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Thanks! I made it for a couple of friends for christmas a few years ago

Ty :) Interactables are mainly switches and a few readable bits of text in the later areas

Oh my gosh, 4am brain strikes again. That's been a thing I haven't gotten around to fixing for so long that it just became normal to me to use W to go backwards! I've added a fix for the controls and camera, as well as a compressed versions :)

The jury is out on whether me or itchio did it, but for some reason the file for this was deleted and can't be re-uploaded during the voting period. So here's a link to a working page. The password is 12345.

There are some minor quality of life changes, but nothing really substantial or game changing.

This is a solid effort. I like the aesthetic and its a straightforward but solid gameplay loop. I think its ultimately a bit too simple to hold much attention for long, but it seems like a solid base to either expand and add a little more or move on to something bigger!

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Ty for the feedback .It's quite hard to get a contrast with such a limited colour palette but I'm making some changes that I think should make the text more contrasty/readable.

 Sorry you had trouble with the game. I'm trying to think of some ways to make the tutorial a little better, but its quite hard without throwing lots more text at you. It's just inherently a difficult thing to explain because orbital physics are very unintuitive.

I'm glad you liked the music, as its the part that I didn't do myself! The person who made it is very talented :')

The password for the page is 12345 for anyone who wants to get in!

Ty for the feedback, I'm probably going to make some minor changes that hopefully will help the readability. I think it's really hard to tutorialise orbital physics without a big expansive tutorial because the way it works is kind of just inherently unintuitive. If feels like you should just blast off in the direction of your destination but that just doesn't work at all! 

I'm glad you liked the music, that was the one part that I didn't do! :')

I want a game about working out a civilisation's mythology! It sounds a little like Heaven's vault. Also that D&D player was an uncourteous jerk. Great Bitsy essay :)

This was great. I was thinking it would be cool to have a more structured trench run rather than just allow you to come at any angle, then I looked in the code and saw there were only like 64 tokens left... nice work!

That was... err certainly a thing I played. Pretty neat and interesting though!

Thanks very much <3

I really liked Emotive Machine Intelligence as well!

I really liked this.

It's always been a love of mine when books have maps that you can trace the actual journey on. I think if I were to add anything it would be a couple of different routes with different encounters on them, which I appreciate is a lot more work than that makes it sound like!

A good sense of place and world, a well paced and engaging writing style, all really good stuff!

Thank you. That's very kind :)

I definitely wanted to flesh parts of it out a bit more. I may return to it/add more content at some point.

Ah thank gosh. I'll know better for next time now.

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I *think* I have fixed it. I'm not familiar with what's needed in the linux package so big apologies :(

This was a really neat premise and executed very well too.

I think I took a pretty short path and ended up fading away pretty quickly, but I really liked this. It was short and to the point but still felt poignant.

The small graphical element of the photo really helped sell it.

This was neat. I think it could have benefited either from being a little shorter or making more clear that there's a finite end, otherwise it'd be easy to think it was just an endless loop after a point and stop.

Thanks :)

Interface woes are definitely something I would have tweaked a little if I had a bit more time!

I tried this, but sadly the Mac build just refuses to open.

Aggggh. Fixed! I am a fool...

Robots that get more efficient with happiness built by a dumb tech corporation feels very Douglas Adams. Good stuff.