific I ended up hacking out the one I wanted from the sorter. I used gamemaker's tool to do that and just messed with the settings until it was accurate. 

Maybe try just cropping the rest of the image out and make sure the sprite you want is accurately positioned in a 64 x 96 png

I really hope he makes a separate folder for the generic ones it takes so much time trying to find any because they're not named and you don't know where they are :(

Please do, it's really hard to find specific ones this way. Thank you!

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Edit: I figured it out in GameMaker: create new sprite and open it, image menu will show up on toolbar. Click it and use import strip image. For the premade characters, the config is 56 frames per row, 32 width, 64 height, and number of frames based on the animation being imported. Use vertical cell offset to import the next set of animation frames.

I don't know how Godot handles sprite imports, so the other method I know is using Krita split image feature, it's much faster as you can do the entire sheet at once, however I was having issues with it cutting tips off the bread in trolley and bed posts.

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Edit: Sorry, the build was faulty and I didn't test it before uploading :'( I redid the build and now works as intended. Thanks again for playing!

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v1.0.2 addresses all the bugs that made it impossible to actually play through and finish the game. There is nothing new added except a very simple right-click to zoom in/out functionality to make it easier to see the stars.

Edit: Build re-uploaded as the previous one was faulty.

Thank you for playing! I'm busy bug fixing and improving things, will be releasing a new version soon :3

Thanks for the info! I'm going to redo the buttons to be sprites rather than an invisible clickable box on top of text.

Hey, thanks for checking out my game! You're right yeah, unfortunately, I only had a couple of days to work on it, as I was doing the Little Town tutorial series before it and didn't want to start until I finished that. It's definitely lacking in polish and I'll be updating it to match my "final vision" within this week or next if it takes longer than expected. I'll let you know when I release v2 :3 thank you!

Create YYZ export to submit game files. On GMS2 File -> Export Project.

Double-check it might've uploaded if you used the submit to jam link to upload.

The same thing happened to me. Itch submitted the game as it got uploaded, it just didn't clearly say it did.

I've only had a couple of days to work on mine so still ongoing until the deadline, but can't wait to play everyone else's when I'm done! So many great looking entries.

My bebe <333

We did it over the weekend rather than the whole week so kept it simple, enough to get the concept across. Thanks for playing! 

Always said until you have one and they change your life! 🥰 Thanks for playing! 

Exaggerated reality 😂 thanks for playing! 

Another great entry :D  always looking forward to seeing your games! This one's so polished you can commercial release it as-is lol well done!

I LOVE IT! The art and concept, gameplay clean. Well done! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

The end cracked me up 😂 

Reached until 213m :D I love the art and gameplay was smooth, just missing some creepy sound bytes! 

Loved it! Pretty fun to play, well done

Wow. This game is simply remarkable. I laughed so damn much until I could laugh no more! Saw a semblance of my own parents in there, and my own struggles growing up with these feelings. A very heartwarming game, absolutely worth a purchase. Thank you for making this game <33