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Hi! We are currently a two-person team - 1 writer and 1 programmer. We've just started building the team, so I'm not sure if we could start with 3D games since they're more complicated to make, but we could use 3D assets in 2D games, as well. Let me know if you'd be interested. :D

Hi! Are you still looking for a team? We are a two-person team at the moment - 1 writer and 1 programmer. 

Yes, I can see it now. Thank you!

I think it takes a few days. I usually expect an approval after 3-5 days though.

Can you post the link? :) 

I've created a jam a week ago, and it hasn't been approved yet. I've been using the same template for all my game jams, and I only change the theme, duration, deadlines, etc. so I assume there's nothing wrong with it. And even if it is, wouldn't I have gotten a warning or something?

I have the same issue, as well. :(

Oh, yes. There was no problem with the submission. :D

Oh, you submitted to Choices Jam as well! Such a great idea! I was thinking about submitting sth, as well, but I just kept postponing it. :P 

I really love the dialogue system. Simple, yet looking very nice. I enjoyed the bubbles showing characters' emotions.

Btw, I laughed so hard, when Will started dancing!

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I'm so glad you managed to finish it in 3 hours!!! Most people would just say: "Eh, I missed that one", but you actually made it happen. :D

I freaking love survival games, so I had a very good time playing it! The only thing I would really like to see is a day counter. And maybe it would be nice for hunger and thirst to go down more than 1 every time you eat or drink water?

A few questions since I didn't manage to win: 

  • Does it have an end or it lasts until you die?
  • Does the health go up?

I really liked playing it! 

A couple of suggestions I'd have is changing the music every scene to fit the story, and maybe adding a few choices for the player - even if they don't matter that much to the general storyline.  Ink is a good plugin for this. :D

You could leave a link to our Discord. I think more people will see it there for playtesting. :) 

Loved the game! 

That is a great goal! 

Nice!!! The graphics gave it a special vibe. :D

Very nice idea! I haven't managed to win though. 

Really nice game! I love especially what you did with the score names - true to the rules :)

Tha only feature I didn't like that much was the coloured lines. Once the speed picked up, it was really tiring for my eyes. 

Really nice game! I think it would make a cool mobile app!

I LOVED the matrix Easter egg!!!Do the 0s and 1s mean sth or are they random?

The only feedback I have is that there is a slight delay on button press, which makes the game kinda hard to play at first. I got used to it pretty quickly though. 

Nice game! The only feedback I have is that the hits counter doesn't reset on reload. I don't know if that was intentional or not. Also, as a suggestion, maybe maximising the play area would be better. :D

Love your sound; It seems so accurate!

That's really cool. Great tutorial, and such a good use of your one button limit. :D

Nice! It took a couple of times to discover all the rules, but it was fun!

Very interesting concept. I've played it several times though, and the boss doesn't die even if the red bar reaches zero. 

Of course not. :D

Sorry for the trouble. Check out this:

Dude, it's free. Take it or leave it.

The theme is amazing and I like that we have several months to work on it.

No worries!

Yep! It's "The other way around".

It will have a different theme. 

Look, I can see that you really want to submit in this game jam, so let me know here when you're done and I'll allow you to submit, okay? :)

A lot of people join game jams but they don't have time to make the games and they forget to leave the jam.
In any case, everyone can still upload their games without having to submit them for the jam. Since there is no reward and no ranking, not submitting really isn't a big deal. :D

Sure, here's the link:
Just so you know: The link will be published with the second game jam, which will start in a couple of weeks, so don't expect people for the next few weeks. :D

No late submissions will be permitted, unfortunately.

We cannot extend the deadline, unfortunately, because that would not be fair for others.
I would suggest to upload a working prototype to get feedback for that. :D In any case, you're free to update your game even after the submission.

What we can do to help is create a Discord server. Everyone will be able to get feedback there for any of their games,  past or present. 

I assume they mean the game they will submit for the game jam.