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I want a game about working out a civilisation's mythology! It sounds a little like Heaven's vault. Also that D&D player was an uncourteous jerk. Great Bitsy essay :)

This was great. I was thinking it would be cool to have a more structured trench run rather than just allow you to come at any angle, then I looked in the code and saw there were only like 64 tokens left... nice work!

That was... err certainly a thing I played. Pretty neat and interesting though!

Thanks very much <3

I really liked Emotive Machine Intelligence as well!

I really liked this.

It's always been a love of mine when books have maps that you can trace the actual journey on. I think if I were to add anything it would be a couple of different routes with different encounters on them, which I appreciate is a lot more work than that makes it sound like!

A good sense of place and world, a well paced and engaging writing style, all really good stuff!

Thank you. That's very kind :)

I definitely wanted to flesh parts of it out a bit more. I may return to it/add more content at some point.

Ah thank gosh. I'll know better for next time now.

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I *think* I have fixed it. I'm not familiar with what's needed in the linux package so big apologies :(

This was a really neat premise and executed very well too.

I think I took a pretty short path and ended up fading away pretty quickly, but I really liked this. It was short and to the point but still felt poignant.

The small graphical element of the photo really helped sell it.

This was neat. I think it could have benefited either from being a little shorter or making more clear that there's a finite end, otherwise it'd be easy to think it was just an endless loop after a point and stop.

Thanks :)

Interface woes are definitely something I would have tweaked a little if I had a bit more time!

I tried this, but sadly the Mac build just refuses to open.

Aggggh. Fixed! I am a fool...

Robots that get more efficient with happiness built by a dumb tech corporation feels very Douglas Adams. Good stuff.