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Explore the dark secrets of a mysterious mansion and live to tell the tale.

Hi there! We're Armor Games Studios, publisher for the upcoming indie horror game The Tartarus Key, which we just announced will be released on!

The Tartarus Key is an adventure thriller inspired by PS1-era horror games. It tells the story of Alex Young, a courier who has unexpectedly woken up in a mysterious mansion with no way out. However, she quickly learns she's not alone, and it's up to her and the other captives to find their escape or die trying. 

This mystery has all of the exciting twists, turns, and creepy vibes of a great horror game without relying on jumpscares. Use your brains to solve tricky escape room-type puzzles that will help you unlock the secrets of the horrid halls of this place. But be careful—your actions decide who makes it out alive and which of three endings you will get.

The Tartarus Key is the brainchild of two-person indie team Vertical Reach, made up of developers Leonor Parra and Kevin Colegate, and the game's score is composed by none other than the incredibly talented Josie Brechner!

Check out our page for more info.

Hi Spencer,

We'd like to suggest/submit SOLAS 128 for this bundle. Please let us know if there is anything else needed from us.

Hi there, can you confirm the build # you are currently playing on? You can view it in the top left corner on the main menu.

Yup! The Code Wakers team are a couple of mad scientists.

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Thank you! I have good news, it's already available on Switch :)

This is a whole and complete game :)

New version is up, please try re-downloading and let us know if it works!

We'll look into the mac issue asap and re-post a functioning .zip. Sorry for the problem!

Hi everyone!

We just launched Super Chibi Knight here on itch and are really excited about it! You may have played the original "Chibi Knight" on the web a while back. This is the fully fleshed-out downloadable sequel to the ultra-cute original:

This game was made by PestoForce - a development team consisting of a 33 year-old dad and his 8 year-old daughter Bella. Bella did all the voice acting in the game and also concept art and gameplay/level sketches.

It's an action-RPG along the lines of the retro Zelda 2, so if all this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please check it out!

--Armor Games Studios