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hey everyone! I released my first game ever yesterday and it was basically a solo team so every feedback means a lot! It's called Will Die Alone. It's a game about memories, experiences and how they shape who you are as a person. We are our memories and our experiences. What happens if you delete some of them? If you change your past and, thus, your future?

Thank you for playing and thank you for streaming it! Glad you had fun :) 

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

It's a sin and everyone should pay for it. 

I mean it is pretty bad.

Thank you so much for playing and I'm really glad you enjoyed it that much!

Hi! Glad you enjoyed it! 

There is probably some way to make the images pop up better but we kinda learned Twine these few days so there is for sure room for improvements.

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing!! Glad you liked it! 

I think it's 1 am for me but hopefully I'll be there!

That's truly what hell is ahaha

We tried to make it as interactive as possible but it was our first jam and we didn't want to overwork ourselves too much!

Thank you for playing!

Sasha thank you for the kind words!! We all appreciated them! 

Honestly we learned twine in these 5 days and audio was the thing that gave us so many problems so there is for sure room for improvements 

damn my brain didn't even think about the possibility of people putting ketchup on their pizza

Thank you again for the great feedback and thank you for playing!

Would love to know the right time zone too! If you wanna play “A Hell of a Journey” I’d love to know what you think!

Yes Twine! There is probably an option but we kinda learned how to use twine in these last 5 days so there is a lot of improvements that we can make in the future! Thanks also for the sound feedback, I appreciate that :)

Thank you so much!

Glad it made you laugh :D Thanks for playing!

Glad you liked it! Thank you for playing!

Watching the stream now thank you for playing! Sorry for the fake scares we didn't mean to! Hope you liked it anyway  :)


Thank you for the nice comment and I’m glad you liked it! Thanks for playing :)!

Oh I'd love to do more in the future for sure! I think there is for sure more to tell than just something that fits in a postcard :) 

I'm glad to hear that! Thanks for playing :) 

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I was thinking at first to make it a little more difficult but then I hoped people would still like to solve the crossword regardless of the final objective!

Hope it was fun and thank you!!

Thank you! Let me know if/when you do it so I can download it again :) 

The warning I get is "Serpents needs to get update. The developer has to update the app to be used in this version of macOS" I have Big Sur version 11.1 if that helps

Hey is there any way you can update it to the latest version for Mac?? :) 

thank you!

Hey any chance to get it updated for mac?? I cant play it :( 

wanted to play but I can't because it says that the game doesn't work with this Mac version :(